The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (2023)

Everyone knows the basic principle of weight loss: you burn more calories than you consume. But you also know that most diets and quick weight loss methods don't work the way they were originally promised. The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (1)If you're trying to lose a few pounds or three, check out expert advice on how to do it quickly and easily.lose weight, which really help to lose weight in the shortest possible time without consequences for the body.

How to lose weight fast and easy?

  1. Write down everything you eat for a week.. It will help you lose weight. Studies have shown that people who keep a food diary eat fifteen percent less food than those who don't.

Pay special attention to weekends. Scientists at the University of North Carolina conducted a study and found that on Saturdays and Sundays people consume an additional 115 calories, mostly from alcohol and fat. Next on the list are spreads, dressings, sauces, condiments, beverages, snacks, and bars. The excess consumption in this period is much greater than the loss.

  1. Add ten percent to your daily calorie intake. If you think you're consuming 1,700 units and don't understand why you're not losing weight, add another 170 calories. Most likely, the new number is closer to the actual values. Adjust your eating habits based on concrete numbers.
  2. Find a virtual friend who controls your weight. The University of Vermont conducted research with volunteers for eighteen months. According to the results, reporting to a friend-virtual instructor is much more comfortable than reporting to a person in a support group.
  3. think of a spell

Have you heard of personal prophecy? If you focus on the things that need to be changed.

Instead of (believe it or not) despairing, repeat positive targeted phrases: “I can lose weight”, “Today I will definitely go for a walk”, “I can handle a rack of cookies at lunchtime”. He repeats these phrases long enough and they will come true.

The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (2)

  1. Drink water after breakfast.

During the morning meal, you can enjoy orange juice. But for the rest of the day, focus on water instead of juices and drinks. The average American gets an extra 245 calories a day from beverages. That's about 90 calories a year—almost 1,000 pounds!

Studies show that, despite the high caloric content, drinks do not cause the same satiety as a full meal.

  1. Plan your day to have less than three meals. Or drink one less glass of orange juice a day. These actions will help save about a hundred calories a day. And this small victory will help you not gain almost two kilos in a year!
  2. Watch TV one hour less. The research work of 76 graduates of the best universities has shown that the more you watch TV, the more you eat. Donate a program you don't really need and go for a walk.
  3. Give yourself a good cleaning at least once a week. It does not matter what exactly the object of cleaning is: the floor, the windows, the walls of the shower or bathroom, the car. The average 100-pound person loses four calories for every minute of cleaning. Half an hour creating glitter will "cost" your body 120 calories. The equivalent of a large cup of vanilla yogurt.
  4. Being hungry before a new meal. Often, out of boredom, nervousness, or frustration, people consume so much food that they don't even remember the physical sensation of hunger.
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If you're craving a certain food, it's probably a passing craving rather than actual hunger. Before you eat something, make sure you are very hungry. Think of an alternative activity. For example, express quotes or try methods to suppress stress and combat boredom.

The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (3)

  1. Smell an apple, banana, or mint as soon as you feel hungry.

It may sound stupid, but it works! Researchers at the University of Chicago surveyed more than 3,000 volunteers. They found that the more people use their noses, the less they want to eat. And they lose more excess weight - an average of 15 kilograms each. One theory is that you are tricking the brain. For him, the feeding process was successfully completed.

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  1. look more into the blue

This is the reason why most restaurants avoid this color when choosing dishes and staff, table clothes. Try to avoid red, yellow and orange colors in the kitchen. Studies have shown that they stimulate food consumption.

  1. Hang a large mirror in front of the dining table and the weight will begin to come off fast..

The study showed that when eating in front of a mirror, a person consumes a third less food. The visual receptors focus on the problem areas and "remember" that it would be necessary to lose weight.

  1. Spend 10 minutes a day going up and down stairs. Thus, with equal amounts of food consumed, in a year you will lose up to five kilograms.
  2. You need to walk at least 5 minutes every two hours..

Do you sit at your desk all day? A five-minute walk every hundred and twenty minutes and a 20-minute walk at the end of the day is the bare minimum to strive for. Thus, each break will benefit the body. And let someone else eat the chocolate.

The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (4)

  1. Increase your daily walk to 30 to 45 minutes.

During a standard half hour, the extra calories you gained today "disappear."

But this time is not enough to start losing weight. An extra fifteen minutes will help you lose 15 pounds without making any changes to his diet.

  1. Do not buy foods that are prepared in any way.

The merchants behind the counter know perfectly well how to attract the buyer and turn him into a regular customer. Its main "helpers" are sugar, fructose, corn syrup, etc. If you cannot refuse the pleasure of chewing on the street, buy fruit instead of prepared food.

But if you really had to buy such a product, then make sure that it does not contain ketchup, mayonnaise and seasonings. In cereals, look for more than two grams of fiber per 100 calories. The short list of ingredients means that the product does not contain unnecessary and harmful flavor enhancers.

  1. Put down your fork or spoon after each bite.. During these breaks, he remembers the pleasant events that happened during the day. Drink more water. If you eat slowly enough, the brain decides that you don't need to keep eating.
  2. lose weight with clothes

Anytime clothes start to get too big, buy a new size. The idea of ​​constantly updating your wardrobe works very well if you want to constantly be in good shape and improve your figure.

  1. Keep the kitchen closed up to twelve hours a day

After dinner, wash all the dishes, wipe down the counters, turn off the lights. If necessary, lock cabinets and the refrigerator. Eating late at night greatly increases the number of calories you consume. Once you stop, you can save up to three hundred calories a day, or about 15 pounds a year.

  1. Go for a walk before dinner and you will lose calories and appetite.. Studies of more than 100 women have shown that 20 minutes of walking reduces appetite and increases feelings of fullness, even with a light snack.
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The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (5)

  1. At least one active day per week.

Skip today's episode of your favorite TV series and enjoy the view from the nearest park. Not only will you sit less, you won't gain any extra calories either. the popcorn bag will remain sealed.

Sports such as tennis, guided tours of the city's historical monuments, bike rides or bowling await you.

  1. get a pedometer. Clip it to your belt and set a goal of taking at least 1,000 extra steps a day. On average, a person takes 2,000 to 3,000 steps. By adding a few thousand more to this indicator, the weight will suddenly disappear, and a new one will not be gained.
  2. Put less food in front of you and you'll consume fewer calories..

Obviously, the more you eat, the more you'll eat, especially if you're hungry at the time. Instead of using ordinary large plates 20-30 centimeters wide, you can try saucers with diameters up to 15 cm. Instead of half-liter mugs, XNUMX-gram mugs. And, in some cases, small coffee cups.

  1. Ninety percent of food must be consumed at home.

The more you eat, the faster you gain weight. Cafes and restaurants often serve greasy portions on huge plates.

The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (6)

  1. Serve food on small plates, not large plates..

If you prefer to eat on huge restaurant plates and drink from large cups, you'll have a hard time losing weight: that's 150 more calories in a single meal!

But a small plate will help to avoid these problems and ten kilograms a year.

  1. eat alone

Eating alone will save you far more calories than eating in a group. The more people, the more food on the table. Also, you have to stay longer at the table. Contribute to these candid conversations about life. And as a result - an increase in the number of calories.

  1. Ask for the smallest portion.

If you need a quick bite, buy a small sandwich, small popcorn, a small salad, and a mini burger. If there is a lot of food, we eat it regardless of the presence of hunger.

  1. Eat foods with plenty of liquid.and you'll get fewer calories per meal. A good option would be zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, which contain almost no calories.

Soups and salads are also good.

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But you won't fill up with water on your own. Saturation receptors react only to food, and deceiving the body with sweet soda, tea, coffee or juice will not work.

  1. Increase the amount of vegetables in your diet.

You can get a decent dinner out of a double pasta salad stuffed with broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes for a calorie equivalent of some mayonnaise dressing. These tips also apply to tortillas, steamed foods, and other healthy foods. if you are consuming

grains and vegetables in a 1:1 ratio, so this is a great option! Vegetables and fiber quickly fill the body and block the feeling of hunger before overeating.

The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (7)

  1. avoid white foods. Today, low carb diets are very popular. A large amount of simple carbohydrates from white flour with lots of sweets can significantly spike blood sugar levels and lead to significant weight gain.

White rice and flour should also be avoided. They can be replaced with whole wheat bread or brown rice.

A study of 74 women found that those who ate more than two whole grain meals a day were 000% less likely to gain weight than those who ate white foods.

  1. choose regular coffee
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A variety of coffee drinks are indirectly related to this drink. But they contain hundreds of calories thanks to cream, sugar, milk, sugar syrups.

A regular cup of coffee with skim milk is extremely low in calories. And when it's made from good beans, the flavor is indescribable!

You can also try skim milk powder. Get the nutritional benefits of low-calorie and high-calorie skim milk. And since the product contains absolutely no water, it doesn't dissolve coffee like regular skim milk.

  1. If you want to pamper yourself, choose low-fat foods.

They will help get rid of the feeling that you have been deprived of high-calorie foods. So, for example, honey contains only 64 calories in one tablespoon. A boiled egg has only 70 calories of defatted protein. The partially fat-free ricotta cheese has only 39 calories per serving. There are 168 calories in a dark chocolate bar.

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Studies have shown that a group of people who actively tried to lose calories and drank yogurt lost more pounds than those who just burned calories.

Scientists have suggested that the calcium in low-fat foods has a positive effect on the body, stimulating it to break down fat.

  1. Enjoy high-calorie treats exclusively on major holidays, do not abuse them.

Eat a healthy fruit with each scoop of ice cream. After each piece of a tile pack, the hand should reach a pile of greens. And a small piece of cheese should be complemented by a large bowl of fruit salad.

The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (8)

  1. Eat cereal for breakfast five days a week..

Research has shown that people who eat cereal at least five times a week have a much lower risk of developing diabetes than those who don't. They are high in fiber and calcium and low in fat compared to other popular breakfast foods. Try to choose foods that are low in sugar.

  1. Try the hot sauce and the good in flavor, fat-free and low in calories. In addition, they make the body burn excess fat. Try them instead of oil or cream.
  2. Eat fruit instead of fruit juice.. Instead of hundreds of "net" calories, treat yourself to an apple, orange, or slice of watermelon. These fruits quench your thirst for much longer than juices. At the same time, you will want to eat less.
  3. Reduce the fat content of milk.. This will help reduce your caloric intake by 20%. If regular milk is 2% fat for you, try XNUMX%! It takes a while to train your taste buds. But is it worth it.
  4. Eat a small handful of nuts.. Studies have shown that the control group whose diet contained nuts lost more weight than those whose diet did not contain them.

Such a snack a couple of times a day helps to satisfy hunger and maintain metabolism at a sufficient level. You can also add carrots, raisins, seeds or nuts.

  1. Most of the calories should be consumed before lunch.. The more food you eat in the morning, the less you eat at night. And you have more opportunities to burn the calories received before nightfall.
  2. Brush your teeth after every mealespecially after dinner. The fresh smell of mint will signal to the brain that the meal is over.

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The 40 easiest ways to lose weight - folk remedies (9)


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