Short trips around the Avon Trail (2023)

If you are interested in a short hike of an hour or two, you can shorten the Avon Trail to a shorter walk between country roads. The Avon Trail Guide, 9th edition (an invaluable resource) includes nice color maps with marked trails. This guide shows where street parking is permitted along the entire 130km Avon Trail.

Park your car on one of the roads and follow the trail into the bushes. When you reach the next road, turn around and return to your vehicle. Or, if you have time, take the next road and return to your car. The entire Avon Track is 130km long, so if you want to walk the entire route, split your walk into 10km stretches, spread out over multiple locations and enjoy the scenery.

Or consider some of the tours listed below. These hikes are on the Avon Trail and other hiking trails within a 60-minute drive of Stratford and the surrounding area.

1. Stratford Trail

This linear trail follows the River Avon from the east to the west of Stratford. From anywhere along the River Avon, walk one way, then turn around and return to your car. If you buy the latest edition of the Avon Trail Guide online from the store, it includes a full color map of the Stratford Side Trail.

2. TJ Dolan Natural Area & Trail, Stratford

It is located at the western end of the Stratford Side Trail. It is part of the park system along the River Avon, near the Stratford Festival Theatre. It is a route circling the river from north to south with several galleries ranging in length from 0.3 km to 4.4 km. Parking: John Street North or Lorne Avenue West. If you have purchased version 8.0 of the Avon Trail Guide, it includes a color map of the Stratford Side Trail.

3. Walk by Lake Victoria in Stratford

The Stratford Festival Theater offers a circular walk along the River Avon. Start anywhere around the lake. Be sure to cross the Huron Street Bridge [coordinates 43.372266,-80.984887 (west end of the lake) and around Lakeside Drive Northbridge [coordinates 43.37678,-80.96575] (east end of the lake, near Romeo Street). It's a 2 hour leisurely walk.

4. Stratford Seben Loop

From Allman Arena in Stratford, head east on the Stratford Side Trail for 1 mile. Total one way = 4.4 km. (The Sebon Bridge is on Route 111). See Stratford Side Trail map and text on reverse. Landowner B. Sebben said the River Avon was straightened more than 50 years ago and now acts as a canal and his property, but flood water sometimes overflows where it used to flow.

5. St. John's Wood, West Stratford

This sign is located at 43.368118, -81.002123 South West or to the left of the Perth County Department of Health entrance, 653 West Gore St, Stratford. Stop at one of the seven tourist attractions. Taiga was founded in 1991 by members of the Church of St. John, which was initiated by Sue Bonisteel and Frank Lesley as a conservation project. There are no open trails, but the woods are connected to the TJ Dolan Natural Area trail.

6. Great Liquor Trail, St. Mary's Church

It is a linear walk (3.5km) along the Old Railway Route including the Grand Trunk Bridge across the Thames. The eastern end of the trail is at the old Junction train station on Glass Street [coordinates 43.272261, -81.132033]. see this pagepdf view of the Mariacka Walking Route,

7. Wildwood Lake Trail, Wildwood

22 kilometers of trails around Wildwood Lake. From the dam (12 km) or the entrance pavilion (10 km), go straight one way. Billed daily. check the download trail maps: Trail Maps. If you are an Avon Trail member, show your membership card or pay the fee.

8. Dr RS Murray Forest Trail, Wildwood, Kalifornia

Entrance fees to 1, 3, 5 and 7 km of hiking trails and cross-country ski trails in the Wildwood Conservation Area on Highway 7.

9. Sawyers Bush [Coordinates 43.359996, -81.29472]

Take a half-hour loop tour around Kirkton. CheckWitryna Sawyer Conservation Woodlands Associationfor example.

10. Thames Nature Walk and Wetlands, West Perth

A linear walk west of Stratford along the River Thames starting at 1 Huron Road near Mitchell. examineWest Perth Thames Nature Trailknow more information.

11. Ellis Swamp Rail Trail

Walking tours are only available on Sundays and Wednesdays.。From Stratford take route 119 (#19) north via Gads Hill, turn left (west) onto route 52, continue on route 52 past route 122, look for Ellice Swamp Rail Trail signs. chargeGuidance Document for Ellis Marsh and Mt Gads Marsh(PDF). There is a map at the end of the pdf.

12. Health Valley Track, Woolwich Township

The 5km track is the Old Conestogo River Walk between St Jacobs and Conestogo. Maintained by the City of Woolwich and members of the Woolwich Trails Group. Park in the lot at the end of Albert Street East [coordinates 43.539294, -80.551233], St. Jacobs. It is part of the Trans Canada Trail System and the Avon Trail. LookSzlak Woolwich Township Health ValleyWebsite with route maps in pdf format.

13. Embro Reserve [coordinates 43.173401, -80.91736]

From Stratford, head south on Route 113 and turn onto Oxford Road 6. Turn right onto Oxford Road 84. SeeA walk around the Embro Reservewebsite. It is about 600 m on the left. Perfect for snowshoeing.

14. Wildwood Lake Trail (Loop Road), southern section

The main Avon trail follows the Blue Lake Trail on the north side of Wildwood Lake. Hikers share the 12 km southern section with cyclists. The entrance is north of the dam or off Route 9. Look out for the Blue Lake Trail sign. Don't stop on line 9. There is an entrance fee from the main kiosk. Hikers do not have to pay admission fees when entering the Avon Trail at any other access point if they carry an Avon Trail membership card. Bring your Avon Trail membership card or pay the daily fee. Check the timetable atwww.wildwoodconservationarea.caThe entrance to the park is at 43.268475, -81.068425 (kiosk), at the end of Route 9, from the Route 7/Route 119 roundabout 43.270273, -81.067984, exit from the Route 7 roundabout before St. Marys. There are other hiking opportunities in Wildwood, including Dr. Murray Forest.

15. Regional Forest of St. Petersburg, Waterloo region

Located at 1974 Snyders Road East, Kitchener [Coordinates 43.416473,-80.586472]. Pines parking is at the end of the driveway. Good loop walking and snowshoeing. NOTE: Access to the car park at the end of the road requires crossing active CN/VIA railway tracks without signalling. LookCity of Wilmot websiteLearn more. Also consider checking theWalking path through the bushes and crown lands of St. PetersburgTake a wander around Wilmot Township.

16. Gibney Regional Forest, Waterloo Region

Sandhills Road, Wilmot Township, Baden [Coordinates 43.400589,-80.641497]. Exit Conestoga Parkway (Hwy 7/8), take the Baden Divide and go south for 1 km. Lookthis pageLearn more.

17. Morrison Dam Conservation Area Trail, Exeter – 71108 Morrison Line, Exeter [坐标 43.359744, -81.457726]

From Stratford, take Perth Route 20 (which becomes Route 83) west for 30 minutes, watch for signs. A year-round 2-hour trail, ideal for hiking and snowshoeing. More information can be found on the Usable Bayfield Conservation Agency websiteMorrison Dam ReserveWebsite with a PDF brochure for the South Huron Trail map.

18. Possibility of walks on the river

13 kilometers of linear hiking. From Stratford, head west on Highway 7 for 50 minutes, keep an eye out for Sylvan town, then head south on Scouts Rd [coordinates 43.135794,-81.79455]. Mystic Falls can be reached from the trail or the blue trail that runs north from the west end of Elm Tree Drive. SeeBayfield Security Agency availablewebsite for more information.

19. Las Joany (Talbot Trust)

2-hour hike in a loop 45 minutes west of Stratford along Highway 7. Three trails: Ivey Trail 4.8 km; Inch Trail 3.2 km; River Trail 2.2 km. Just north of County Road 7 (Thompson Line), west of Sylvan Village. It is classified as an environmentally sensitive area (ESA). examineThames Talbot Land Trustwebsite andyoni woodsite map. Also check out Lambton Wildlife Inc.

20. Waterloo Hydro Cut

Glasgow Street (Kitchener) car park coordinates 43.429138-80.563134. The routes in the area are in the Waterloo region and are developed and maintained by the Waterloo Cycling Club. The trails are well marked and suitable for hiking. Loops are available. You can hike west through the Power Corridor to a trailhead just north of Peterborough Regional Forest. Retrieves trail parking map and trail maps. See point 19 below.

21 Johnson Tree Farm, West Perth

It is grown by the Johnson family and maintained by current family members who live on the corner of the 100-acre estate. There are some wet areas and a pond with turtles. Street parking is near the small yellow sign. The loop has not been opened and will last over an hour. Take a look and enjoy the generosity of the landowners. From Stratford take Hwy 8W for 14km, turn left (south) Hwy 150 for 3.6km to 43.41164,-81.15654.

22. Walker Woods, region Waterloo

It consists of forests with one type of stand, with the dominant woody species sugar maple. The forest was a privately owned and managed sugar maple grove until it was turned over to the county in 1993. As part of a transfer agreement between the previous owner and the Waterloo Region, Walker Woods will be managed to maintain, support and enhance the ancient character of the farm. Research conducted in the summer of 2003 showed that the crested flycatcher is abundant. Vehicles must enter the shoulder of Regional Highway 3 (Walker Road on Highway 7) that is wide enough. There is an existing path that circles the forest. the red arrow here is atforest walking trailSee also pages 39 and 40 of the Waterloo Forest Management Plan: Forest Area Summary Form (PDF).

23. Helet Province Wildlife Reserve

Hullet Marsh, 40905 Summerhill Rd, Clinton, about an hour northwest of Stratford on Highway 8. The main entrance is at coordinates 43.645515, -81.456557. Route maps and other information can be found at Orange trail map. examineSzlak Hullett MarshWebsite. When hiking in the countryside, look for ways to save water along the way. Watch out for dikes, pheasant release areas, excessive beaver traps, and traces of mature sugar maple bush.

24. Bannockburn Reserve

76249 Bannockburn Line, Exeter (Ausable Bayfield CA (ABCA). Route maps can be found at The main car park is at 43.542310, -81.572350. The 1km route starts on the boardwalk below Ausable.

25. Walkway on Lake Lion (Woolwich Reservoir), Floradale

The Elmira Lions Club maintains a 7km loop around Woolwich Reservoir (Canagagigue Creek). see this websiteLearn more. Easy walk (flat), good on snowshoes. Park at the main entrance on Reid Woods Dr. [Coordinates 43.61671, -80.565014] or Ruggles St (1st Street) near Bonnie Lou's Café, 2238 Floradale Rd/Rd 19 [Coordinates 43.634169, -80.580287 ] - View Ruggles Street steps at the entrance | Footbridge location. The cafe is open for breakfast or lunch (Monday-Thursday 20-16, Friday-Saturday 20-20, closed Sundays). examineBonnie Lou's CafeFind out about the last working hours and holidays.

26. Lambton Coast Nature Trail

Lambton Shores & Vicinity (LS&V) network of connected, accessible, safe and user-friendly nature trails for enthusiasts of hiking, hiking, biking, horseback riding and outdoor activities... and those who are committed to conservation and preserving our natural heritage. For more information on hiking, see thiswebsite.


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