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Dr. Robyn's Lecture Topics

From the dolls girls play with to the commercials they watch and the shows they watch, the influence of media is far-reaching and all-encompassing. Engaging girls, young women, and anyone who works with girls and women, this illustrative and often shocking presentation is filled with simple images and videos that bring problematic issues to the forefront. Dr. Robyn Silverman, author of a book on body imagegood girls don't get fat:

  • It sheds light on ten harmful types of media messages that plague girls and women every day, from sexualization to longing.
  • Engaging the audience in a constant dialogue, showing what they see and what the images they see suggest.
  • Provide guidance and takeaways to all attendees so they can make changes and make changes right away.

It's not uncommon for people to be so moved by what they see that they scream in amazement in the audience. Dr. Robin wouldn't trade it any other way! The length and format of this presentation can be customized.

Creating communities of character: fostering responsible, respectful role models among our youth

In this dynamic talk on character and leadership, Dr. Robin Silverman calls on educators, parents, law enforcement officers, legislators, youth workers, and mentors to be the foundation builders for this generation of future leaders. Anchoring his solutions into his personal mantra, "We must see young people as assets to be developed, not deficits to be managed," as he describes how we create character by nurturing young people through an exemplary community. Specifically, it talks about how we:

  • Recognize that all young people have unique gifts and challenges that can help them grow depending on how they are shaped and perceived.
  • Find out what we bring to the table so we can help the young people in our lives grow in powerful, positive and productive ways.
  • Work with these young people to envision, plan and create a community of character that is safe, just and beneficial to all.

Tailored to your time frame and needs, Dr. Robyn uses videos, events, stories, and audience engagement to engage attendees. Each comes out with specific practical strategies for creating respectable communities and responsible leaders.

The effects of bullying are pervasive and massive. In the upcoming companion book to the critically acclaimed documentaryintimidateexplains Dr. Robyn Silverman, “Bullying has legs, it has teeth. Even when we leave our childhood behind, those memories stick with us.” As we all know, bullying is a complex and pervasive issue. In this candid and story-filled conversation, Dr. Robyn explains:

  • A major issue that makes bullying an even more complex issue in our communities.
  • Effective solutions that help promote the positive development of young people.
  • How can we take responsibility for making positive changes.

The layered answers to questions about bullying come from her interviews with "high-risk" youth - those who are easy "victims" but are successful in school. A girl, believed to be medically obese, becomes the senior class president and is believed to know everyone; a severely handicapped boy who is still rated by his peers as the most respected and popular boy in the class; The girl who left found someone she knew she could always count on. Participants came away with a more concrete understanding of the issues, a new perspective on the young people making up their communities, and solutions they could implement immediately.

Leadership Bootcamp: Get your leadership skills up and running quickly

In this powerful, effective program, Dr. Robyn Silverman demonstrates leadership skills in an accessible format that can range from an hour-long presentation to a full-day retreat. Drawing on her experience as a success coach, she offers effective yet easy-to-implement leadership strategies that enable participants to become leaders among their peers, colleagues, or associates. Participants will learn the following specific methods:

  • Create their future ahead of time by setting goals and creating a vision.
  • Identify barriers to success, from procrastination to perfectionism.
  • They push themselves and others to action.
  • Take responsibility for yourself and be a powerful role model for others.

Often referred to as the "highlight of every meeting", participants develop an action plan that they can immediately implement to successfully achieve any partnership, group, team or personal goal. Whether it's youth in and out of school or adults in the workplace, program participants are able to apply these leadership skills to all areas of their lives. Great for team building, team cohesion and leadership training, it can also be used in a 'train the trainer' format.

Mentoring women and girls: strive, prosper and break down barriers

Whether you're trying to develop strong women in the workplace or strong girls in and out of school, a mentor can really make a difference. However, mentoring women and girls requires a unique understanding of the challenges they face in today's society and the right skills to help them thrive. In this visuals and skill-packed demonstration, participants will learn how to:

  • Illustrate social and self-imposed barriers to personal success.
  • Refocusing on relationships between women to mitigate or redefine the 3 dreaded Cs: competition, criticism, and comparison (instead of collaboration, caring, and connecting).
  • It provides specific skills to help girls and women express their vision, goals, action plans and responsible partnerships.

Training girls and women on an ongoing basis has huge benefits in terms of productivity, performance, confidence and positive performance. This presentation can be tailored to your needs in terms of time, focus, age range and number of hands-on activities.

Dr. Robin's CV

Dr. Robyn Silverman is a child/youth development specialist, body image/bullying expert, sought-after speaker and award-winning author who takes a serious and positive approach to helping young people and their families thrive. Her groundbreaking research with young women at Tufts University is the basis of her new book,Good Girls Don't Get Fat: How Weight Obsession Haunts Our Girls and How We Can Help Them Grow Against All Odds.

To connect with girls personally, Dr. Silverman created The Sassy Sisterhood Girls Circle, a program for young teenage girls to explore issues affecting self-esteem and self-image. It aims to foster self-awareness, challenge stereotypes, combat self-doubt tendencies and enable authentic self-expression through verbal sharing and creative activity.

Award-winning columnist Dr. Silverman connects with parents, teachers and fans on Twitter (/DrRobyn) and Facebook (/DrRobynSilverman), as well as her blog DrRobynSilverman.com. Offers popular remote parenting seminars, including a collaboration with the Spring 2010 best-selling authorRachel Simmons(strange girl,curse of a good girl), which was attended by over 500 parents. She was one of the featured experts at Campus Outreach in 2012 and was includedBullying: An Action Plan for Teachers, Parents and the Community in Responding to the Bullying Crisis, a companion book to the critically acclaimed documentaryintimidate.

Dr. Silverman speaks to schools, universities, businesses and organizations across the country. She advises teens, parents, teachers and professionals on how best to help our young people reach their potential and become leaders. Her overall philosophy is that young people are a resource to be developed, not a deficit to be managed. Dr. Silverman's research, speeches, and writing are rooted in a deep empathy for young people and a determination to help them realize their potential, free from social constraints. "I don't look at children and teenagers and think about how to fix them," she said. “I want to inspire every young person to find their strengths and develop themselves.”


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