Residence Acceptance Rate (2023)

Which is the news:Despite the uncertainty inflicted on the American healthcare system by the pandemic, the 2021 Primary Residency Match saw a 2.7% increase in the number of first-year residency positions offered compared to the 2020 Match which had place amid the initial spread of COVID-19. in the U.S.

residency acceptance rate

According to the most recent NRMP data, the overall residence match rate is92.8% for senior American physicians, and 89.1% for seniors in the US DO. In general, allopathic medicine graduates have a slight advantage over their osteopathic counterparts when it comes to residency matching.

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Ever wonder about the medical schools with the best match rates? Whether you're a pre-med student trying to figure out which medical schools to apply to or a future doctor or DO grad looking forward to game day, knowing the statistics on match rates can come in handy. Why do some medical schools have significantly higher match rates than others? What factors influence a school's match rate? These are some of the questions we will answer in this blog. We will also discuss whichmedical schools in canadaThe US and US have the best match rates and whether choosing to attend specific medical schools is important when it comes to residency matching.

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Many pre-medical students want to know which medical schools have the best match rates before deciding which programs to apply to. Of course, there are many different factors that influencemedical school rankingssuch as curriculum, faculty, facilities, affiliated hospitals, etc. Not all medical schools publish their matching data, nor does the residency match rate necessarily indicate the quality of education a school provides. The fact is that most medical schools in the US and Canada provide high quality education and produce qualified and capable physicians. However, not all of these students are matched to a residence and some schools definitely have a higher match rate than others. While the status of your medical school is a factor in the residency matching process,USMLE Step 2scores,you were letters of recommendation,personal declaration of residence,residency resume, etc. With that in mind, let's take a look at the medical schools in the US that traditionally have higher match rates than others.

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Which schools have the best match rates in the US?

In the United States, candidates use theerasportal for applying for residency positions, and the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) connects applicants with medical schools in the US. The NRMP does not publish information on residency match rates based on medical schools , but there are some specific trends in coincidence that are interesting to note.

Generally speaking, elite schools likeIvy League Medical Schoolsand UC schools have the best match rates. Here are the matching fees for some of the best US medical schools:

  • Harvard Medical School: According to data released by the Harvard Medical School Office of Student Affairs, Harvard has a 95% match rate, with 46% matching to Harvard affiliated programs. Of the peerless students, 2 graduates went on to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and the rest held non-clinical positions.
  • Weill Cornell School of Medicine: According to data released by the school, 99% of Cornell applicants matched with a residency and 91% of them matched with residency positions at the top 50 institutions.
  • Yale School of Medicine: According to the Yale Medical School Office of Student Affairs, most of Yale's medical graduates were in a residency program. 94% matched 1 of their top 5 picks and 91% matched 1 of their top 3 picks.
  • Stanford Medicine: A few years ago, Stanford Medicine boasted a 100% match rate for all 85 medical graduates. Stanford has not released the latest specific residency match rates, but they continue to have excellent overall match rates and their graduates enter the most competitive residencies.
  • University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine: According to the latest data released by the school, they have an overall residence match rate of 98%.
  • It's not just top-tier medical schools that have great match rates. Some smaller universities that focus onless competitive residencesas primary care, they also have excellent compatibility rates:

  • Creighton University School of Medicine: According to the most recent data published by this school, 100% of its graduating class coincided with a residency, and 91% earned their first-choice residency. 53% of its students held residency positions in primary care.
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Medicine: Your most recent data confirms that 96% of your promotion was resident.
  • University of Kansas City School of Medicine: The most recent residency match data shows that 99% of graduating students match a residency.
  • Howard University School of Medicine: According to their most recent reports, they have an 89% home game rate.
  • There are also some interesting match stats to consider when it comes toDO contra MDcorresponding fees. According to the most recentNRMP data, the overall residency comparison rate is 92.8% for US MD seniors and 89.1% for US seniors. Overall, allopathic medicine graduates have a slight advantage over their osteopathic counterparts when it comes to residence matching. However thebest osteopathic medical schoolsmight have higher match rates compared to some lower-ranked or even higher-ranked allopathic schools. For example:

  • University of North Texas Health Science Center College of Osteopathic Medicine: According to data published on the official website, in recent years between 99% and 100% of students graduating from the DO have obtained residence places.
  • Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine: Your most recent data reveals that 99.1% of your graduating class found a placement in a graduate program in medicine.
  • Lincoln Memorial University School of Osteopathic Medicine: Your most recent data shows that 94.1% of your graduating class was assigned to a residency.
  • Check out this infographic:

    Top 15 Schools with the Best Match Rates in Canada

    In Canada, seniors and medical graduates use the Canadian resident matchmaking service orCARMto apply for residency places. According to the most recentgiven CaRM, the overall match rate of Canadian medical graduates for residency vacancies in Canada was 96.6%, and 81.7% of these applicants were selected for their first-choice residency. The match rate forinternational medical graduatesit was 29.1% and for US-trained physicians it was 59.5%.

    According to CaRM data, these are the Canadian medical schools with the highest residency match rates for Canadian medical graduates:

    1.School:Northern Ontario School of Medicine

    Number of students joining the game.: 59

    correspondence fee: 100%

    2.School:University of Ottawa School of Medicine

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    Number of students joining the game.: 161

    correspondence fee: 99,7%

    3.School:Memorial University of Newfoundland School of Medicine

    Number of students joining the game.: 81

    correspondence fee: >95%

    4.School:University of Toronto School of Medicine

    Number of students joining the game.: 263

    correspondence fee: >95%

    5.School:University of British Columbia School of Medicine

    Number of students joining the game.: 293

    correspondence fee: >95%

    Number of students joining the game.: 100

    correspondence fee: >95%

    7.School: Laval University Faculty of Medicine

    Number of students joining the game.: 235

    correspondence fee: >95%

    8.School:Western University Schulich School of Medicine

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    Number of students joining the game.: 172

    correspondence fee: >95%

    9.School:University of Alberta School of Medicine and Dentistry

    Number of students joining the game.: 168

    correspondence fee: 90-95%

    Number of students joining the game.: 203

    correspondence fee: 90-95%

    11School:Faculty of Medicine of the University of Sherbrooke

    Number of students joining the game.: 197

    correspondence fee: 90-95%

    12School: University of Montreal School of Medicine

    Number of students joining the game.: 326

    correspondence fee: 90-95%

    13School:Dalhousie University School of Medicine

    Number of students joining the game.: 114

    correspondence fee: 90-95%

    14School:McGill University School of Medicine

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    Number of students joining the game.: 193

    correspondence fee: 90-95%

    15.School:University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine

    Number of students joining the game.: 165

    correspondence fee: 90-95%

    As seen from the list above, Canadian medical schools have excellent match rates for Canadian medical students. The main reason for this is that Canadian residency programs generally prefer to place Canadian medical graduates, i.e. Canadian medical school applicants. It is much more difficult for US and international applicants to get a job through CaRMS.

    Interested in a rundown of the most competitive and least competitive residency programs?

    Residency Match Statistics: NRMP Match Data Rates by Residency Specialty

    The largest are listed belowspecialtiesin medicine, the total number of positions available at the start, and the percentage of senior Americans who successfully fit into that specialty. Analyzing these data, it can be observed that the most demanded specialties are: Dermatology, Neurological Surgery, Otolaryngology, Orthopedic Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Psychiatry.

    Corresponding rates by residency specialty
    Specialtypositionscorrespondence fee
    Vascular surgery66100%
    radiation oncology21199%
    child neurology19098,8%
    Internal Medicine (Categorical)8.51298,2%
    Family Medicine4.10797,2%
    emergency medicine2.48895,1%
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation13893,4%
    Plastic surgery17291,7%
    General Surgery1.43290,4%
    Orthopedic surgery75587,4%
    Obstetrics and Gynecology1.39586,1%
    Preliminary Surgery1.15886,5%
    Neurological Surgery23285,1%

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    Home Game Stats: Tag Team Match Rates

    Nogame 2019, 2,152 people participated in thematch in pairs, 178 fewer than in 2018, and the first drop in the number of couples since 2005. Senior Americans accounted for 69% of the couples in the party. Couples continued to have great matchmaking success in 2019 with a PGY-1 match rate of 95.0 percent. Be sure to contact MedEdits for a resident pairing strategy.

    Home Matching Rates Are Down This Year

    Meanwhile, the total number of seats filled and the number of freshman seats both filled records as new programs welcomed residents on Game Day.

    Specialties that filled less than 50% of available positions with seniors in the US included pathology (41.4%) and surgery (28%).

    Those who presented program preferences totaled 42,508, 6% more than last year.

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    The number of US citizen international medical school graduates who submitted program listings increased 2.5% to 5,295 - a 6-year high - and 3,152 of them were freshman ranks, down two spots from last year.

    The percentage of all positions filled increased by 0.3% to 94.9%, and the percentage of freshman positions filled increased by 0.2% to 94.8%.

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    The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) reported that the 2021 Match was the largest in its history, with a total of 38,106 positions offered.

    A record 5,915 programs participated in Match this year, 88 more than in 2020. In five years, the number of programs participating in Match increased by 845 (16.7%), driven in part by the completion of the transition to the system sole accreditation of postgraduate medical education to allopathic and osteopathic programs.

    Because it is important:Program completion rates have increased at all levels, even amid insecurity in the healthcare industry and major changes during the residency application process, such as virtual interviews and rotations and discontinued clinical trials.

    Of the 35,194 first-year places available, 95% were filled, 2.9% more than the previous year. There were 1,927 unfilled jobs after the matching algorithm was processed, down 3.6% from 2020.

    The number of applicants applying for the 2021 primary residence match reached an all-time high of 48,700, an 8.3% increase over 2020 and the largest single-year increase on record. In turn, a record 42,508 applicants submitted ranking lists, an increase of 6% over 2020.

    Some other nuggets from this year's Match:

  • 92.8% of US MD seniors matched first-year graduate (PGY-1) positions, up from 93.7% in 2020.
  • 89.1% of US DO seniors concurred, up from 90.7% in 2020.
  • 54.8% of non-US international medical graduates (IMGs) matched, up from 61.1% in 2020.
  • According to a statement from the NRMP, “the unavailability of medical licensing exams in the early stages of the pandemic, coupled with ongoing changes to the scoring and administration of these exams through the end of 2020, created significant challenges for IMGs this year.” and probably contributed to the decline.”

    Find out how theSection of Graduates in International Medicine of the AMAadvocates for issues affecting IMG physicians.

    The NRMP added that "changes in clinic rotations may have affected match rates." This year, 1,892 seats were offered during Match Week through the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP). Those results will be available in Match's full report published in early May, the NRMP said.

    Know more:If you're among those who matched this year, the AMA offers some great tips and resources on next steps toprepare for your transition to residency.

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