Record Store Day 2019: All 545 exclusive auctions (2023)

The full list of UK record store specials has been revealed as part of Record Store Day 2019.

545 limited edition products starting fromLive vinyl records, box sets, never-before-released vinyl albums, film soundtracks, remix EPs and unreleased rare releases will be available on 7-inch, 10-, 12-inch picture discs, color vinyl and flexidisc formats ( !).

This year, over 250 stores took part in it, the largest number in the history of the event. On the big day, Saturday April 13, DJ sets, in-store performances and a small music festival are planned in several record stores around the country.

Iconic stars and Record Store Day regulars such as Prince, Madonna and David Bowie reappeared on this year's list, with BowieMost bought artists in record store historyElvis Presley, Queen, Peter Gabriel, Aretha Franklin, Dev Leppard and Elton John and many other legendary musicians have also released limited editions.

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Bird, Paloma Faith, IDLES, Gorillaz, Jessie Ware, Bastille, The Prodigy and more UK showsThe latest hits from Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus, Silk City and Dua Lipa and Mumford & Sons will also be up for grabs. Even Baby Shark got in on the action, releasing it on vinyl for the first time as a 7" picture disc.

Last year, UK vinyl sales exceeded 4 million for the first time since 1991. The official UK Vinyl Chart Top 40 is published weekly,which is

artist title Format Detail Elevator to the 13th floor psychedelic sound Picture CD Featuring the original artwork remixed in mono on vinyl, this edition of "The Psychedelic Sounds of..." was recently named one of the top 70 album covers of all time by National Album Day, also 1966's best cover. ...' The Elevators' 1966 breakthrough debut, considered the first psychedelic rock album and certainly the first to use the word "psychedelic". Known for founder Tommy Hall's use of an electric kettle and Roky Erickson's touching singing of Hall's poetic lyrics, the band has influenced our music, including the works of legends such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. In addition to influencing the genre, Elevator also developed a mind-expanding culture by experimenting with psychoactive drugs in a U.S. state with particularly strict laws against recreational drug use, which effectively turned the band members into LSD outlaws. 808 states Four states 808 4x12" box. The limited edition 4 x 12" box set explores four different faces of 808 State: Haçienda-inspired acid house classics, Thunderdome-inspired frontal aural attack, famous collaborations and slow-motion sound baths. The four discs contain 27 tracks, including rare and previously unreleased remixes, hidden tracks, all-new artwork and notes Includes three previously unreleased tracks and three previously unreleased vinyl records The entire set has been recreated from the original master tapes. a man named adam Explanation 12" LTD edition sampler from A Man Called Adam's first album since 1998 - bringing their famous Balearic, emotional, pop-not-pop vibe to life with remixes by Prins Thomas and Carrott Green. Kane Receivables Xin Qingzi single vinyl record Remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio, released on vinyl especially for RSD 2019. First vinyl record. Milky-transparent color Heavyweight 180g Audiophile vinyl record as Fleilley Aliens (Picture CD) 12PD RSD exclusive latest album primary ace Sign 7 minute CD of images "The Sign" is a song by Swedish band Ace of Base, released in Europe on October 29, 1993. It was an international hit, reaching number two in the UK and staying at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks. More importantly, it became the number one song on the Billboard year-end charts in 1994. It appears on the album Happy Nation (known in North America as The Sign). This exclusive record store version is pressed on a 7-inch image disc Temple of the Acidic Mother Do space shepherds dream of electric tapirs? double disk Mustard heavy, audiophile double vinyl 180g with new artwork. Remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio, especially for the first time on vinyl. Adam French Hind Foot and Rapture 7" Adam French is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from Cheshire who writes songs with depth and sincerity. To support Record Store Day 2019 and the release of his debut album The Back Foot And The Rapture, Adam released his upcoming new track Slow Dancing on orange vinyl in a PVC sleeve. After honing his voice in the studio with producer Jonathan Quarmby (James Arthur, Tom Walker, Jacob Banks), Adam's new album is a testament to the level of talent this youngster possesses. AHA Hunting High And Low / Early Alternate Mix 1LP, black vinyl “Alternative remixes of A-ha's debut album, Hunting High and Low, first released in 2015 as a 30th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set. This will be the first time these demos will be released on vinyl. ) [2015 Remastered], 2. Train Of Thought (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered], 3. Hunting High And Low (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered], 4. The Blue Sky (Alternate Long Mix) [2015 Remastered] , 5. A Boy's Adventure (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered], 6. The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (Alternate Early Mix) [2015 Remastered], 7. And You Tell Me (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered], 8. Love Is Reason (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered], 9. Dream Myself Alive (Early ""NYC" "Mix) [2015 Remastered], 10. Here I Stand And The Rain (Early Mix) [2015 Remastered]" Aidana Moffata and RM Harberta what the night gives us record Recorded live during a five-date tour of England in November 2018, the album features a streamlined arrangement of new and intimate tracks from the album as Aidan & Hubby joins violinist and vocalist Jenny Reeve for the first time. It also features completely remastered versions of Party On and Wolves of the Wood, the latter being a special highlight for the band: "When we took the stage, we decided to invite the Oxford audience to join us for our new version of Wolves and give it their all Howling Can can be found throughout the song - they're great, the result is wonderful, it's probably my favorite track we've ever released," says Aidan. There's also a cover of Rosalie Allen's post-war anti-fascist song Life on Hitler, and the album ends with Car Song, the first track together duo from 2012. Clear heavyweight vinyl is available with a download code." Air surf on a rocket 12 inch picture CD Limited Edition RSD 2019 1 x 140g 12" vinyl picture sheet. Alt Natural feelings 12 inch vinyl record For the first time in 45 years, a vinyl reissue of a long-lost, pivotal jazz fusion album! Originally released in 1970 on the rarely distributed Skye label, the album marked Airto's debut as a bandleader and was captured while recording Bitches Brew with Miles Davis and before joining Weather Report as drummer on their first album. In fact, the line-up of the album reflects the fact that Airto has one foot in the New York jazz scene and the other in its native Brazil, with bassist Ron Carter joining Airto's compatriots Sivuca and Hermeto Pascoal, and Airto's wife Flora Purim. The music is a captivating mix of jazz-funk and Brazilian tropes, presented here on pink, yellow and green marbled vinyl, hidden in the original wild Hieronymus Bosch album cover Green way Single Hi Records package 7" in the box "*26 7""s - Original Al Green Hi Records single as originally released *56 page hardback book. Lined by Robert Gordon, Bob Mehr and Geoffrey Himes *Hi Records 7" Adapter • Supplied in a rugged case - boxed" Alarm, Live '85 2LP "Classic Siren recorded at the Orpheum concert in Boston on November 9, 1985. 16 of the 21 tracks have never been released in any form before. Four of the tracks (Where are you hide?, Deeside, Sixty Eight Guns and Knocking On Heaven's Door) were used as the B-side and bonus track, along with the band's UK single "Spirit Of '76", released in early 1986, making the band made the UK Top 30 while "Howling Wind" was only released in the US "Live For Life" part of the IRS Records Cancer Benefits compilation. Alarm fans eagerly awaited the day when this classic Alarm concert would be released in its entirety This sound was recorded by radio station WBCN in Boston, MA on November 9, 1985. It contains all the classic Alarm material from that era. A month later, the band's live sound engineer, Nigel Luby (who also recorded the "Strength" album), mixed it into Yamaha studio in Los Angeles. It features most of America's Walter City-Boston was a success, and the people there immediately recognized the band as their own, which inspired the band to put on one of the best Alarm concerts ever." Albert Washington sad and lonely record Originally released by Westbound Records in 1976, available (for the first time since 1976) on 180 gram vinyl in a limited edition of 1,500 copies when singer-songwriter Albert Washington began recording. Born in 1973, he was already a veteran of the recording industry. He has recorded singles on over a dozen labels, ranging in styles from gospel to blues and soul. artists such as B.B. King and Sam Cooke who inspired him to become a performer.Washington launched his recording career in the mid-1960s, recording several singles for various labels.His 1964 recording for VLM Records which included a song he wrote entitled "Have No Friends Yet", gained him popularity in the UK, which in turn led to him being signed to Fraternity Records in 1966. Lonnie Mack later joined Washington and recorded several singles for Fraternity in 1969. In 1970 he released two singles on Jewel Records, eventually recording The Memphis Horn Band, the tracks on Sad and Lonely are primarily soul, funk inspired by southern gospel and original Albert King blues... heavily influenced by James Brown's funk and Otis Redding's Memphis soul. Albert's music is full of laments, urban bustle and lost love, with precise guitar playing and Washington The high-pitched vocals work together to create an atmosphere where the blues invades the funk section The backing vocal harmonies are top notch and the album is a funky emotional punch with relentless dancing moves from start to finish. Bernie Mendelsohn (Donald Austin, Melvin Sparks, Caesar Fraser), designed by Ronnie Capone (The Starks) and then crafted by the legendary Howard Craft, combines Brilliant in Sadness and Lonely. Complications from diabetes (Washington lost his sight and went completely blind) had to put his music career on hold… but despite the serious repercussions and tragedies, Albert remained optimistic, with positive numbers. Washington began performing blues clubs on Long Island before dying of complications from diabetes on October 23, 1998. "Sorrow and Lonely" was originally released on Eastbound (his parent company's Westbound chart included hits such as Funkadelic and The Ohio State Player) in 1973. This rare album has already achieved cult status and fetched high prices on the collector's market. Now it's finally back as a 180g (1500 copies) limited deluxe vinyl edition featuring the original. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, available in participating stores on April 13. Songs: 1. Whatever the Price 2. You're Breaking Me 3. Wings of a Dove 4. Sadness and Loneliness 5. Needing 6. My Mother's Prayer 7. Mischief aka Mischief Way 8. If I Lost Your Love 9. I Can't Take It Anymore 10 . Do you really love me?" Alice Clark Yingshi The Deluxe Gatefold LP Edition includes a 20-page booklet “The world's first official LP reissue of Alice Clark's cult Soul Jazz classic, produced by Bob Shad on a major label and hailed as a classic by Eddie Piller, Gilles Peterson and many DJs in 1972. The creation and deluxe 20 storybooks tell the whole story for the first time. The booklet will feature many never-before-seen stunning shoots by legendary New York jazz photographer Ray Ross, as well as Shad's grandchildren. , an intro from director-producer Judd Apatow and his sister, notes from New York music journalist Marcus J. Moore (Pitchfork, Bandcamp, etc.), a tribute from Clark's grandson, and notes from original session engineer Carmine Rubino. most of the line-up debuts (the original LP contains no credits for any of the musicians), making this album an overdue homage to one of the greatest soul albums of all time." Alpha i Omega Double Disc Selections, Volume 1 record """Retro Killer's immersive electronic reggae and selected voices by British pioneers Alpha & Omega! These are soundboard mixes of tracks from various Alpha & Omega albums (often reserved for sound system operators). Originally released on CD in 1995, now for the first time first time on limited color and numbered LP of 500 copies including download. Vol.1" " - Record Store Day 2019 (April 13) LP Exclusive - White vinyl - First release on vinyl - Includes downloads - Numbered, strictly limited, 500 copies worldwide" Alpha i Omega Double Disc Selections, Volume 2 record "Retro Killer's immersive electronic reggae and dub from British pioneers Alpha and Omega! These are remixes of tracks from various Alpha and Omega albums. Volume 2 was originally released on CD in 1997 and is now available for the first time as a Limited Edition Color Release & Numbered 500 LP including downloads. “We have been working on replacement mixes for sound systems. This is the second volume of Alpha & Omega soundboard mixes, usually reserved for sound system operators." – Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive LP (April 13) - White vinyl - First vinyl release - Including downloads - Numbered, strictly limited, 500 copies worldwide. anderson parker bubble 7" These 2 tracks are on vinyl for the first time --- Bubblin' was previously available digitally andrea real connection more more more 12" Truly epic, fun disco power, produced by Gregg Diamond and steeped in Andrea True's free-spirited sexuality. An era classic that had everything the 70s had to offer. Tom Molton mixes the sound in this naughty 12" reissue. angel floor Meet Angel Pavement vinyl and 7" First official vinyl release of the 1969 album on 180g vinyl, original title and planned track listing + 2 previously unreleased tracks 7" single Antoine Dodson as Brother Gregory (Schmoyo) Bed Intruder and various other YouTube hits 7" “First physical release in any format Limited Edition Bandana Red Vinyl Over 140 million plays on YouTube and over 1.5 million on spotify 5 hit singles by the 'Autotune The News' team including new Bed Intruder artwork and Double Rainbow 'Bed Intruder Song' is a song by Gregory Brothers and Antoine Dodson featuring Kelly Dodson. [1] This song was created by Auto-Tune the News and uses processed vocals from a WAFF-48 News interview with Antoine Dodson, who spoke to a reporter about his sister Kelly's burglary and attempted rape, [2] mixed with self-created music in background and eventually played a video containing fragments of the message. The song reached the Billboard Hot 100,[3] being the only song to chart on iTunes that week. [4] The original music video for "Bed Intruder Song" [Note 1] became an internet hit,[5] becoming the top YouTube video of 2010. [6] [7] Since its upload on July 30, 2010, the video has been viewed over 138,012,173 times and received 949,317 likes in November 2017. [8] [9] [10] On March 26, 2011, the song won the Best Comedy Award a list of original viral tracks: 1) Bed Intruder (featuring Anton Dobson) 2) Backing track 3) Double Rainbow 4) Oh My Daym (featuring Daym Drops) 5) You Can't Hug Every Cat (featuring Kara Hartman)" apartment, I live in Lubuskie LPX2 “Vinyl, 2LP, fold-out (+ free download code). Exclusive RSD 2019. 1000 presses. Released for Disquaire Day 2019, L'Ubu's LIVE is The Apartments' first LIVE recording. back 2.45 12" black vinyl 2.45' is an exclusive collection of three EPs recorded by APRE on 12" vinyl. Includes the singles Gap Year 2008, All Yours, Everybody Loves You, and more. This release is the band's first physical release, collected in a cover with specially designed artwork, it combines the artwork from the previous 3 EPs into a collage that defines the world of APRE. For the first time, this release puts each APRE release in one place, which is the first . Aretha Franklin Atlantic 1967 singles collection Single 5 x 7 inch box Aretha Franklin - 1967 Atlantic Singles Collection Vinyl Set is a 7" singles box containing Aretha's 1967 5x7" singles. Includes: Disc 1 - Side A I NEVER LOVED A MAN (The Way I Love You) 2 :47 / Side B DO RIGHT WOMAN - RIGHT MAN 3:15 Disc 2 - Side A RESPECT 2:26 / Side B DR FEELGOOD 3:18 Disc 3 - Side A BABY I LOVE YOU 2:40 / Side B SLOW UP 4:32 Disc 4 - Page A NATURAL WOMAN (YOU MAKE ME FEEL) 2:42 / Page B BABY, BABY, BABY 2:48 Disc 5 - Page CHAIN ​​OF Fools 2:45 / Page B PROVE IT 2:58 Art Brut X We are scientists mustard 12 inch vinyl record In 2006, Art Brut and We Are Scientists recorded a 7-inch split together to celebrate a joint US tour, and now - um ... on the occasion of the all-important 13th Store Day. Dubbed WASABI (We Are Scientists Art Brut International), this huge 12-inch is a living example of just how fun recordings can be. The album kicks off with new singles from both bands, plus beautifully released versions of their material, some morbidly serious covers - and some long-lost rare tracks that haven't seen the warm beats of delicious vinyl before. Plus, dare we say it, the anthem of the RSD! With cover artwork designed by Eddie Argos himself and some extra surprises on the download card, this is Art Brut and We Are Scientists at their best. A must buy (if we say so ourselves). Luarkop! x noise art Dumb as a brush! 4x12" box. Limited edition 4 x 12" box set with vinyls accompanying the acclaimed 1986 Daft CD compilation. Hear new versions of three game-changing discs - "Beat Box, Close (to the Edit)" and "Moments in Love" - ​​And finally, the fourth disc unleashes Trevor Horn and Paul Morley's great post-AoN project, Art and ACT. 25 tracks on four discs, including hidden tracks, all-new artwork and notes. 20 tracks. Previously unreleased on vinyl, including the entire set remastered from the original master. tapes. colleague club country 12" - colored vinyl The Associates (Billy Mackenzie and Alan Rankine) classic 1982 single "Club Country" has been reissued exclusively for Record Store Day 2019. Released on 12" limited white vinyl, remastered from the original master, the single features the original b-sides, " A.G it's you again" and "Ulcragyceptemol" and the rare "Club Country" demo which premiered in black. Available on vinyl. The single initially peaked at number 13 in the UK charts. Ayaz tears 12" Original, Peacey and Soulfuldge remixes - pressed on colored vinyl Average leukemia Pick up the pieces / Cheer up with love 12" Limited edition white vinyl. Two iconic Average White Band funk bombs that have been danced and sampled over the years - but bear no resemblance to the original and are embossed on 12" for the first time Azimuth Demo 1973-75: The Castle (Issue 1) / Together Again 7" Two previously unreleased and unprecedented demo recordings from the formative years of Azymuth. For the label's 25th anniversary, an exclusive RSD 7" was recorded from the original tapes. These tracks were recorded in Rio de Janeiro between 1973-75 by the late keyboardist José Roberto Bertrami. Recorded in his home studio, these tracks are captivating. Ivan Bertrami. Conti (drums), Alex Malheiros (bass) and Ariovaldo Contesini (drums) continue to release their favorite album, which was in development before Som Livre's eponymous debut album. With a powerful 8-bar drum opening and a Bertrami keyboard set consisting of with Arp Solina Strings, Fender Rhodes 88 and Clavinet with Wah Wah, "Castelo (Version 1)" features Azymuth's most alien space funk, captured in its raw, cutting-edge form. "Juntos Mais Uma Vez" is a powerful instrumental soul ballad that undulates to the heart-rending melody of the Hammond organ, intertwined with the low, deep sounds of Brazil's most popular rhythm section, a two-volume album will be released featuring some of the samba-jazz-funk personalities at their wildest, An extensive archive of unreleased early music. Restoring and mastering these recordings from their original tapes, Bertrami took care of them during Azymuth's first studio session for the label in 1995. bad religion My sanity/chaos comes from within 7" RSD Standard Black 7" exclusive limited print - as part of their upcoming album, May 2019 bad finger So Fine — The Warner Bros. Rarities (limitowane 2 LP Red Vinyl Edition) LP2 “Real Gone Music brings previously unreleased material to vinyl for the first time from the Badfinger CD release. 2LP Set So Fine - The Warner Bros. Rarities presents alternate versions of each album's tracks in the order the originals were released, followed by a previously unreleased track from the Sessions album. Red Vinyl Pressing" banana frame drama double disk The vinyl debuts of Bananarama's two electro-pop albums, "Drama" (2005) and "Viva" (2009), will be presented as two-tone vinyl LP releases in fold-out sleeves. The drama will be produced on maroon vinyl, the original album on the first LP and the second LP is full of original CD remakes with bonus tracks "Venus" (Marc Almond's Hi NRG Showgirls Mix) and "Really Saying Something" (Solasso Mix) and 6 dance remixes singles from the albums "Move In My Direction" and "Look On The Floor (Hypnotic Tango)". banana frame Long life double disk The vinyl debuts of Bananarama's two electro-pop albums, "Drama" (2005) and "Viva" (2009), will be presented as two-tone vinyl LP releases in fold-out sleeves. Viva will be on neon blue vinyl, the originals on the first LP and B-sides in different formats on the second LP, featuring the original singles from the album, many of which include imaginative and surprising cover versions - "The Sound Of Silence", Run To You", "Tokyo Joe" - and dance remixes of the three singles themselves - "Love Don't Live Here", "The Runner" and "Love Comes" and remastered, remastered recordings of early hits - "Cruel Summer 09" and "Every Shade of Blue 10". banana frame Bananarama Remix Version: Vol. 1 12" RSD Limited Edition for Collectors, Fans and Disco/House Fans Includes Ewan Pearson's "Aie A Mwana" Remix Only, Tom Moulton's Classic Disco "Cruel Summer" Remix and Leo Zero's Flip Version for Us Two interpretations of their hit "Venus" are offered Commissioned by the newly reformed London record label (now part of because Music), this unique blue vinyl record is the first part of the Bananarama remix series.Package: 12" blue vinyl sheets with no ridges or holes front and back. Bang Bang Romeo Cemetery / Creep 7 inch vinyl Cemetry is a song written by Bang Bang Romeo about a day at the record store, love of vinyl and record stores, and collecting music. Bard Pool Lol Jim record Only 1000 copies. Purple vinyl edition. For the first time since the first release in 1995, a vinyl record was used. "Big Laughing Jym" came in between 1994's "Bufo Alvarius" and 1996's "Amanita", ushering in a dark state with its dirty but captivating psychedelic rock. On "Dispersion" and "Clearhead", the bass swirls, coupled flutes and John and Michael Gibbons' high-dosed, radiant guitars are the definitive Pond. (all music). The album also features "Hummingbird Hill II (Return") and "Dragonfly". "Hazy dreams of stone have been playing since the mid-1990s." Pitchfork // "Today they stand as elder statesmen at the epicenter of international underground psychedelic extremism" The Sunday Times // "They still make stunning visceral searing music" Shindig // Tracklist 1 - Dispersion 2 - Respite 3 - Clearhead 4 - Champ 5 - Soaked 6 - Hummingbird Mountain II 7 - BLJ cortical psychosis Independent (single collection) double disk Double vinyl vinyl weighing 180 g in red with a new graphic design. Remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio, especially for the first time on vinyl. received Re: loop “For Record Store Day 2019, Buster reworked and 'recycled' some of his earlier work and turned it into a brand new work of art. Track >> 1. Point B (B) 2. I Die - Live Long 3. The Fields - Final Chapter (Valhaal) 4. Mad - Total Recall: Roadkill" basement come here now 7 inch color vinyl 7" color vinyl single - white/blue, separate from Beside my album Basil Kilchin world in the world record Worlds Within Worlds (Parts 1 and 2) is one of the most important improvised jazz recordings of all time. Released in 1971, it sold only a handful of copies but became a cornerstone in the development of the experimental and ambient sound - the originals now sell for over £1,000. A flawless release for RSD, this will be the first time this remarkable, unique and highly aspirational record has been suppressed. Built from layers of processed and slowed-down field recordings improvised by Derek Bailey and Evan Parker, WWW offers listeners a mesmerizing audio experience that is still ahead of its time. This print features a new roll-up sleeve (Kirchin hated the original sleeve) and features a photo of Kirchin, his original concert tapes, and notes from WWW fan Thurston Moore. Only 1500 are pressed on 250 gold vinyl and will be randomly mixed into the 1250 black version. Since all LPs will be sealed, it is impossible to tell which color. LP will not be suppressed. Tracklist: Page 1 - Part 1 - Fusion (Non-Racial) Page 2 - Part 2 - The Human Factor Bastille other people's heartache 12” “Bastille's Other People's Heartache Mixtape Series Exclusive Limited Edition 4th part on vinyl. The mixtape was so popular with Bastille fans that it even spawned three top singles (Bastille Of The Night's second single started life as an illegal bootleg OPH Pt.1) The mixtape includes the hits Cat Stevens, SFA and Charles and Eddie. Guests include: Craig David, Jacob Banks, Moss Kenna, Lily Moore and others. Comes with a 12 inch clear PVC case. " batmobil Demo from 1987 7" “First time on vinyl Previously unreleased demo from Dutch legend psychobilly from 1987 RSD 2019 edition includes RSD stickers Limited edition 1000 copies yellow vinyl, 500 copies UK Recording of this single is 2 of 4 tracks Batmobile Recorded as a demo in 1987, album Bail Was Set At $6,000,000 was later released and is now available on Music On Vinyl. The other two demo discs, "A Magic Word Called Love" and "Kiss Me Now", are available on Found on the 2018 album as a bonus track to re-record this album (MOVLP2358). The demo was recorded on a Sony tape recorder in what was then a rehearsal room (the Haamers parents' loft). The 1987 demo was limited to 1,000 people, the edition offers numbered copies on yellow vinyl. bear tooth B-side 7" Two unreleased b-side tracks not featured on the band's latest release Honey, A. Your Love Raises Me Up (Bad Mix) / Awakening 12" "In January 1985, The Beloved came out during the John Peel sessions (produced by a very young Mark Radcliffe). They aired a second session in October, and did not release their first single, A Hundred Words, until early 1986. independent label Flim Flam, released 3 more singles/eps, and later the album Where It Is. In the fall of 1987, they evolved from a 4-piece group into the original founding duo of Jon Marsh and Steve Waddington Jon. he went to New York to pursue label business, met some heroes - Mantronik, Latin Rascals, and brought home a box of records full of early house clips. A few weeks later, a friend told him he was going to hold a semi-final at a gym in Bermondsey . secret party. He went looking and found Shoom. After sharing the CD with Steve, he took him to the club within a few weeks, knowing full well that he would be just as enthusiastic/obsessed! Just signed with WEA, nominally a Poster-Fodder Pop band, the band has gone through a seismic change of direction. Their first attempt, Acid Love, appeared on the 12" promotion within a few months. Their second song, Your Love Takes Me Higher, was first released in early 1989 to much club support, but was not given radio airplay. The third was Sun Rising in the late summer of that year, which became their first number one hit. The album Happiness, the quintessence of fun, optimism and energy of the (acid) house scene of 88/89, was released in 1990 to great acclaim, YLTMH even had a second release at number 39. Make it to the Top 40! In the fall of 1990, the mixtape Blissed Out was released, which included the new album It's Alright Now as a single. Awoke is the most complete track from their last session together. Jon continues to record The Beloved with his wife Helena as co-writer/co-producer. Their first single "Sweet Harmony", released in early 1993, became a worldwide hit. The single and accompanying album Conscience are their best-selling albums. The album X with the single Satellite was released in 1996. 1997 SunRising reissue and best single. Then silence. Mixing as The Beloved, multiple albums under different names (in Junior Boys Own and NRK) and full-time DJ career until 2005/6. Still quiet. "I can't separate myself, so I see it as hibernation," Jon said. yet. Old and new music. Pressed on thick 180g vinyl Bernard "Pretty" Purdy Soul is... Pretty Purdy record Originally released by Flying Dutchman in 1972, this is the first vinyl reissue since 1993. Includes 180g vinyl in roll-up jacket + strap Limited to 1,500 copies Bernard "Pretty" Purdie is an American drummer who needs no introduction. he started tapping cans with sticks at an early age and learned elements of drumming technique from overheard lessons. Considered an influential and innovative soul/jazz Funk musician, known for his precise feel for music and distinctive/unique drumming technique... Considered one of One of the greatest drummers of his generation, he was inducted into the "Modern Drummer" Hall of Fame in 2013. In 1961, he moved from his hometown to New York, where he and James Brown (Purdie can be seen on the albums "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" "Cold Sweat", "Say It Loud-I'm Black and I'm Proud", and "Get on the Good Foot" In 1970, Purdie began working with Aretha Franklin Franklin as her musical director, a position she held for five years and played drums on Franklin's opener, King Curtis Bernie Purdie's numerous albums (spanning decades) by legendary artists such as Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes, Quincy Jones, Miles Day Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Steely Dan, Cat Stevens, B.B. King, The Rolling Stones (The Rolling Stones) and Gil Scott - Heron. Purdie recorded his first solo album Soul Drums as early as 1968, other groundbreaking solo albums include Purdie Good (1971), Soul Is... Pretty Purdie (1972) and the soundtrack to the black film Lialeh (1973). With such an extensive output (Purdie has set a beat on over 3,000 records), his rhythms have appeared as samples on The Chemical Brothers. It's no surprise that groundbreaking tracks from such renowned artists as Massive Attack, Beck, DJ Shadow, The Prodigy... and more Just. Today we are proud to present to you the official reissue of the long-out of print classic Mr. 1972 Purdie: Soul Is... Pretty Purdie. The album (with an all-star cast of guest musicians) is the perfect mix of Purdie's own material and classic covers by Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers. Rhythm sections, wah-wah guitars and roaring horns provide the funk to this super funk jam, while Pretty Purdie's bass exploration and signature beats help showcase his considerable talent on this career-defining album. Purdie's hoarse, world-weary vocals, full of pain and hope, take the album to unprecedented heights. Dramatic Hammond organ sounds, keystrokes and pounding drums grab your attention. It's as if the All-Stars of Pretty Purdie are determined to surpass all that has passed. Melodious and optimistic, it's impossible not to sink into the best bands in their game. Originally released on Flying Dutchman Records in 1972, it is now reissued as a limited edition 180g deluxe vinyl (1500 copies) packaged in a fold-over sleeve with original artwork. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, available in participating stores on April 13. Tracklist: 1.What's Goin' On / Ain't No Sunshine 2.Don't Go 3.Good Livin' (Good Lovin') 4.Day Dreaming 5.Song For Aretha 6.Put It Where You Want It 7. Heavy Soul Launcher" Beth Hart Front And Center - Live from New York City 12" 2LP Never before had a vinyl record been released at Iridium, a small jazz club in New York City. The performance also airs on PBS in the US - TV show Front & Center. The LP version includes an exclusive bonus track. Red Clear 2LP, 3,500 copies worldwide, fold-out download card Bevis Frond, The they met the burr 2LP Only 1,000 copies of the 20th Anniversary 2LP Edition, white vinyl and new artwork. "Another self-recorded multi-instrument pop/psycho-rock compilation" All music. // Double Limited Edition White Vinyl Special Edition 20th Anniversary Reissue with new artwork. It's the end of the musical millennium, an album from 1999 when we all believed that Y2K would destroy the entire planet at midnight on December 31st. It's Bevis Frond's 17th studio album, full of half-forgotten dreams and acquaintances - there's Don Lang (a 1950s trombonist who died in the early 1910s) and Wilson, Kepple and Betty dancing on one foot in the sand, Che Guevara, John and Yoko, Joe The Dealer in "In Your Eyes" This girl can't make a breakup any harder. This is introspection at its best, a very personal lo-fi verse with a chorus of great pain. Tracklist A1 The Frond Cheer A2 Leave The Light On A3 The Virus A4 Caught In The Spotlight A5 National Drag B1 To The Lighthouse B2 Whatever B3 Don Lang B4 You Just Don't Feel That Way For Me C1 Let It Ride C2 Single Sand Dance On Your Feet C3 bulldozer C4 come to you C5 collapsed temple D1 almost alive D2 like rain D3 in her eyes D4 begging bowl Bevis Frond, The north ring 3LP Only 1,000 copies. Bevis Frond's long-out of print "North Circular" was released on triple blue vinyl on Record Store Day. "A brilliant pop hit with a hook" Pitchfork // "Nick Saloman is a real sour bard of psychedelic music, luring listeners at home with an acoustic guitar like an electric bulldozer." Take a ferry across the Lea Valley, past Muswell Hill, Neasden and on to the Ace Café to play air guitar with a group of friendly cyclists from the Frond. Choose the epic Stranger Looking Mirror. Start on the A406. Every inch of Ballard's endless journey - a journey filled with contemplative rites of passage dialogue, filled with many questions to solve. A1 Star Burnout A2 Hole Song #2 A3 Sunny Room A4 Vision A5 He's Got You B1 That's Why You Need Us B2 Where Old Boys Go B3 Small Place B4 Let Me Down C1 Love Is C2 Heritage Coast C3 Stay Home Girl D1 Growing Up D2 The Wind blows by my side D3 There's always a book D4 A book D5 Psychedelic unknown E1 You make me feel E2 Rebirth E3 Gold and silver E4 Her father's daughter F1 Stone land F2 Timothy's powder F3 I want you F4 Stranger Human Mirror F5 End of story big stick drag Racing 7" Amazing! Reissue of the first Big Stick 7" Announcing its own Drag Racing underground label, Big Stick re-releases its first single as a 7" 4-track which was released in 1985, remastered and re-cut. sleeve replica.. Bill Evans Evans in England: Live at Ronnie Scott's 2LP Evans in England: Live at Ronnie Scott's is a newly discovered trio recording by Bill Evans, bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Marty Morell, recorded live at Ronnie Scott's legendary jazz club in London, England, during the week beginning December 20, 1969. , a limited edition 180g 2LP set featuring beautifully designed inserts and rare photographs by photographers Chuck Stewart, Jean-Pierre Leroy and Jan Persson; famous jazz writers Mark Myers and an article by producer Zef Feldman; and interviews with Eddie Gomez, Marty Morell and filmmaker Leon Terjanian. This is the fourth official Resonance release of a previously unreleased recording by Bill Evans and showcases Evans beautifully. Evans of England is mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, California and pressed by Record Technology, Inc. (RTI). Billy'ego F. Gibbonsa Bastard record Exclusive 12" Smoky vinyl with poster and download card giving access to two bonus tracks. Billy Joel Performed live at Carnegie Hall in 1977 x2 vinyl records On June 3, 1977, Billy Joel and his band ended their tour with a performance at New York's famous Carnegie Hall. Viewers were invited to a great set and some surprises, namely the newly written epic "Italian Restaurant Scene" and the romantic "That's How You Are". Producer/engineer Phil Ramone was one of many on the show, helping Billy channel his boundless touring energy into his hit fifth album, The Stranger, released later that year. This historic concert is available on vinyl for the first time! manual labor in bingo Life on the Edge 1991 2LP No witnesses to the Bingo Hand Job show could be found. There is no recording. However, when it was announced that the mystery band and some unlikely friends would perform at the 200-capacity The Borderline club in London on March 14-15, 1991, tickets sold out quickly and could be traded and resold at unreasonable prices. Are these people known only as The Doc, Raoul, Ophelia and Stinky (and Spanish friends Charlie, Conrad and Violet)? Legendary, huge, and now fabulous, the second night - March 15, 1991 - has finally been officially released for the first and only time! First release, fully licensed. Michael Stipe as "Smelly", Peter Buck as "Raoul", Mike Mills as "Ophelia" and Bill Berry as "The Doctor". With pals Hispanic Charlie (Peter Holsapple), Conrad (Billy Bragg) and Violet (Robin Hitchcock). A set of fiery hits "a band at the height of their popularity, rising in popularity between college rock integrity and Unplugged stardom" - Record Collector black-eyed dog reveal 12 inch vinyl record Black Eyed Dogs presents Revelator, an album of live concert specials filmed at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios. Featuring a version of the Gillian Welch song "Revelator" by the Black Eyed Dogs, which has been a fan favorite from Black Eyed Dogs sets for years, recorded and available on vinyl for the first time. Additionally, the album features unique versions of 21st century paranoid blues, all-new original songs and rearranged classics from the back catalogue. The all-star cast of Black Eyed Dogs includes violinist nominated for US-British Instrumentalist of the Year Georgina Ritchie, US-British Instrumentalist of the Year (2017, 2019) Chris Hillman on pedals, Stephanie Jean Kid with the amazing duo Ida Mae on keyboards, drummer Dan See bassist ( Nick Mulvey) Nick Pini (Laura Marling) and the frontman of Zero Quixote, Americana UK Artist of the Year nominee Ethan Johns. The album's striking cover art was designed by Martin Rowson, one of Britain's most famous political satirists. This powerful field recording is only available as a limited edition black vinyl 12" LP from your local independent record store! white jelly live on the ceiling 12" Blancmange's classic '80s hit "Living On The Ceiling" has been re-recorded and released exclusively for RSD 2019 on limited blue vinyl. Includes a previously unreleased Richard Norris remix as well as the rare "Listen to Blancmange Obsession". Probably the most underrated electronic act of all time. " blind Willie Mctel Statesboro Blues / Three Girls Blues 10" Previously there were CD, LP and Digital versions. He hasn't been seen as 78 since the 1930s. Only 2000 worldwide. While Robert Johnson can now be regarded as the greatest blues artist of the past, Blind Willie McTell was much more popular at the time, surpassing even Johnson's earliest appearances, not to mention Johnson's record shortlist. McTell plays a 12-string Piedmont Blues guitar (aka Piedmont Fingerstyle) as he has always used fingering techniques while mastering slide guitar. One thing is for sure, when McTeil rose to fame in the 1920s, he may not have been aware of his influence on subsequent generations of musicians, including Bob Dylan (who wrote a song about McTeil), The White Stripes, Taj Mahal, Canned Heat and of course the Allman Brothers, who turned "Statesboro Blues" into one of their earliest songs. For Record Store Day 2019, Traffic Entertainment is proud to present Blind Willie McTell's 1928 release of "Three Women Blues" and "Statesboro Blues" on 78 RPM microgrooved vinyl and remastered in a spectacular Victor sleeve. The original version. Song: Side A - Statesboro Blues Side B - Three Female Blues flower as cool as you Album As part of Record Store Day 2019, The Blossoms released a new track "I Seen the Future" alongside their critically acclaimed second album "Cool Like You". The second LP of this limited edition, exclusive double vinyl release features a series of live covers straight from the BBC Blossoms sessions, including The Stone Roses' cover of "She Bangs The Drums" and John Lennon's classic "Woman". Bob Doraf Multiplicative Rock (soundtrack recording) record LP Color Vinyl (red-blue swirls on multiplicative rock). First reissue, from the original master tape. There are 1,500 of them worldwide. The original soundtrack from the 1973 ABC TV show with Schoolhouse Rock! series. Jazz Bop singer Bob Dorough (1923-2018) created "Multiplication Rock" as a way for children to memorize the multiplication table. Employing upbeat pop and rock melodies, it was a huge success and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Recording for Children. Huge influence from many artists such as De La Soul who sampled the record and Elliott Smith who recorded a cover of "Figure 8" and named his record after it. Colorful vinyl LP from The Original Master Tapes with original packaging artwork. Songs: Honey, Three is the Magic Number, Quadruped Zoo, Here I Come, Are You Ready, My Hero Zero, Got Six, Lucky Seven Sampson, Figure Eight, Naughty Nine, Alright Eleven, Little Twelve Fingers Bob Dylan Blood On The Tracks - The original pressure test from New York vinyl LP A few months before Bob Dylan's release of Blood On The Tracks in early 1975, a small number of test presses, consisting solely of recordings, were distributed at A&R Recording Studios in New York City. (Dylan re-recorded five of these tracks in Minneapolis for the final album.) These original recordings were quickly spoofed, and a parallel story of one of Dylan's most famous compositions was born. This LP is an exact replica of Test Pressure featuring a unique mix from the New York sessions available for the first time. Booker T i MG green onions plus 3 10" "10" "Green Vinyl". Described as "one of the most popular rock and soul instrumentals of all time, Green Onions is a twelve-bar blues piece written by Booker T. Jones when he was 17, although the actual recording of It was largely improvised as the band waited to record sessions with another artist who was late for school. "Green Onions" entered the Billboard Hot 100 on the week ending August 11, 1962, peaking at number 10 on the week ending September 29, 1962. The single also held the number one position on the R&B Singles Chart for four non-consecutive weeks, which is unusual as it has been in and out of first place three times. The film Quadrophenia launched a revival in 1980, peaking at No. 7 on January 26, 1980, and charting for 12 weeks. payment balance Designs I know and love 12-calowa EP-ka Patterns I Have Known And Loved - A collection of patterns from Bopa's iconic 2018 "Untitled Patterns" collection. Boy George i Klub Culture Runaway Train (featuring Gladys Knight) Special shaped 10 inch platter Uniquely shaped 10" vinyl featuring the exclusive Runaway Train featuring the legendary Glady Knight sabotage robot your next EP 12" Closer To You” is the latest single from Ed Banger Records Breakbot, which was released digitally last year. A physical backing track is available for the first time along with the singles "Devotion" and "Don't Stop The Dance" and 2 exclusive remixes. 12" Black Vinyl Single Cuff 3mm Spine - 6 PMS Printed. Bretta Smiley tower at sunset 12" "One LP put pressure on RSD." "Before later recording the adventures of 'Breathless Brett' with Andrew Loog Oldham, Brett Smiley recorded a session in 1973 at what would become Cherokee Studios in the Los Angeles Valley (where Bowie recorded 'Station To Station' was recorded a few years later). Owned by The Robbs, the three brothers were the house band of the 1960s TV music show Where The Action Is (and Brett's session backing track), and led by Del Shannon, the session has so far remained in the vault. a previously unpublished collection of discography is a great example of American greatness. brian maj new Horizons 12" This is Brian May's first solo single in 20 years. It was released in conjunction with NASA's recent flyby of the Kuiper Belt facilities where Brian was present and where the song was first heard. All copies will be numbered (from 1-4000) Brigitte Bardot B.B. Legend record 1LP pink vinyl/fold-out sleeve. The rolled-up sleeves open up to a stunning spread of reclining bardot! The RSD LP opens with Brigitte Bardot singing "Sidonie" from the soundtrack to the 1962 film "Vie Privée", her first single. Other hits include tracks from the soundtrack to Roger Vadim's 1956 classic "Et Dieu... Créa La Femme" - better known as "God made woman" with the catchphrase "But the devil invented Brigitte Bardot"!). It is thanks to him that B.B. rose to fame, bringing her into the public spotlight and instantly cementing her "sexy kitty" persona. The photobook features beautifully printed images on the inner fold-out cover, embossed on pink vinyl. about lala broken social scene let's try after recording disc Featuring the band's signature anthem-rock and baroque indie-pop, Let's Try The After is the follow-up to the band's critically acclaimed 2017 full-length album Hug Of Thunder. Limited to 5,000 copies worldwide. 12" black vinyl with download card. beating Bronski small town boy 12 inch picture CD “To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Bronski Beat's first performance, London Records recently released a reissue of 'The Age of Consent'. Exclusive to Record Store Day, this limited edition picture disc features the analog tape remastered pop that defined the classic "Little Town Boys" era. Plus tracks from the recent KDA remixes, extended club remixes and the Wax Wings remix of "Why?" for the first time on vinyl. Packaging: 12" Picture Disc with the original Bronski Beat logo in a clear plastic sleeve with a flap. brother Theodore Brother Theodore - Fate and fate conspiring against me (1959-1972) Vinyl + 7" “Exclusive release for Record Store Day 2019! RSD 2019 limited edition of 500 copies! The Deluxe Gatefold LP includes ultra-rare 45 A2 posters/programs and exclusive Alvin Lucia academic notes! Full Dynamic Range 2019 Straight from first generation analog master tapes! Limited to 500 copies - 250 (randomly stacked) white "Endless Void" LPs / 250 (randomly stacked) black LPs "Where There Is Death, There Is Hope"! Crazy paranoid tirade? Or… meditations on deep stand-up tragedy? You decide. This is Theodore Brothers groundbreaking recording, reissued for the first time. Theodore was a fixture on late-night talk shows like David Letterman's Late Night Show, a resident of dubious '70s exploitation movies like Jaws the sex parody GUMS and the vampire disco movie Nocturna, he was once a New York chess champion and a purported descendant of Albert Einstein. - Concrete Tape Mashup, no one before or after Theodore was the same. For decades, Brother Theodore's master recordings have been extremely rare and misunderstood, masters thought to be lost or destroyed, now in a new official deluxe rendering. Abandoning bipedalism, cowardly, bloodthirsty hallucinations, Bongo Beat Nickism and Marshall McLuhanney's lectures on pre- and postmodernism - Brother Theodore was a philosopher, metaphysician, and grotesque comedian - - an absurd storyteller delivering masterful expressionist monologues of horror and dialogue with nihilistic humour. In these days of darkness and doubt, crisis and confusion, the world really needs great souls. Theo Many Brothers is that soul. Track listing: 1. Introduction & Berenice, 2. Willow Landscape, 3. Curse of the Toad, 4. Quadrupedism 45: 1. Lisolotta Bindel, 2. I'm Just Ordinary People Candy Bowman I wanna feel your love / Since I found you (Love is better than ever) 12" Candy Bowman's only 12-inch solo from 1981 featured elements of funk, disco triumphs on the dance floor, and the fluidity of a mid-tempo R&B track. remaster Karina round things you should know Picture CD Picture Disc is limited to 1000 sheets. British singer-songwriter Carina Round releases her fourth consecutive Record Store Day release with her vinyl debut "Things You Should Know" to celebrate MLP's 10th anniversary. The album opens with the fan-favourite "Backseat" and features the songs "Do You" and "For Everything A Reason" featured on the television series American Horror Story: Murder House. Since the release of their debut album "The First Blood Mystery" in 2001, Round have built a very loyal and enthusiastic fanbase who have long supported the release, proving that they are one of the most enigmatic singers in the UK. Carina gained further recognition as a member of Los Angeles band Puscifer and Jerome AZ, of which she was most recently a member, along with other band members including Maynard James Keenan, also of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Round's music has won her fans and collaborators, including such respected musicians as Ryan Adams, Billy Corgan, Dave Stewart and Brian Eno, to name but a few. Track: A1 Backseat A2 Please don't stop blue sky blue sky 10" black vinyl The eponymous 10" vinyl puts Celeste's top 4 tracks on wax for the first time. These include her singles "Two Sides of the Moon", "Recently", and "Father's Son". The artwork combines exclusive portraits from a father and son video shoot, designed by Celeste herself. This is her first physical release on Polydor Records. so Whirlpool - Original Recording single vinyl record Remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio, released on vinyl especially for RSD 2019. First vinyl record. Ocean Blue Heavyweight 180gm audiophile vinyl charlatan there are only us 1LP colored vinyl Us And Us Only is the sixth studio album by the British rock band The Charlatans. The album was first released in 1999 and has only now been re-released! The album contained three Top 40 hits: "Forever", "Impossible" and "My Beautiful Friend". This Clear Vinyl Record Store Day Exclusive Edition ltd. charlatan everything has changed Box Deluxe box with 15 clear 7" vinyls Charlie Parker Charlie Parker with Strings: Alternative Takes color 1LP Alternative Takes is a look into the heart and mind of one of the most inventive saxophonists of all time. His original Strings LP featured brilliant and unexpected interpretations of the standard and was first released on Mercury in 1950, a milestone cross-section of jazz and pop music - and remains Charlie "Bird" Parker's best-selling record. Now, for the first time, the rarest of birds is played on vinyl: an alternate session recording released on the 70th anniversary of the original recording. Discovered deep in the Verve vault and previously released only on CD as part of the "Deluxe Edition" set, they mark a glorious new chapter in Charlie Parker's illustrious story. And the vinyl is light blue to match the "new look" cover with artwork from the original album by David Stone Martin, exclusive to Record Store Day customers. chasa i dave'a margata Picture CD “Record Store Day 2019 is exclusive to Demon Records revisiting Chas and Dave's classic ode to the Kent coastal town of Margate. This 7" photo disc revives the classic postcard design of the 1982 single and features the original "That's What I Like" added to the track listing as well as a previously unreleased version of Margate from Only Fools & Horses Jolly Boys' Outing. Previously, it only appeared in the end credits of the Classic Only Fools & Horses episode "The Jolly Boys' Outing". and features vocal performances by Del Boy and Rodney." pursuit and status no more idols Color vinyl 2LP Originally released in 2011, No More Idols has since become a 2x platinum selling album in the UK including No. 5 Blind Faith, No. 9 End Credits, No. 11 Let You Go, No. 21 Time and No. 39 Hitz in the UK Britain. The full album will be released on LP for the first time, while No More Idols will be released on 180g yellow heavyweight vinyl, with download cards housed in a fold-out sleeve. trick Epic Archives Pt. 3 (1984-1992) (Limited 2-LP vinyl release of "Flame Red") LP2 “Following massive critical acclaim (and massive sales) for releasing two LPs of cheap stunt rarities for Record Store Day and Black Friday, Real Gone Music is back with its third and final compilation of epic hard-to-find nuggets, another record store Special Day featuring soundtracks only, such as "Mighty Wings" by Top Gun, "Money (That's What I Want)" by Caddyshack II, "You Want It" by Say Anything, "I Will Survive" by Gladiator, and the a cappella intro to the theme song from Up the Movie 1984's Creek also features alternatives to "Little Sister", "She's Got Drive", "Can't Stop Falling in Love" and "How Are You" version/remix and "All We Need Is a Dream", other rare recordings includes a great selection of covers of "Amazing Mystery Journey" and "Big Bang" by The Beatles, "Flame Red" from the Japanese version of Busted Vinyl Records Cheta Bakera cold corner 10" “While in Italy, Baker made a surreal film in 1963 directed by Italian filmmaker Enzo Nasso. The short film was titled Tromba Fredda (Cold Trumpet). Although by today's standards, the film is a bit exciting and dated, but we come to see the disheveled, demon-covered Baker in the role and listen to his original soundtrack ... which was released for Record Store Day, features 4 tracks from Piero Umiliani's soundtrack - " Intrigo A Los Angeles" starring Chet at the height of his career... definitely the height of Chet Baker's perfectionism..." Array Le Freak (remix Olivera Heldena) 12 inch single Le Freak is Chic's third single and the first to reach number one on the US Billboard Top 100. It became Atlantic Records' best-selling single. It also reached number one internationally in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. Top 10 in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK. To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we're releasing a 12" album featuring Oliver Helden's 2018 remix (for the first time on vinyl) and the original 12" vocal mix from 1978. On standard 12" black vinyl, Atlantic sleeve. Chuck Mosley Joe Haze Session #2 7" Never published before. 750 copies worldwide. After 30 years in music, Chuck Mosley (Faith No More, Bad Brains, Indoria, Primitive Race) decided to take on a raw, psychedelic, acoustically oriented solo project. With a guitar, vocal effects processor and a few friends (Cris Morgan, Randy Pirosko and Douglas Esper) he went on a two-year tour and made several recordings. During a six-hour collaboration with producer Joe Haze in August 2017, Chuck recorded two covers: "Nothing Compares 2 U", originally written by Prince (of Sinead O'Connor fame) and "Take this Bottle" by Faith No More (FNM clip recorded under Mike Patton). These two recordings have never been made public so far. This was the last time Chuck recorded in the studio before his death on November 9, 2017. His guitar solo on Nothing Compares 2 U was never completed as the band had to travel to Salt Lake City to play that night. Song: A-side There's nothing better than your B-side holding that bottle Maminsynek Houston Maminsynek Houston 12" Between the Tears The ultimate 70s soul album, produced by the legendary Swamp Dogg. Remastered and reissued on limited edition 180g white virgin vinyl. Only 500 individually numbered copies are in circulation. Includes a poster with the album cover. Group Clanga we like you 7" Cloud One Spaced Out: One of the best clouds 2LP Produced by the legendary Patrick Adams, the disco band Cloud One debuted in 1975 and became the centerpiece of P&P, Queen Constance, Golden Flamingo, Heavenly Star and Sound of New York in the 1970s, all on the Run by Peter Brown and Patricia Gilyard labels. At a time when most music is recorded by an army of studio musicians, most of Cloud One's recordings are performed, composed and mixed by Patrick Adams himself! The ability to "work alone" made music more experimental than what he was doing with major labels at the time. While there have been other builds, this is the first official P&P collection dedicated to Patrick Adams' work as Cloud One. Spaced Out uses the Atmosphere Strut LP Cloud One, the Funky Disco Tracks EP and many notable 12" singles as well as some hard-to-find tracks such as "Patti Duke", "Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me" and "Fly high ". Spread across 2LPs, Spaced Out is not only a great addition for fans of the P&P Catalog, but also the perfect introduction to the work of legendary disco producer Patrick Adams. Side A Jump, Jump, Jump (10:28), Atmospheric Pillar Remix (8:00). Side B stomps and dances (10:25), at intervals (6:35). Side C Disco Juice (7:03) Don't Let My Rainbow Pass Me (4:41), Patty Duke (5:30). Side D Happy Music (12:30), Up All Night (3:48), Fly High (6:26) Cornella Campbella Greenwich Farm Conference record "Page 1 Track 1 - DANCE IN A GREENWICH FARM Track 2 - DANCE IN A GREENWICH FARM DUB (DANCED ROOTS VERSION) Track 3 - GORGON Track 4 - GORGONWISE DUB (FEAT U ROY) Track 5 - FORWARD NATTY DREAD Track 6 - TO FRONT Natty Dream Dub Side 2 Track 1-Stars Track 2-Stars Version (ROOTS of Dub) Track 3-Natty Dream in A Greenwich Farm Calligraph Version ya red) Track 5-Where Event I Put My Hat Track 6-WHEREVER I PUT A HAT DUB( DUB MAGNIFICENT) Cornell Campbell's distinctive falsetto, coupled with his mid-1970s belief in Rastafarianism, endowed him with a musical style that lends songs a sense of urgency and justice. effortlessly, instinctively, like all great singers. Express the meaning of the song. Cornell Campbell (Jamaica, 1948) for Studio 1 Coxanne Dodd in the early 1960s) duet "Slavation" and "Sweetest Girl". These were local hits and prompted Cornell to join the singing group The Uniques. This led him to form his own group based on the "Uniques" and "Queen of the Bard" styles. In the 1970s, Cornell began working with producer Bunny "Striker" Lee. This very successful collaboration resulted in a series of hits. The theme "Gorgon" , who appears in many songs, is an unparalleled and powerful figure in the Jamaican sound system. "Gorgon", "Conquering the Gorgon", "Natty Fear of Greenwich Farm" and other hits have become Jamaican favorites. Who are the Gorgons? whether it's Bunny Lee or Campbell himself, it's a style that conquers all.Campbell's Rastafarian beliefs also add depth to the songs he sings and make compelling musical statements, whether the theme is injustice, corruption or a heartfelt love song. We've taken some of the best tracks Cornell Campbell has recorded with the great producer Bunny Lee and combined them with their dub clips recorded at King Tubby Studios: "Greenwich Town Dance", "Gorgon", "Eternal Star" and "Natty Fear of Greenwich Farm" were the tunes that ruled the sound systems when first released in the 70s. So sit back and enjoy the Greenwich Farm Session where the vocals complement the Respect version” Courtneers, tzw falcon 1LP After the success of St. Jude's Record Store Day 2018 on red vinyl, The Courtteeners second album "Falcon" will be released on 2019 Record Store Day on limited edition 180g white vinyl. Originally released in 2010, Falcon had their UK top 10 album and hit single "You Overdid It Doll". Courtney Barnett everyone here hates you 12" This is a brand new track by Courtney, exclusive to RSD, with last year's track "Small Talk" as the B-side. The artwork is hand painted and illustrated by Courtney herself. Craig Mack/The Notorious Great Man large microphone 1LP + Cassette Combo Set Sent by Bad Boy Entertainment in 1994 as part of the "BIG MACK" promotional package. In order to create hype around their new label, these artists, Puff Daddy, embarked on an unforgettable marketing campaign. He will package and distribute their promotional music for the couple, packaged like McDonald's Big Mac but named it BIG Mack to emphasize the emcee's name. The result exceeded all expectations. Craig Mack's Funk Da World will go gold and the single "Flava In Your Ear" will go platinum. As we all know, Biggie's career took off into the stratosphere, with his album Ready To Die eventually going 6x platinum and the same year his single "Juicy" went gold. Crispy ambulance step tray 2LP "Factory Benelux presents a restored edition of The Plateau Phase, the debut album by Manchester post-punk band Crispy Ambulance. Originally released by Factory Benelux in March 1982, the album is now available on clear vinyl for Record Store Day Strictly, limited edition 500 copies 13 April 2019 (Non-returnable) Recorded at Strawberry 2 with producer Chris Nagle, this album depicts Crispy Ambulance at the peak of his creativity. "When choosing," says singer Alan Hempsall, "what struck me was that all the songs that were cut were written and recorded in a very short period of time July 1980 to September 1981 was a period of intense creativity as we were exposed to new music and movies, we saw Eraserhead, Scorpio Rise, Apocalypse Now, Warhol's Degu. La and Argento played a role, and we began to wonder what it would be like to break some of the traditional song structures and experiment with soundtracks and musical concepts with accompanying music. Film music is looking for a film, so to speak. Bonus tracks on the second disc include the critically acclaimed 12" single The Presence and Concorde Square, produced by the legendary Martin Hannett at Pink Floyd's Britannia Row studios, and the band's massive session with John Peel in January 1981. Sleeve Art by Benoit Hennebert . Fold-out Portrait by Harry Papadopoulos New Notes by Alan Hempsall Tracklist: A1.Are You Ready?A2.Travel TimeA3.Strength and WisdomA4.Season of the Winds A5.Death B1.Crossing Plateau B2.Bardo Plane B3.Cooling B4 B5 Federation. Spirit of Simon C1. The presence of C2. Concorde D1. come on D2. Addict - Addict D3. October 31 D4. Egypt " New York Stock Exchange 4 Way Street (Extended Edition) 3LP. black vinyl Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's second album (as CSNY - or third as CSN) and first live album. Featuring live recordings from the 1970 US tour, including legendary performances at the Fillmore East (New York), The Forum (Los Angeles) and the Auditorium Theater (Chicago). Plus four bonus tracks: "Reverse King Midas" (Nash, Clark, Hicks), "Laugh" (Crosby), "Black Queen" (Still), "Medley: The Lonely Man/Cinnamon Girl/Riverside" (Young). The bonus track will appear on vinyl for the first time (previously released on CD in 1993), with a new version by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman's Los Angeles mastering studio. culture shock Bunker / For You 12 inch picture CD Due to the demand for culture shock vinyl, we are releasing this limited edition vinyl for RSD. Bunker was chosen due to its huge popularity among DJs, and the huge success of There For You made it the right thing to release it in this particular physical format. Both were previously only available digitally. The artwork on the photo disc reflects both versions of the original artwork, and this RSD release, along with a possible Sequence Series Bundle, compiles all versions as well as some new tracks. Rono's Curse GOING ON 4AM - live and strip at Toe Rag Studios 12 inch red translucent LP 180g “4am And Counting” is a limited edition, 180g translucent red vinyl, released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019. At Toe Rag Studios in London with producer Liam Watson (The White Stripes “Elephant”) Recorded live and mixed by Oli Bayston ( Boxed In), the album features legendary guitarist BJ Cole (Elton John, Dolly Parton, Pink Floyd, Massive Attack) and harmonica player Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3 and Bruce Reynolds, son of Great Train Robber). And Counting" contains 11 brand new tracks from Curse Of Lono's critically acclaimed debut "Severed" (2017) and last year's follow-up "As I Fell". in the night. Toe Rag Studios is an amazing place. There are no computers. There is no technology that will draw you in. We're the same as if we played everything completely live when we spent time in the rehearsal room. We had a couple with friends and recording, so what you heard was what was played." Curse Of Lono is famous for its very cinematic panoramic soundscapes. Famous for its fusion of harmoniously charged Americana and dynamic gothic alternative rock, these soundscapes recently won the coveted Bob Harris Emerging Artist Award at the British American Music Festival. "4am And Counting" features a more succinct and intimate rendition of some of the band's most popular songs. The album features original artwork by British illustrator Stuart Patience as well as 6 films by award-winning filmmaker Gregg Houston (Van Morrison, Noel Gallagher, Two Door Cinema Club, Michael Kiwanuka). " tsar's face double threat Vinyl records + comics never had. Only 3000 pieces worldwide. Hip-hop supergroup Czarface will release their collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah as "Czarface Meets Ghostface" on February 15. On Record Store Day, the group's Silver Age imprint (yes, it's a tribute to the Silver Age comics) will be offering another must-have pair - a special 12-inch vinyl and brand new Czarface comics. The 12-inch will feature instruments, mixes and performances not found in "Czarface Meets Ghostface" and is designed to be listened to while enjoying an oversized, full-color Czarface comic book (similar to the 1970s Power Records release) built into the 12-inch chassis . "Double Dose Of Danger" will actually consist of two brand new adventures with the Tsar's face "To Poach the Poacher" written and illustrated by Esoteric and illustrated by Dan McDaid (Superman, Firefly, Judge Dredd) and "Chrome Doubt" written and Esoteric Stunning illustrated cover by Benjamin Marry (Grammy nominated, Terror Assaulter O.M.W.O.T.) featuring OG Czarface artist Lamour Supreme. Join us for "Double Dose Of Danger", part 4 of the Czarface Meets Record Store Day comic. The tracklist is TBD but will include at least one unreleased remix and instrumental clip. daniel johnston Hello, how are you / Music to dance with leaves record box For Record Store Day 2019, Feraltone & Folk have partnered exclusively to adapt 4 of Daniel Johnston's artwork for a limited-edition T-shirt collection. Each T-shirt will be carefully folded in a special HI HOW ARE YOU / YIP JUMP MUSIC 35th Anniversary 3xLP double album box. Additional screen-printed artwork to match the design, a 4-piece badge set, and a small publication featuring a photo of Daniel, a scan of his sketchbook, and a short lookbook. daniel knox Die Hard / Die Hard 7" “Die Hard / Die Harder” was recorded after Chasecene and was the last episode Daniel Knox recorded with the great Ralph Carney (Tin Huey, Tom Waits, B52s) before his death last year. Ralph is also available as a BONUS DOWNLOAD in its entirety for Badn Hear the Disaster a version exclusive to this release. Chicago artists Ohmme, Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart and Brooke Reams of Brooke And The Nice Things also appear on this release. This 7" is pressed on white vinyl and features a cover art by Chicago photographers for Mr. King. Jim Cooper (Baby Teeth, Detholz) on double bass in Die Harder. Jason Toth (Handsome Family) on drums on Die Hard. Paul Pards on electric bass on Die Hard. Joshua Fitzgerald Klocek plays guitar on both. Recorded in Chicago with Greg Norman and Justin Dennis of Kinora for Electric Audio." Daniel Pemberton Black Mirror: USS CallisterOST record Only 1000 pcs. The soundtrack to the beloved cult TV series Black Mirror. Butcher Billy's first custom artwork on vinyl, including LTD edition poster art print. 2LP red vinyl. "A brilliant take on Star Trek homages, games and toxic geeks" The Guardian // Emmy-nominated soundtrack from the beloved Emmy-winning series Black Mirror. Daniel Pemberton's music for Black Mirror's "USS Callister" debuts on vinyl for the first time, complete with custom artwork by Butcher Billy and a limited edition poster. Taken from the first episode of the series' fourth season, in the episode "Star Trek", a brilliant programmer becomes frustrated with his job and creates digital clones of his colleagues for his dark adventures in space. The Ivor Novello award-winning, Golden Globe-winning, and multiple BAFTA-nominated and acclaimed composer transitions effortlessly between orchestral and electronic instruments. "A brutal Star Trek scene that's half comedy, half indictment of Silicon Valley leaders" The Verge // "One of Hollywood's most beloved composers" Screen Daily // Tracklist Page A 01. Space Fleet 02. Callister Inc. 03. Into Infinity04 . DNA Assimilation 05. Page of Awakening B06. Recruits 07. Arachnid Planet 08. Trashfish Invasion 09. Alone on Callister's Side C10. Airlock 11. Lake 12. Junk Transport 13. D Side Distraction and Escape 14. Asteroid Belt 15. Wormhole Entrance 16. Life Maintenance 17. Silence Night 18. USS Callister: The Next Adventure Darella Banksa Open Your Heart (wokal i instrumenty) 7" Often cited as one of the greatest soul albums of all time, Open Your Heart is Darrell Bank's first and biggest hit. A UK one-off from 2014 on London Records recently sold for a whopping £14,543, a testament to the quality of the songs and recordings. For the first time, this is a previously unreleased Funk Brothers instrumental release featuring Solid Hitbound musicians Rudy Robinson, Uriel Jones, Eddie Willis, Bob Babbit and Dennis Coffey. This work of art will be reissued on the original Revilot label. David Amram Manchu candidate record This stunning soundtrack to John Frankenheimer's cult classic is released here for the first time on LP, complete with an exclusive CD cover by David Armram himself... David Bowie The world of David Bowie 1LP In 1968, Decca released the much-loved World Of Series. The first album is the perfect showcase for the series' booth, focusing on one of the label's best-selling artists - but hardly any of them resemble the 1968 counterculture. Mantovani's World - SPA 1 (or PA 1 in mono) - is a collection of 14 tracks, each a different selection from his extensive catalog of Decca albums. Released this fall, it served as the perfect introduction, with its 17s costing less than a full-fledged 37s 6d album. The whole raison d'être is to drive sales of the artist's deeper repertoire - dive in here, then revel in further - with the back cover clearly stating the parent album's catalog number. The collection lasted throughout the 1970s and became a ubiquitous feature of the brand. The record was so well-received that David Bowie himself provided the track listing for his own supplement to the series (SPA/PA 58), which was released in March 1970 following the success of Phillips' single Space Oddity. It also shows that World Ofs is a real treasure trove of rare and consumables, as it includes the first official releases of Let Me Sleep Next to You, Karma Man and In The Heat Of The Morning. Based on Kevin Cann's priceless book Any Day Now about Bowie's early years, Bowie purchased an original copy from a record shop on Beckenham High Street. When Bowie finally became a big star, it became a bestseller - Decca, in fact, repackaged it. Imagine how shocked people would be if they thought they had Jenny when all they had was Uncle Arthur and baby Bombardier. David Bowie poster 1LP picture CD 1LP Picture CD from the 1973 Pin Ups album. 1 LP of the cover of Bowie's 1973 PinUps album, which was influenced by the bands and songs David listened to and enjoyed in the 60s. On the back of this iconic photo disc cover is a photo from a conference from the PinUps era that Mick Rock treated . David Bowie/Marlene Dietrich A song about revolution / Just a gigolo 7" "David Bowie and Marlene Dietrich split a 7" 7" with unique artwork This 7" 7" split has never been released before! Just a Gigolo soundtrack music Limited edition 7500 copies color vinyl Numbered, 2000 After legendary British musician David Bowie began his film career with a starring role in The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), in which he starred in Just a Gigolo (Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo), a West German film about a Prussian officer in a brothel he runs When Gigolo's Tale the Baroness (Marlene Dietrich) came home from the Great War, various songs are included. Bowie contributed a musical piece to the film; He played for the band The Rebels. Later it became a collector's item. In addition to this piece, the 7" contains the title song Just a Gigolo from 1928, sung by Marlene Dietrich. It was her last film appearance and the last song recorded in her lifetime. Revolutionary Song / Just a Gigolo is available as a limited edition of 7,500 individually numbered color vinyl records." David J. In how Vendetta record Exclusive blood-red vinyl die-cut sleeve expansion by Bauhaus founder David J (currently traveling the world with Peter Murphy to celebrate his 40th anniversary. This version adds 5 tracks to the original Dawid DMX One For The Treble (fresh) 7" LTD 500 7's of this groundbreaking 1984 hip hop electronic riff. Mint 'Styrenic' replicas have changed hands for over £100 but this remastered reissue is now available on 100% clear vinyl. Part of hip-hop history. nation B-side bubble 12 inch single The band was invited as an ambassador for Dutch Record Store Day. This means that in addition to a few PRs, a special 7-inch (made by RSD Netherlands, 5,000) will be given away in the Dutch store. The tracks will feature unreleased music from the Bubble Gum album. deadly avenger your god is too small record "Deadly Avenger - Your God Is Too Small - released by Burning Witches Records, in the all-new sequel to 2018's I Am Godzilla You Are Japan, the more sonic electronic injection speakers take their cues from the Deadly Avenger. Your God Is Too Small is a pick up The DA Godzilla story begins with the IAGYAJ prequel. Includes 3D graphics and glasses, insert and download card. UK exclusive variant. Artwork by Luke Insect" Declana McKenny Rumination 10 inch picture CD Two fan-favorite tracks and B-sides from Declan McKenna's first few singles have been "refreshed" here and available on deluxe 10" Pic Disc vinyl - "Brew" and "Basic". developer history so far 2LP Britain's biggest rock band Def Leppard are about to release The Story So Far… a greatest hits album from the band's illustrious career. For the first and only time, a record store released only a second vinyl edition of a CD album. Def Leppard have sold over 65 million albums worldwide since their debut in 1980 and have proven themselves to be one of rock music's hardest working and consistently powerful live bands (with over 50 million fans in the last 15 years alone), Def Leppard remains one of only five rock groups (Pyromania is one of them) to have two separate original albums sold in excess of 10 million copies in the United States. The others are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Van Halen. Throughout the summer, the band will play selected festivals across Europe, including the iconic Download Festival in June. Delines, the so-called for the colf LP orange Record Store Day 2019 neon orange vinyl edition. 1000 urgent worldwide. It's been a while since The Delines debut album. RSD 2019 special edition pressed in neon orange vinyl. "Suggestive country noir vignette" 4****Q "Excellent effort by alt-country supergroup" 4.5/5 Hot Press "Willy Vlautin of Richmond Fontaine is back with a new band, a new female singer and a rich collection of songs. .American Heartbreak Sublime Suite” 9/10 Uncut Neon Orange Vinyl Record Store Day 2019. 1000 urgent worldwide. It's been a while since The Delines debut album. its delta Treasures of the ghost town 12" The EP follows on from 2018's critically acclaimed Ghost City. It features two acoustic remakes and two vocal tracks re-recorded in Japanese by Tricot. The EP is released on limited edition pink vinyl, with all four tracks on the a-side and beautifully engraved b-side, as well as a download code. The release comes ahead of the band's biggest ever gig at The Garage in London and after their third US tour. amortization compound in her tender mouth record “The Depreciation Guild formed in 2007, played in New York City's Lower East Side clubs and quickly found a following among all the shoegaze and indie rock fans in the area. They toured and released two full albums to awe among shoegaze fans. he has continued to play with pure heartache ever since. Currently, frontman Kurt Feldman has produced several band/artist albums including: Dum Dum Girls, Kristen Control, Chairlift, Living Hour, Beach House and more. As part of this special reissue, we have a re-press on translucent red vinyl with an MP3 download card and a fold-out poster of the band." Desmond Briscoe from the BBC radio studio stone tape 10" 10" Green Vinyl EP The long-awaited 1972 BBC Soundtrack, previously unreleased. Numbered Edition Desmonda Deckera beautiful Africa LP - Light yellow vinyl Recorded at Chalk Farm Studio in the summer of 1973, the long-lost album showcased the talents of reggae superstar Desmond Dekker and his backing group, The Aces, and was recently discovered in the legendary Trojan archives. Including 7 great tracks performed by Desmond Dekker himself and 5 others that highlight Aces' undeniable vocal talent, we're sure fans will agree that the 45-year delay of this previously unreleased collection was certainly worth the wait! Right Wansella Life on Mars (Paul Simpson Funkin' On Mars Mix) 12" Few jazz-funk classics are as iconic as keyboardist legend, songwriter, producer and "Philly Sound" architect Dexter Wansel's "Life On Mars". Originally released in 1976 during the heyday of the disco era, "Life On Mars" is still a hit on dance floors. Now RSD has 1,000 copies of a hand numbered, very special, exclusive release featuring the first remixes of the tracks, all parts taken from the original masters and provided by Paul Simpson (Paul Simpson Connection, Serious Intention, Adeva, etc.). Dexter Wansel himself contributed to an extended remix of "The Planets Theme" (also exclusive), which features his newly recorded Monolgue, in which he talks about the origins of this music. All published by Expansion on original artwork by Philadelphia International. Dexys Midnight Runner W BBC 1982 2LP green vinyl 1982 Dexys Midnight Runners play the legendary Newcastle BBC In Concert on vinyl for the first time. A turning point in the band's career, this live showcases the best of Dexys and introduces the audience to Dexys' new "Celtic" sound, including Geno, Let's Make This Precious, Jackie Wilson Said, The Celtic Soul Brothers... Expressive string section, and the audience was treated to an unprecedented Come On Eileen - listen to the reaction after ... The LP collection is closed with 4 tracks from David Jensen's session from the same year. Dillingera carbon fiber 200 record First released in 1976. Available on CD and digital, but have been out of print on vinyl since the mid-1980s. Only 2000 worldwide. In the 1970s, reggae music spread from Jamaica and became an international phenomenon. Enter Dillinger, made famous by El Paso Sound Systems as part of the second generation Jamaican toaster. His name comes from the American mobster John Dillinger, suggested by none other than Lee Perry (producer of his first album). A deal was then signed with Island Records and sessions were held at Channel One Studios, produced by Joseph "Jo Jo" Hoo Kim. Recording for Channel One in the mid-1970s meant that Dillinger and Jo Jo drew on a huge pool of talent in the studio's in-house band, The Revolutionaries. The CB 200 features contributions from Earl "Chinn" Smith, Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Ansel Collins, Sly Dunbar and Tommy McCook, among others. The release also yielded the international hit "Cokane In My Head", which defined a career. Despite the success of CB 200 and "Cokane In My Brain", this release has been out of print on all formats since the mid-1980s. Get On Down aims to change that with the re-release of this oft-overlooked reggae masterpiece for Record Store Day 2019. Tracks: 1. CB 200 2. No Chuck It 3. Cokane In My Brain 4. The General 5. Power Bank 6. Plantation Heights 7. Race Day 8. Natty Kick Like Lightning 9. Buckingham Palace 10. Crankface dior Last matchday live 12 inch CD with cut out pictures Cut-out photo disc featuring the hand of the legendary Ronnie James Dio with the inscription "The Sign of the Horn". Side A is "The Last In Line", recorded live in New York City in 2003. The B-side is the studio track "Push" from the 2002 album Killing The Dragon. Distilled artists include Anteros, Bloody Knees, Cassia, Danny Goffey, The Ninth Wave and The Ramona Flowers Vinyl rebirth - album LP/12" i DVD "This is a collapsible compilation album which will include The Vinyl Revival DVD, based on Graham Jones' book of the same name, as an exclusive deal for RSD19. These are combined products, only sold this way for RSD, so they will create a unique collector's item Only 1,000 units will be sold. DJ Pierre Presents / Various Artists Acid 88 volume 3 2LP Double LP consisting of 1 vinyl + 1 white vinyl curated by legendary pioneer DJ Pierre Doctor Who The fate of the Daleks 2LP Demon Music, a 2019 Record Store Day exclusive, brings you an all-star narrated television soundtrack starring Tom Baker as the Doctor, his nemesis, the Daleks, and his shriveled creator, Davros. In this thrilling 4-part adventure, first broadcast on BBC television in September 1979, the Daleks return to their home planet of Skaro where they were defeated by the Doctor (Tom Baker) in Daleks' Genesis Scenes. What are they coming back for - or for whom? It soon turns out that the creator of the Daleks, the ruthless scientist Davros, may not have died the way the doctors thought. When Romana (Lalla Ward) falls into the hands of the Daleks, a fight to the death begins to distract the Doctor's rivals from their self-appointed destiny. Presented on a 2-pack of 180g red and blue vinyl records, this TV soundtrack evokes the classic Doctor Who adventure in all its sonic goodness. From the eerie supersonic sounds of Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire's theme song, to the familiar "Gasp, Moan" of the TARDIS, the bassline at the Daleks' HQ, to their cries of "Exterminate! Extinction!” Strange and wonderful sound. Add great dialogue from a script written by Terry Nation and edited by Douglas Adams, and you have 2 hours of hilarious sci-fi entertainment. The connecting narrative is provided by Lalla Ward (Romana) and the cast includes Dave Ross' David Goodson, Taysana's Tim Barlow, Commander Sharrell's Peter Straker and Suzanne Danielle Ajli. Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum… Doctor Who galaxy 4 2LP “Exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Music presents an all-star TV soundtrack featuring William Hartnell as the Doctor as deadly female clones battle mechanical slaves. In this 4-part classic In the Adventures of Lost, first broadcast on BBC television in September/October 1965. The TARDIS takes place on a doomed planet. The Doctor (William Hartnell), Steven (Peter Purvis) and Vicky (Maureen O'Brien) discover two crashed spaceships and their occupants find themselves locked in a fight with each other. In one corner are the Drahvins, a race of clone warriors, in the other are the Standing Rills, a terrifying inhuman space traveler. The Doctor and his friends are pawns in a deadly game of strategy and deception. Will anyone escape? This narrated television soundtrack consists of 2 pieces weighing 180 grams. The vinyl composition Orange and Purple Splatter evokes the classic adventures of Doctor Who with its sweet sound. From the eerie sounds of Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire's theme song to the familiar "Gasp, Moan" TARDIS, through lurking menacing chirps, metallic Chumbley robots, and Rills' spaceship atmosphere, this tale is full of strange and wonderful sounds. Written by William Emms, this story presents tradition with a twist A tale of morality narrated by Peter Purves (Steven) and starring Stephanie Bidmead as Maaga The final episode leads into the introduction to the epic adventure The Daleks' Master Plan (just released by Demon Records) All episodes of this story except one is missing Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, dummedy-dum…” Door, london teeth 10" / 180g version, numbered London Fog Deluxe 10" vinyl. Deep in the bone marrow Brooklyn Heights (Recreated Cady Tyson) / Concrete Jungle / Staten Island Groove / Deja vu 12" This is the first vinyl release from leading UK jazz-rock band Down To The Bone in years and their first exclusive day in the record store. The 4-track EP features Kaidi Tatham's reinterpretation of "Brooklyn Heights", which earned the band a Grammy nomination upon its initial release and peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Jazz Airplay chart. The first public releases included two covers of the band's live performances - Willie "Beaver" Hale Steveties' "Concrete Jungle" and Beyoncé's 2006 hit "Deja Vu". The EP complements the new 2019 release "Staten Island Groove" from the current DTTB line-up, originally included on their debut album "From Manhattan To Staten". DTTB founder/producer Stuart Wade regularly visits record stores. "I'm delighted to finally be able to release our own limited edition vinyl on Record Store Day, allowing our fans to own something special from the band," he said. Doctor Pies live 2 12" Live recordings of songs from Critical Equation and Abandon Mansions. Dr John Recorded live in Tokyo, Japan 2LP Dr John's Live Concert was never released in the 1980s. Excellent recording and great versions of many classic songs. The recordings have so far been stored in the United States. Songs 1 Iko Iko 2 Makin Whoopee 3 What You Got 4 My Buddies 5 I Walk Guilded Splinters 6 Pass 7 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying 8 Dance With You All Night 9 Let The Good Times Roll On 10 Chaos 11 Big Chief dragonfly dragonfly 12" Originally released in October 1968, this crazy mix of acid rock and raw metal is widely regarded as one of the heaviest albums of its time. Here we present her final version, including rare photos, two bonus tracks and a full interview with lead guitarist Randy Russ. "Perfect psychedelic/hard rock guitar driven fuzz set up...simply great" - The Acid Archives vocals, heavy and precise drums, awful lyrics, Sleepy studio effects - all present and correct." – Endless Travel Format: TBC " dream syndicate A day of wine and roses 2LP+7" 2000 only. An extended version of the band's groundbreaking debut featuring never-before-heard extras and a 15-minute 7" bonus track. "The Days Of Wine And Roses is as timeless as the album that inspired it." Uncut // Debut album from the inspirational label Dream Syndicate. A superb guitar gem of the early 80s, fully remastered featuring the band's debut solo EP as well as two tracks from frontman Steve Wynn's early group 15 Minutes. The center of the hugely influential Paisley underground scene of the early 1980s, which spawned Green on Red, Bracelet, Long Ryder and Parade in the Rain. "Probably the best album of the Paisley Underground salad era." AllMusic // With references to the Velvet Underground, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Dylan, mingling with slow-burning punk themes, "The Days Of Wine And Roses" is a great, upbeat tune, everything rock 'n' roll should be. "One of alternative rock's most enduring albums, spawned in the explosion of centre-left music." Psychedelic Baby // Tracklist Disc One - Side A A1 Tell Me When It's Over A2 Definitely Clear A3 That's What You Always Say A4 Then She Remembers A5 Halloween Disc One Side B - B1 When You Smile B2 Until Recently B3 Za not enough, too late B4 Days of Wine and Roses... Disc 2 - Side C A1 Sure A2 What You Always Say Disc 2 - Side D B1 When you smile B2 It's a little itchy. Bonus 7" Single - "15 Minutes" A1 What You Always Say B1 Last chance for you Drew Mulhollandem 3 Antennas in a quarry 10" Delia DerbyShire unreleased sheet music performed by Drew Mulholland (Mount Vernon Arts Lab) Chorus of Drinking Boys and Girls keep drinking LP 12" Limited edition blue and pink vinyl from Korean skatepunk trio's debut album. Includes download code. Duran Duran Dim Lights (Live '84) 2LP pink and blue Double LP (3 sides, 4 side etched) live recording from Oakland Coliseum April 1984 column duruti Adapt to the times 2LP Factory Benelux presents the extended double vinyl version of Manchester band The Durutti Column's eighth studio album, Obey the Time. Originally released by Factory Records in 1990, only 800 copies were minted on colored vinyl (purple and yellow) on the record store day of April 13, 2019. (Non-refundable) Mostly homemade, Obey the Time saw DC frontman Vini Reilly cultivate his interest in electronic music, even extending to house and techno styles. "The TV screen title of someone's version of Othello accurately captures the atmosphere of a work in progress," explains Durutti manager and factory founder Tony Wilson. "We're in the middle of an Aceeed explosion. If you live in Manchester, you are definitely in it. Vini even explains why homemade keyboards sound so fresh. It has to do with playing 3 or 4 note chords in the sampler, but different chords are then triggered with a single keystroke. Creating a mathematical harmonic relationship that "Schoenberg sought but never found." Indeed, veteran Durutti drummer Bruce Mitchell is only featured on one track, the main character Art and Freight. Meanwhile, Taboo's dance exploration was recorded with New Order programmer (and later co-CEO) Andy Robinson. Obey the Time, released in December 1990, would be Durutti Column's last Factory album before the label collapsed under a mountain of debt. Disc 2 features excerpts from a previously unreleased live performance at Manchester University's Whitworth Hall on 23 June 1990 (opportunistically billed as "The Acid Guitar"), joined by Reilly and Mitchell with guests Andy Connell, Liu Sola and Rob Gray. The remastered vinyl set has been printed by 8vo in pantone colors in a striking fold-over sleeve on a white matte board. Bold primary colors complement the colored vinyl - purple for Disc 1 and yellow for Disc 2. Disc 1 A1. Vino della Casabianco A2. Hotel by the lake 1990 A3. Friday A4. Neon A5. Home B1 Spanish reggae B2. Artwork and shipping B3. Warmest Rain B4 Contraindications B5 Vino Della Casa RossoDisc 2 C1. Home (live) C2. What it means to me (live) C3. British landscape tradition (live) C4. Opera II (live) D1. In Search of the Sea (live) D2. Otis (live) D3. Jacqueline (live) Ed Auger i Da Bulldog life of a child in the ghetto record First released in 1991. Vinyl has been out of print since the early 1990s. Only 2000 worldwide. Throughout his 30-year career, Ed O.G. maintained an impressive following, collaborating with artists such as RZA, KRS-One, Masta Ace, Pete Rock and Common, and toured several times around the world. Ed OG For Record Store 2019, Get On Down brings everything back to square one. and Da Bulldogs' 1991 debut album, Life of a Ghetto Kid. m Different", to deeply political "Speak Upon It", such as Ace & Quan and Def Jef, set against heavy sound samples of Joe Mansfield's landscapes, drawn from deep cuts from James Brown Snippets, Roy Ayers and The Delfonics, to name a few . It also managed to generate chart hits such as "Bug-A-Boo", "Be A Your Child" and "I Got To Have It". for 2Pac, De La Soul and DJ Premier. Get On Down now features Ghetto Kid Life, a lesser-known gem of Renaissance hip-hop since 1991. Reissued on vinyl for the first time in years. Tracks: A1. I'm not the same A2. Speak Upon It (feat. Ace & Quan, & Def Jef) A3. Feels like an A4 madman. I must have this A5. She said it would be a great A6. Dedicated to right-wingers B1. Must have money (if you don't have money, you don't have Jack) B2. Let me tickle your fantasy B3. Be the father of children B4. Stop (think) B5 .Bug-a-boo B6. Life of a child in the ghetto Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee Funk Wit Me (Remiks z Nebraski) 12" The best Dave Allison from Montreal aka Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee has been wowing dance floors around the world since 2009. His signature brand of massive disco dubs blends the flavors of hip-hop with the sensibility of slowmo house. "Funk Wit Me" is a classic Ed Wizard that showcases Nebraska talent in the mix. Edith Sitwell/William Walton front 10" Celebrates the 70th anniversary of its original release. Remastered for the first time, it features original, restored artwork by iconic American artist Jim Flora… edit/empty mass waste of time record Exclusive, early, limited edition colored vinyl. Original Blanck Mass tracks from the album Violence plus an unreleased track. spiral star sweet adi record Edys Star's debut album "Sweet Edy" (1974) was one of the most important Brazilian cult albums of the 1970s and has not been reissued on vinyl to date. Featuring glam rock, funk, samba jazz and some of the most Brazilian songs by good composers, so anyone looking for a Brazilian take on Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Roxy Music will love this stunning record. Presented as a facsimile of the artwork and pressed on 180 gram vinyl. elastic band BBC conference record First time on vinyl - white vinyl plus poster Elton John live in Moscow 2LP 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Elton John's historic first Russian tour - the first Western rock star to perform in the country. The performance in Moscow on May 28, 1979 was broadcast by the British BBC radio and this Record Store Day 2019 special 2LP release comes from the original radio master. Remastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, with editing by Sean Magee at Abbey Road. PRODUCT INFORMATION: 2LP, pressed on super clear 180g/m2 vinyl, folded cover, with a short essay on Elton's historic performance. Get a card with access to all songs Elvis Presley Live at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 23, 1969 x2 vinyl records After a successful return to an NBC special in late 1968, Elvis Presley returned to live performance in 1969 with an exclusive appearance at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. Elvis entertained the audience with raucous rock and roll inspired by his recently released studio album, Elvis From Memphis, backed by vocal groups The Imperials and The Sweet Inspirations, as well as an early version of his famous band TCB. Live In Las Vegas 1969 depicts this critical stage in Elvis' career, featuring the first never-before-seen scene of many events at the International Hotel. It emerges Call me if you need me record Holy Grail time! Kalita is proud to release for the first time Emerson's unreleased, gorgeous 1988 boogie masterpiece "Call Me If You Need Me", complete with extensive liner notes based on interviews and never-before-seen photos. The album included a release and demo of Emerson's hugely popular single "Sending All My Love Out", which was originally released privately by LAS Records in 1988 and was limited to 500 copies. Emerson and Leora Sandidge's visionary musical "If You Need Me, Call Me" is a personal collection of premium synth and drum machine boogie. Released on black vinyl, the printed inner sleeve details Emerson's life and music career. Emerson Lake i Palmer Live at Pocono Raceway in the USA in 1972 Gatefold 2LP, brown and yellow vinyl Limited edition, color vinyl 2LP. Previously unreleased vinyl records. Rare, high-quality American field recordings from the band's heyday in the early 70's. Emmylou Harris Studio albums: 1980-1983 5LP + 7" box. 5 x 140g 12" black vinyl album comes with 1 x 42g 7" black vinyl single. The content is 5 albums: "Roses In The Snow", "Evangeline", "Cimarron", "Last Date" and "White Shoes". Includes the single "That Lovin' You Feelin' Again" on 7" vinyl. Erica Claptona One more car, one more driver 3LP clear vinyl 140gm One More Car, One More Rider is the eighth live album by Eric Clapton, released on November 5, 2002 by Duck/Reprise Records. It is also the duo's third live album. The album features songs performed by Clapton during his 2001 world tour. This album was recorded over two nights at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on August 18 and 19, 2001. RSD 2019 Limited Edition 3 x 140g 12" clear vinyl. Erykah Badu and Jem Poser decoy 7" Tempted remains The Squeezes' signature single, appearing everywhere from TV commercials to video games to daily radio broadcasts. Erykah Badu and James Poyser team up to take this classic track on a new route, turning it into a soulful, raw performance, with Miss Badus' see-through vocals bringing a whole new light to the track. Produced and engineered by Squeeze fanatic Steve Mandel, the track features an amazing cast of backing musicians from Thundercat to Derrick Hodge and Ali Jackson. Tempted is the third installment of the Swindles project and will be released worldwide as a 45 track single on Record Store Day 2019. Side A shows the new version of Tempted and side B shows the new instrumental version. Limited to 3500 copies worldwide. ethics stock market music 2xLP “One of the long-hidden gems and key releases that shaped what became The Sound of Cologne. Originally released on CD in 1993 at the opening of Delirium Recordshop in Cologne, the birthplace of Kompakt. Now available for the first time on black vinyl! Released under the names The Bionaut (Jörg Burger) and Mike Ink (Wolfgang Voigt), this album is one of the many highlights that have evolved from this artistic collaboration. "Ethik" perfectly shows what people think of themselves electronica/IDM quickly led to their Harvest releases such as Burger/Ink, The Bionaut and The Modernist. Ethik sounds strangely modern 25 years later and will please old friends and will surely make many new friends." Europa Walk The Earth Limited Edition 7" single 7-inch color vinyl in a collector's case "Swedish rock star, European superstar, will celebrate Record Store Day on April 13, 2019 with a limited edition release of 7" (A) "Walk The Earth" and (AA) "Turn To Dust (Single Edit)". This rare double "A" side will be pressed on clear vinyl and housed in a special collector's branded zip bag exclusive to this unique Record Store Day release. This 7-inch limited edition will be available in all countries and stores for Record Store Day. factory, a time machine 7" This original single has only been reprinted once. Featured in Brown Acid Volume 3. Originally released in the UK in 1971. autumn, Imperial wax solvent record Single LP on colored vinyl - Reissue of the long-deleted 2008 studio album The Fall. The original LP is currently selling for over £200 autumn, Astoria 1998 record Previously unpublished field recordings autumn, Frankfurt 1993 digital frame Previously unpublished field recordings autumn, New Orleans 1981 digital frame Previously unpublished field recordings autumn, Nauman 1999 record Previously unpublished field recordings autumn, Kings Lynn 1996 digital frame Previously unpublished field recordings autumn, Unututterable - Testa Rossa Monitor Mix record Previously unreleased vinyl records autumn, Popular medicine - singles with difficulty trading 4x7" set. This set features four of The Fall's classic early 1980s Rough Trade 7" singles, all known for their gritty, repetitive guitar sounds, tight bass and drum beats, and Smith's snappy lyrics. This beautifully packaged set includes colored vinyl remasters of all four Rough Trade 7" singles, plus a set of 4 button patches, each featuring key elements from the covers of the four individual sets. Fallen Angel (Knox + Hanoi Rock) Fallen Angel 2xLP In 1984, Hanoi Rocks signed with CBS and were about to hit the charts. But they found themselves with a few weeks off. In the meantime, The Vibrators are taking a break and Knox has some great new songs waiting for fate to intervene. And indeed, they came together to record this critically acclaimed and very entertaining album. Both Knox and Hanoi Rocks bassist Sam Yaffa (later the New York Dolls) were exclusively interviewed by former Melody Maker reporter Carol Clerk about the notes in the 8-page CD booklet. Tracklist: Disc 1: Love from the Inner Planet, Black and White World, Rain Rain Rain, Fall, Run Away, Amphetamine Blue, Cuckoo Land, Kiss Goodbye, New Society, Straight City, Vipers in the Dark. blow up Tank extended edition 2LP, 180g pure white and black mixed vinyl, foldable jacket 10th Anniversary Edition includes a bonus LP of tracks that debuted on vinyl, as well as several unreleased demos fat slim at this point 12" yellow vinyl, die-cut sleeve 20 years after its first release, "Here and Now" has long graced dance floors and festivals around the world. The iconic track has been reworked and sampled many times over the years, and this Record Store Day exclusive is a tribute to the original and its best remixes, including 2018's hugely successful CamelPhat remix. Fatboy Slim aka Norman Cook is back in the studio with a new track inspired by this hit, heard for the first time on this 12-inch screen. Featuring cut-out sleeves and bright yellow vinyl, it's a must-have for dance lovers! Fehalam propeller record “Exclusive new album. Vidal bob queen Fay Hallam has paid rock bills for The Prime Movers, Phaze, The Fay Hallam Trinity and Makin' Time (with former Charlatans Martin Blunt). She has worked with Billy Childish, Graham Day, Alan Crockford and The Bongolian. Propeller is Fay Hallam's masterpiece; the perfect embodiment of vibrant pop-soul; melody, energy and precision... paving the way for vintage contenders; The Machine. After co-writing and performing with Swedish artist Magnus Carlson in 2018, Fay Hallam and her band feature Hammond beats, soulful vocals, funky beats and powerful brass arrangements. It knocks you off your feet! The widely acclaimed follow-up to the critically acclaimed House Of Now album, produced by ex-Paul Weller bassist Andy Lewis, features a dance floor monster starts feeling good. Fira Cutie i Roy Ailes music in many colors record Knitting Factory Records is proud to announce the re-release of the limited edition Rainbow Starburst vinyl "Music of Many Colors" exclusively for Record Store Day. Ayers' collaborative album Fela Kuti was recorded after a three-week tour of major Nigerian cities in 1979, during which Roy Ayers opened for Fela's band. Both artists decided to record this album as a conclusion to the tour. Roy Ayers described the experience saying, "I met Fela Kuti in Nigeria in 1979 and we had a great relationship, a great personal and musical atmosphere and we recorded this album together. Fela also came to America in the 80's and we played at Madison Square Garden in New York. Fela Kuti was energetic and had a very original concept called Afro Beat - a genre with a very unique identity and unusual music. One of the most impressive qualities of Fela Kuti is that he is an undisputed talented performer, both as a musician and a great dancer. His concept of Africa is really original... This tour is about two black people who meet, one from Africa and the other from America. It's a really exciting collaboration. , exclusively for Record Store Day. This is the first album release since the late 1980s. Music of Many Colors is a collaborative album by Roy Ayers and Fela Kuti, recorded in 1979 after a three-week tour of major Nigerian cities, during which Roy Ayers (Roy Ayers performed in support of Fela's band. Both artists decided to record an album as the end of the tour. Roy Ayers describes the experience: "I met Fela Kuti in Nigeria in 1979 and we developed a good relationship, a great personal and musical atmosphere and recorded this album together. Fela was also in the 1980s. When we came to the US, we played at Madison Square Garden in New York. Fela Kuti was full of energy and had a very original concept called Afro Beat - a genre with a very unique identity and unusual music Fela Kuti One of the most impressive qualities of (Feli Kuti) is that he is undoubtedly a talented performer, musician and great dancer. Africa is really original... ...this tour is about the meeting of two black people, one from Africa and the other from America, it's a very exciting collaboration. , Exclusively for Record Store Day. This is an album from the late 80's First Press. Music of Many Colors is a collaborative album by Roy Ayers and Fela Kuti, recorded in 1979 after a three-week tour of major Nigerian cities during which Roy Roy Ayers opened for Fela's band. Both artists decided to record an album as a conclusion to the tour. Roy Ayers describes the experience: "I was in Nigeria in 1979. I met Fela Kuti, we had a great relationship, a great personal and musical atmosphere, and we recorded this album together. Ferra also came to America in the eighties and we played at Madison Square Garden in New York. Fela Kuti is full of energy and has a very original concept called Afro Beat - a genre with a very unique identity and unusual music. One of Fela Kuti's most impressive qualities is that he is an undeniably talented performer, both a musician and a great dancer. His African concept is really original... This tour is about the meeting of two black people, one from Africa and the other from America, and it's a very exciting collaboration. """ Ferris and Sylvester disease/flaming river 12" flame red vinyl After the wildly successful release of their Kitchen Records and their own Made In Streatham EP last year, the duo teamed up with producer Michael Rendell (Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Echo and Bunnyman), expanding their sound and songwriting into deeper, darker places. The song begins with a quiet, self-destructive thought, as if Issie Ferriss is whispering in your ear, and then, led by Archie Sylvester's powerful, searing guitar, turns into anguish and a scream of joy. By combining roots and blues, the duo creates a sound somewhere between Jack White and a first aid kit. "Burning River", also recorded by Michael Rendall, had over half a million streams on Spotify in its first two months. The songs were written during the duo's studio trip to Iceland, where they found the band at its rawest and strongest. Ferris and Sylvester have had great support from BBC Music throughout the last year, thanks to 6Music radio shows, and have also played a number of gigs with BBC Introducing which placed the band as the 2017 'Best of' and 2017 2018 list. Last year, Ferris & Sylvester won hearts and acclaim across the country, performing to thousands of people in major shows alongside Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, George Ezra and Jade Bird, as well as appearing at major festivals, including headlining Wilderness Festival and the BST stage in Hyde Park. first choice New Neighbors (Danny Krivit Remix) 12" Never released on vinyl, now on 12" Maestro Danny Krivit is working on this sweet soul track from First Choice. Including the original. Name or artist, The. Don't write in capital letters. Song/album title Vinyl/ 7"/ 12"/ CD What's so special about this version? Why post this for RSD? Is there an interesting story behind its recording and/or packaging? Does its release coincide with a special anniversary? Does this coincide with historical live events? Does the artist have any particular attachment or connection to these works? Have the artists ever cited why they released this for RSD? Is there anything here that customers didn't expect? Finally, make sure you also include in your summary what the colors are/is there a code to download/is there a numbering or other formatting details that clients and journalists want to know. Everything in this section will appear on the RSD website, so don't miss out on the details or leave this field blank Red lips king's mouth golden record 180g gold vinyl. Artwork by George Salisbury. King's Mouth features 12 brand new Flaming Lips original compositions and album narration by Mick Jones (The Clash). The recording is based on Wayne Coyne's immersive art installation - whose psychedelic visuals and soundscapes have been exhibited in museums across the US including: The WOMB (Oklahoma, Oklahoma Horse City), Meow Wolf (Santa Fe, NM) , the American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore, MD) and the Pacific Northwest Art Institute (Portland, Oregon). Also, in the companion book "King's Mouth: Immersive Heap Journey Fantasy Experience", Coyne tells the story of King's Mouth through text and vision. As Coyne writes, "The immersive/childlike quality of The King's Mouth was born from the same spark and womb as the Flaming Lips live performance. The King's Mouth adventure is for all sizes, designed by people of all ages, cultures and religions." Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac in standby mode Vinyl record 180g “Originally released in 1975, Fleetwood Mac's self-titled record marked the addition of Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks to the band's line-up. Earlier this year, it was re-released in a deluxe edition featuring previously unreleased replacement discs. Mac version of the RSD (for Tusk, Mirage and Tango In The Night), this RSD will release a 1LP mirror image of the original deluxe edition album "Fleetwood Mac". Alternatives include earlier versions of "Monday Morning", "Landslide", "Rhiannon", and "World Turning". For the first time on vinyl. Tracklist: 1. MONDAY MORNING (Early Beat), 2. WARM WAYS (Early Beat), 3. BLUE LETTER (Early Beat), 4. RHIANNON (Early Beat), 5. OVER MY HEAD (Early Beat), 6. CRYSTAL (earlier), 7. SAY YOU LOVE ME (earlier), 8. LANDSLIDE (earlier), 9. WORLD TURNING (earlier), 10. SUGAR DADDY (early take), 11. I AM VERY AFRAID ( early version)" florida georgia line I can't say I'm not a country 2LP black Florida Georgia Line's latest album Can't Say I Ain't Country features collaborations with Jason Derulo, HARDY and Jason Aldean. Some of the band's hits were: "Talk You Out Of It" was what we called Baby making on the fourth album, and it was probably the sexiest song we've ever released. We really enjoyed this recording. "Women" (featuring Jason Derulo) is an amazing song and we are truly honored to have Jason Derulo, one of our good friends and one of the best and most talented artists we know. It's just a powerful song and we think it's going to really touch the lives of a lot of people like a lot of our songs but it's probably the song that puts most women on the's really good A reminder to us that we wouldn't be here without the women, without our I have, without our wives. "Can't Hide Red" (feat. Jason Aldean) is every villager's paean. Man, we had a lot of fun making this video. To be honest, it started as a joke song and then turned into a rock song that we can't deny and can't include on this album. Fox Million Dollar Duet bite through record Biting Through was written and recorded with Colin Marston at Menegroth Studio over two weeks in the summer of 2017 for Record Store Day 2019. The Colpitts play Oneida, control Man Forever, and make up half of the North's population. He played regularly with Laurie Anderson, Jim Sauter and others. Greg Fox has several solo albums to his credit, is the drummer for Liturgy, frontman of Guardian Alien and often plays in Ex Eye with Colin Stetson. The two have collaborated countless times, from Royal Trux to Dan Deacon to Pictograph Being. LP version pressed on original vinyl with free download coupon. The limited edition will be printed on white vinyl. "John Colpitts (aka Man Forever) is constantly electrifying and exploding, rippling through the sound layers of drones, jazz, multi-element frolics and hypnotic minimalism." – Modern Drummer Fox Rotating electroacoustic polyrhythmic patterns and deep ethereal sex beats. - My Francis McKee bright moon record Exclusive Ocean Blue/Vaseline Singer/Songwriter First Use Vinyl honest black honest black record Long outdated pressed exclusive color vinyl - orange vinyl honest black boy of the year 2LP Long-term out of stock Exclusive color vinyl - white vinyl Freddie Mackay another weekend 12" Linval Thompson's colorful vinyl presses create tracks from the early days of the classic dancehall era Fritza Wintincka Frogs, toads and newts 12" Previously unreleased gems in the vault. Handprint center label with signed photo postcard and sticker insert funny monkey Castle World of the Forgotten Tree 12” Funky Monkey has completed an album that began with "Theme from...Treecastle", a single originally released in 1999. "The Forgotten World of Treecastle" is a story soundtrack co-written with Anthony Daniels (C3PO from "Star Wars") featuring new music recorded over the last 20 years. Three of the songs were previously released, including "Girl of Tomorrow", a collaboration with Sarah Cracknell of Saint-Etienne. The Voice of the Future London Tears 2019 record In 1986, the cult band The Future Sound of London released the UK Top 40 album "Dead Cities", which featured the song "Yage". Over the years, interest in this electronic masterpiece has been so great that people return to the studio to watch it again. Turns out this limited edition, individually numbered LP presses exclusively for Record Store Day 2019. "Song of Solomon 2019" takes the core of the original work and recreates it. A total of 11 tracks have been reconstructed and interpreted, interspersed (as FSOL does) into a 42-minute dreamlike journey that spans both sides of the vinyl record. Only 1,000 copies of this edition will be released on vinyl. fluffy haskins The whole Beitang record "Originally released by Westbound Records in 1976, first release since 1976. Pressed on 180g vinyl. Packed in a fold-up jacket + belt. Limited to 1,500 copies. P-Funk co-founder Clarence Eugene "Fuzzy" Haas Born in West Virginia in 1941 The Kings sang in the late 1950s with The Parliaments, a doo-wop vocal group led by George Clinton. He was a member of the groundbreaking and influential 1970s funk band PARLIAMENT - a founding member of FUNKADELIC. Haskins toured the 1970s as a vocalist and appeared on P-Funk albums, occasionally as a guitarist. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997. Despite the success of Mothership Connection, Fuzzy Haskins is still frustrated that his songs are not longer on Funkadelic and Parliament albums. It also sees Bootsy Collins, the newest member of the family, launching a solo career. This makes Haskins Haskins more frustrated, and amid the popularity of P-Funk Fuzzy left the choir to pursue a solo career. Fuzzy Haskins released his first solo album, A WHOLE NOTER THANG, in 1976. The album featured Bernie Worrell, Funk stars such as Donald Austin and Bootsy Collins. Haskins wrote eight of the nine songs and was the producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and even drummer. The result is a high-quality album. Fuzzy Haskins With an earthy, heavy funk style, his solo compositions complement many of P-Funk's other great side projects. The album also features the song "Cookie Jar", which was later recorded by Prince. Despite the quality of the music, this album did not sell well and did not find the audience it deserved. "A Whole Nother Thang" is a real gem for funk fans, mint vinyl is hard to find and expensive these days. If you are a funkater… …this is for you. Originally released by Westbound Records in 1976, it is now reissued as a 180g (1,500 copies) limited edition deluxe vinyl (first release since 1976), packaged in a box with original artwork and lined notes. In a folded dust jacket. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, available in participating stores on April 13. Tracklist: 1.Tangarine Green 2.Cookie Jar 3.Mr Junk Man 4.I See Me In You 5.The Fuz and Da Boog 6.Which Way Disco 7.Love Is Now Forever 8.Sometimes I Rock 9.I Will Be You loved" Garfield Fleming don't send me back / you're right 12" A groundbreaking release that surpasses most dance scenes in Modern Soul, Rare Groove, Crossover and Boogie, arguably the most sought after 80s record among current collectors, a 12" copy now usually sells for over £300 if you can find one ! The popularity of "Don't Send Me Away" was recently confirmed when a YouTube clip of him performing "Don't Send Me Away" at a record booth in Paris in late 2018 went viral and has amassed 5 million so far views. Don't Send Me Away" is simply one of the most popular albums in the world. gas company Live recording disc Live In Paris was recorded by Gaz and the band this spring, following the release of his critically acclaimed third album, World's Strongest Man. This EP features stunning live versions of eight songs from the show. Of the EP, Gaz said: “To celebrate an unforgettable year of touring with #theworldsstrongestband, I am delighted to announce the release of a live EP. It was recorded at Le Maroquinerie Paris in May and features some of our favorite songs from 2018. four songs in one performance generation x Your Generation (Winstanley mix) 7" This Record Store Exclusive Day 7" red vinyl features remixes of two previously unreleased classic singles "Your Generation" and the b-side of Alan Winstanley's "Trying For Kicks". Take it and listen to it while recording the album. have not previously been released and are exclusive to this edition and will not appear in the deluxe edition. No download. Ginger Johnson and his African emissaries shaman vinyl 7" In 2015, Freestyle Records reissued the groundbreaking album "African Party" by the somewhat enigmatic Ginger (George Folunsho) Johnson. Recorded in 1967, many years after he first arrived in post-war London, and immediately began performing and recording. Working with London indomitable jazzmen Ronnie Scott and Pete King for almost 20 years. Hailed as the godfather of Afrobeat, Ginger and his crew by notable personalities such as Giles Peterson, Louie Vega, Fela Kuti drummer Tony Allen and author David Toop, The African Messengers enjoy careers as varied as traveling to the UK for recording sessions with Afro-Cuban drum bands, working with Georgie Fame, Osibisa, Madeleine Bell and Quincy Jones, and mentoring the young Fela Kuti and the members of Cymande. They also performed on the Royal Variety Show, Ginger's music was featured in the James Bond film Live and Let Die, and Ginger himself appeared on drums in the Hammer Films classic "She" with The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park, 1969. In addition to "African Party" and several Hi's Life singles on Melodisc Records in the 1950s are not believed to have seen further recordings by this highly influential musician. son, Dennis Dee Mac Johnson, who told him that he found a fairly dilapidated original of 45 tracks that was released in the 1970s. Midway, on the short-lived label "Afrodesia", for Record Store Day 2019, Freestyle is proud to release 2 tracks on new vinyl 45. "Witchdoctor" is not the track of the same name on African Party, but it is the same as "Nawa" (written by Dizzy Gillespie's colleague Chano Pozo), it shows the musical progression when funk left an indelible mark on music Ginger, as well as Afro-Cuban rhythm and jazz. Thanks to Claudio Passavanti of Doctor Mix Studios in London for his rather amazing restoration and remastering of this long lost piece of music. " Ginger ambition low quality coal 12" Exclusive Alien Picture Disc, limited to 1,000 copies - Two new exclusive tracks by The Wildhearts frontman Ginger Wildheart. Recorded as part of the sessions for the album "The Pessimist's Companion" - due for release later in 2019 - produced by longtime collaborator Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, Ginger Wildheart, Ryan Hamilton, Terrorvision). I Wanna Be Yours - originally performed by John Cooper Clarke and No Regrets - originally performed by Walker Brothers. Tracklist: Side A: I want to be yours - Side B: No regrets glass animals Stripping Zaba recording disc Four "Lite" tracks from the original album Glass Animals ZABA - Black 12, matte cover. Black Mambo, Gooey, Hazey, Coco Hoof. Previously only available on DSP - never on vinyl iron iron 7" “These are new Gob Iron songs. Waterloo (Jay from Son Volt) and True Transmission to Your Heart (Anders from Varnaline).” goryl autumn 1LP The Fall is the fourth studio album by British virtual band Gorillaz. The album was officially announced on December 20, 2010 as a Christmas present for fans. The Fall was first released on December 25, 2010 for free on the Gorillaz website and as a download only to paying members of the band's Sub-Division club, a premium access campaign the band ran throughout 2010. The album features fewer guest artists than previous Gorillaz albums; collaborators include Mick Jones and Paul Simonon of The Clash and Bobby Womack. 1 x 140g 12" color vinyl for RSD 2019. graham parker Squeezing Out Sparks - 40th Anniversary Solo Soundtrack blue record This unique release celebrates the 40th anniversary of Graham Parker's groundbreaking album and The Rumor Squeezing Out Sparks. Graham recorded all 10 tracks on the album (plus the off-album single Mercury Poisoning), both solo and acoustically. Graham played many of these songs in this style in his last solo concert, the first time they appeared on a studio recording. Recorded on blue vinyl, limited to 500 copies. The Flash and the Furious Five message 2LP mix Released by Sugar Hill Records in October 1982, Grandmaster's debut studio album Flash & The Furious Five is widely regarded as one of the most influential hip-hop records of all time. Considered an offshoot of funk when it was released, the title track has since been considered a recalibration of hip-hop's direction, and was named by Rolling Stone magazine as the best hip-hop song of all time. This limited edition features bonus tracks and instruments pressed on Sugar Hill Blue 180g vinyl and also celebrates Sugarhill Records' 40th anniversary. grateful dead Warfield, San Francisco, Calif. 10/9/80 i 10/10/80 2 LP (180g) black vinyl WARFIELD (2 LP or 2 CD) Two complete soundtracks from Warfield's October 1980 Grateful Dead 15th Anniversary show. These two sets are a perfect mix of older tracks from The Dead's extensive repertoire, which includes classics like Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Birdsong, Monkey and the Engineer and Let Me Down, with each set ending in a wrinkle. grateful dead Warfield, San Francisco, Calif. 10/9/80 i 10/10/80 2CD WARFIELD (2 LP or 2 CD) Two complete soundtracks from Warfield's October 1980 Grateful Dead 15th Anniversary show. These two sets are a perfect mix of older tracks from The Dead's extensive repertoire, which includes classics like Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Birdsong, Monkey and the Engineer and Let Me Down, with each set ending in a wrinkle. Green day Woodstock 1994 1LP RSD 2019 limited edition 1 x 140g 12" black vinyl. Green river Olympia, Tropicana, 1984 record 2000 vinyl records released worldwide. Unreleased First Green River live recording from the band's personal archives. For fans of Mudhoney, Green River, Pearl Jam. Recorded September 28, 1984 at the Tropicana in Olympia, Washington. from the original tape. Press RTI. Includes the original concert poster. Songs: Upstream, Ten Thousand Things, New God, Out of the Corner of Your Eye, PCC, Strange Roads, Tunnel of Love Grodeck Whipper Jenny Grodeck Whipperjenny record First released in 1970. Digital edition available. "Unauthorized" CDs and LPs were last released around 2004. This is the first official release since the original release. Only 2500 pieces worldwide. Sho is Funky Down Here and The Grodeck Whipperjenny are two albums that were the result of an unlikely but highly productive musical relationship between James Brown and then-young David Matthews. An arranger musician whose limited professional experience has little or nothing to do with the funk and soul of his associates. Psychedelic Classic, written by James Brown's bandleader David Matthews, is the first album released under Brown's famous People imprint. The edgy and funky album was released in tandem with another Matthews project called Brown - Sho Is Funky Down Here. One of the deepest albums in Brown's catalogue, his story is finally told. Painted directly from the original master tape by Capitol Studios. This is the first official reprint of these rare books. Includes a fully annotated reference booklet, notes by Brown University historian Alan Leeds, and never-before-seen photos. Song: Side A 1. Sitting here on my tongue 2. Wondering what if 3. Why can't I go back 4. Conclusion 5. You're too young Side B 1. Put your stuff on me 2. Inside or outside 3 Evidence for the unaware marmot Thank You Christ for the Bomb (Main Edition) 2LP 2000 only. Rolled sleeves. Red book cover, poppy seed DL card, poster, food book notes. All tracks on DL. For its 50th anniversary, "Thank Christ for the Bomb" (Main Edition) is reissued on double vinyl with a fold-out sleeve - along with a food booklet, a poppy seed card and a bonus track. Extremely influential album, considered the nucleus of punk, rock and beyond. This groundbreaking trio featured an epic 1970 concept praised by Underworld's Karl Hyde, Captain Sensible, Stephen Malkmus and many more. storm Noise/chemicals 7" green vinyl Aqueous Clear Green Vinyl 7" Buzz z albumu Vicious z 2018 roku half japanese lovely life record Only 1,000 copies Special Art Edition with bonus LP of never-before-heard material on blue vinyl. Semi-Japanese "Charmed Life" 30 Years reissued on Record Store Day. Less love and more monsters, Half Japanese sound more authentic and complete on their sixth studio album. Jad Fair "is getting better at turning his obsessions into songs that are charming, sincere, funny and weird." Mark Masters, Pitchfork. "As Approachable as Half Japanese" The Quietus // Tracklist 1 Said and Did 2 Penny In The Fountain 3 Evidence 4 Vietnam 5 Roman Candles 6 Love at First Sight 7 Snake Line 8 Bright Lights, Big City 9 Face Rake 10 Later in One from magazines11 Red Dress12 Trouble in the Water13 A Wonderful Life14 Day and Night15 A Million Kisses16 Miracles Happen Every Day17 The Terminator18 I'll Change My Style19 Happiness20 Really Fun Times21 Poetic License Hank Williams A complete health and wellness program 3LP For the first time on vinyl: The Complete Hank Williams Health & Wellbeing Radio Show. 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of these historic performances by the legendary Hank Williams. Sound transmitted from raw acetate. Includes a brand new lined note in school bag packaging. Featured performances include "I'm Too Lonely to Cry", "I See the Light", "Lost Highway" and "Mind Your Mind" starring Audrey Williams and Jerry Rivers. Harveya Masona Groovin' You / Modaji / Until you accept my love 12" Harvey Mason's classic trio "Groovin' You" and "Till You Take My Love" captured the heyday of New York disco, while Hubert Laws' "Modaji" fuels jazz dreams. Reworked for 12" audio power. eagle wind The 1999 Party - Live from the Chicago Auditorium on March 21, 1974 2LP First vinyl release of The 1999 Party recorded live at the Chicago Auditorium on March 21, 1974 Raj 17 bigger than America record “Only for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records is proud to present Bigger Than America. some eight years after the band's last Virgin Records album. Containing the singles "Designing Heaven" and "We Blame Love", it marked the first time the album was released on vinyl. The album featured the entire original cover art by Ray Smith, inside the sleeve is a previously unused image. Pressed on translucent orange 180g vinyl Hermpolis Fu Manchu / Wild Wind 12" “Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album The Hempolis, a limited edition 12" vinyl release for Record Store Day '19. These include a cover and dub version of Desmond Dekker's excellent Fu Man Chu, which also features a flip cover, and an instrumental version of Nina Simone's classic Wild Is The Wind, all Hempolis style at its best. "Like Funkadelic playing reggae in a Brixton basement" - Clash Magazine - Liz Kershaw, BBC6" friends low swing LP i 12" Official reissue of the 1985 album on 180g vinyl + 12" single Herbiego Hancocka Sacrifice record The vinyl record was never officially released outside of Japan. 3,000 units will be produced worldwide. Devotion is a unique outing for Herbie Hancock in more ways than one. This is Hancock's solo version, and all the sounds heard on this recording are Hancock's voice on the keyboard, be it acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, or synthesizers. The result is a record that is full of air and space, yet very funky. Recorded live in Tokyo in July 1974, the project was not released outside Japan until the 21st century. Outside of Japan, where the LP has been out of print for decades, no official vinyl release has ever been released. For Record Store Day 2019, Get On Down released the first vinyl release of Hancock's important artistic legacy in the United States. Tracks: Side A: 1. Maiden Voyage 2. Dolphin Dance Side B: 1. Nobu 2. Cantaloupe Island high fire Bat Salad (RSD 2019) record Record Store Day Exclusive, 3 unreleased tracks peasant moon blast, adult record Limited edition light khaki vinyl. Since recording in San Diego with producer Mark Neil (Black Keys) in 2006, HME has boomed, as evidenced by the 15 million people who were blown away by their murderous ballad "My Love For Evermore". In 2018, they toured the US West Coast for two weeks and returned in April 2019 for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend with Reverend Horton Heat and Wanda Jackson. They haven't sold LPs or CDs in years, original vinyls are selling for up to $150 on Discogs, featuring some of their favorites and viral tracks, Little Lil, Tornado and Brown Eyed Boy have over 3 million views on Youtube. Led by the charming Emanuela Hutter and the rock double bass player Oliver Baroni, they regularly give concerts throughout Europe. The British-Swiss-Italian-French band has left its mark on its European take on American rock - and now exports it back to the US. Track listing: Go Italian, Need You To Stay, Live the Good Life, The Long Way, Putty in Hands, Brown Eyed Boy, Tornado, Bamboo House, Somebody Change the Locks, All Grown Up, Oh Oh Mojo, Little Lil, Midnight Song, Moon Song. hypnotic are you alone 12" "Are You Lonely" is an iconic, timeless soul/boogie song. It was pirated in the past, but has now been officially re-released under the original Street Level label 36 years after its initial release. Includes a rare instrumental version of "Lonely Rhythm" Hit Parade, Joey's girlfriend / I'm recovering from you 7" One of the UK's most beloved indie bands THE HIT PARADE have released a new single on 7" vinyl to celebrate Record Store Day 2019. honey blood The Third Degree / She's a Nightmare 12" The Third Degree / She's A Nightmare" is a 12" double A-side single - both tracks are the lead singles from Honeyblood's upcoming third album "In Plain Sight". The album has a unique cover, each side has a different cover, one for each song, drawn by longtime collaborator Chrysa Koukoura. One of the tracks, "The Third Degree", was released during the album's launch on February 4, 2019, while the other, "She's A Nightmare", is available for the first time on this physical release - the digital version will be available on February 16. Hot 8 Brass Band work together 12" The Hot 8 Brass Band is one of Tru Thoughts' biggest gigs. We asked four of our label partners to remix tracks from Hot 8 and Wrongtom, and J-Felix, Magic Drum Orchestra and Animanz proudly took action. These are unreleased mixes that will come on colored vinyl with a clear sleeve with a gold Hot 8 Brass Band logo. Haugerb scary brown hermit record Limited to 1000. "A troubadour in search of valuable accidents, Howe Gelb is an enigma." The Quietus // Howe Gelb's long out of print debut solo album, Dreaded Brown Recluse, has been reissued on brown vinyl on Record Store Day. Back then, around 1991, Howe's major hit, Giant Sand, was downright prolific, the songs oozing from every pore, their creative ID bubbling, overflowing. With Giant Sand 91's massive new 'Ramp' album on the horizon, what to do with these further outpourings? One idea: disguise the band as a Howe Gelb solo and create a repeating loop of song, merging into an eclectic stew that's easy to dip in and out of, but still effective after hours in the oven. It's the soundtrack of your day, a fun, anarchic piece of situationism that unfolds like the best dramatic prose. "Dreaded Brown Recluse" features a rethunk with strings on "Warm Storm" (which also appears on "Ramp"). It also features songs about facsimiles (how strange), blankets and insect worlds as it teeters on lost territory between psychotic dilapidated punk and lean acoustic fantasies. Track List A1 Spiritual Lies A2 Pictures A3 Loretta and the Insect World A4 Sophia's True Biography A5 Urban Cello A6 Still Too Far B1 Warm Stones B2 Often Malay B3 Vigdis B4 Vienna Two Steps B5 Bible Black Book II B6 Brown Hermit Tiny B7 Blanket Howell, Peter i Ferdinand, John Ithaca, Agincourt and other psychological folk tales LPX2+ board “Double LP and CD. From 1968 to 1974, producers, composers, singers and multi-instrumentalists Peter Howell and John Ferdinando produced five albums under various project titles, including "Ithaca" and "Agincourt". These rare and highly sought after recordings contain a magical world of folk music, soft psychedelia, psychedelic pop and progressive tones. Munster incl. A selection of tracks from these fantastic albums on a 21-track double LP that features a 19-track CD of completely different material. For fans of The Incredible String Band, Canterbury Sound, Donovan, Belle & Sebastian... .Record Store Day Release 2019" Man-machine switchboard Man-machine switchboard 7" "*Originally self-released in 1977" humble Official Bootleg Volume 1 double disk A selection of never before legally released bootleg live releases from 1970s Super Band concerts in Chicago, 1973 Tokyo and 1974 Charlton Football Stadium in a fold-up sleeve. This is their first official and legal release, with much improved sound quality and the contribution and endorsement of Jerry Shirley of Humble Pie. Ian Brown From Chaos to Harmony/Black Rose 2 × 7" To celebrate and support Record Store Day 2019, Ian Brown is releasing an exclusive 2x7" vinyl album featuring "From Chaos To Harmony" and "Black Roses". Both tracks are from his upcoming album Ripples, his first solo album nine years after The Stone Roses band recently disbanded. The album was released on 1 February by Virgin EMI, recorded in Liverpool and amplified in the Beatles room at Abbey Road Studios, then mixed by longtime collaborator Steve Fitzmaurice. Digitally mastered by Bob Ludwig in New York and mastered on vinyl by Chris Bellman in Los Angeles. On the cover of Barrington Levy's "Black Rose", Ian alludes to the demise of his former band The Stone Roses: "I've traveled the world and never seen a black rose in any other garden' 2 x black available in a 7" set. Ian Gillan Mr. Universe - 40th Anniversary record “Exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records is proud to present a special Mr. Universe to celebrate its 40th anniversary, his second album and first in the UK. Featuring the hits "Fighting Man", "Mr. Universe", "Vengeance" and "She Tears Me Down" This one-of-a-kind Record Store Day release features 180g heavy split colored vinyl (blue and red) I do not know how 1981 Extended Play EP 12" Created by Dallon Weekes (ex-Panic! at The Disco), I don't know how they figured out I was an outdated band. Their fancy name comes from the movie Back to the Future, and by Weeks, the phrase itself has always been a clue to a larger story. You have to create it yourself. IDKhow is a musical entity ahead of its time, which according to Weekes fell into oblivion in the early 1980s, and today, via the Internet, its concerts and recordings are being rediscovered by a world that may be ready for it. From the beginning of the project to 500,000 Weekes followers on Instagram, IDKhow has amassed over 8 million views on Youtube, 6 million streams on Spotify, and early media feedback includes: modern era.” Debut limited edition EP "1981 Extended Play", Red Transparent LP debuted on Record Store Day 2019. IDKHow COMMUNITIES: YouTube 110,000 subscribers, over 8,000,000 views / Spotify 7,000,000 streams and 520,000 monthly listeners / Instagram - 120,000 followers / Twitter - 23,000 followers / Facebook - 12,000 Like Dallon Weekes: Instagram: 503,000 followers / 350,000 followers on Twitter. Fearless Records: Facebook - 1.1 million likes / Twitter - 436,000 followers / Instagram - 372,000 followers / YouTube 1,750,000 Media: Kerrang, Rock Sound (May & November covers), AP, Upset, Metro, Music Week, guardian. Online: Independent, AP, Noisey, Line Of Best Fit, Fake DIY, Radio: Radio 1, Radio X, Virgin, Absolute TV: Kerrang TV, MTV Rocks, Sound Net, Scuzz TV. Live in August: Reading and Leeds festivals and the sold-out UK Headliner Tour (London, Manchester, Glasgow). December: 7th Annual Havana Deaf@Brixton Academy and Headliner Show. May and June 2019: Dunk Contest and Club Headlines. WEB For Fans of Killer Panic Disco Disco, My Chemical Romance, No Doubt, Half Baked, Payale Royale, Fall Out Boy. idle Meat EP / META EP 12" This vinyl release of the MEAT EP and META EP is the first release on vinyl. It is also the first time META EP has been released in any physical format. This will only be issued for RSD and will not be waived. It will be on white vinyl. There is no download code. Remix by David Pajo (SLINT, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's) Thom (Alt J), Pete Robertson (The Vaccines) and Sly One. Iggy Pop Peasant / Pain and Suffering 7" single (color vinyl) Dark Green 7" - First release of "Pain & Suffering" on vinyl No. Notably, RSD is also Iggy Pop's birthday this year. Irma Thomas between tears 12" Cissy Houston is the debut album from Grammy Award-winning soul singer Cissy Houston. First vinyl reissue in four decades. Limited edition 180g white virgin vinyl. Only 500 individually numbered copies in circulation. Includes bonus B-side "Midnight Train to Georgia". "Comes with a poster for the album cover. the eisley brothers Footsteps in the Dark, Pt. 1 and 2 / between sheets 7" Immortal slowdown funk from The Isley Brothers. Much loved and sampled in the hip-hop world, "Footsteps in the Dark" is most famously sampled by Ice Cube and "Between The Sheets" by Notorious B.I.G. Jakobici – Nicky Sudden, Dave Cusworth Robespierre's velvet cellar 2xLP This RSD release is the 2 x LP version of the album. The label that originally released it in 1985 felt that the cost of releasing a double LP in the intended format was too high. It is therefore released as a single LP. It has not been reissued on vinyl in the UK since then. Here, for the first time, we have the tracks in the original playing order, remastered on vinyl. Displayed in a folded sleeve with a then-unpublished photograph and a note from surviving member Dave Kusworth. (Partner Nikki Sudden died in 2006). The album is already an underground classic, recognized by Uncut, Shindig and record collectors. This version will be pressed on red, white and gray vinyl to match the colors of the cover. Jakub Brel Amsterdam 12" Unreleased live tracks from 1965 including Amsterdam/Ne Me Quitte Pas/The Next/Le Plat Pays swing EP with electronic dubbing 12" purple vinyl This is a very interesting distro designed specifically for RSD. It's dubbed electro, but with a touch of pop-reggae. One of the tracks "Dub Musika" is Spanish and "Engage Your Glutes" is a training track :-) 4 track EP on purple vinyl. James Brown Sho is fashionable here record First released in 1971. Available digitally, out of print on CD. Vinyl has been out of print since at least the mid-1990s. Only 3,000 units worldwide. Sho is Funky Down Here and The Grodeck Whipperjenny are two albums that were the result of an unlikely but highly productive musical relationship between James Brown and then-young David Matthews. An arranger musician whose limited professional experience has little or nothing to do with the funk and soul of his associates. James Brown's psychedelic album, written by his then bandleader David Matthews, was released at the same time as Matthews' classic, The Grodeck Whipperjenny. Subterranean, fuzzy, noisy psycho funk. The origins of Brown's "Talking Loud And Saying Nothing", the 90s hip hop hit that inspired A Tribe Called Quest, Large Professor, Brand Nubian and more. Painted directly from the original master tape by Capitol Studios. This is the first official reprint of these rare books. Includes a fully annotated reference booklet, notes by Brown University historian Alan Leeds, and never-before-seen photos. Songs: Side A 1. Sho is in vogue here 2. Never mind 3. Bob Scoward Side B 1. Enough space 2. Your mom You 3. No problem. Janis Joplin Live from Woodstock, Sunday August 17, 1969 vinyl LP Already a big star, 1969 was a year of change for Janis Joplin. Her legendary Woodstock performance comes weeks before the release of her first solo album I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Mama Again! Both this record and this live performance, first released on vinyl, point to new and exciting directions for her music to take and help define an incredible moment in music history. Japan Life in Tokyo / A quiet life 10" color vinyl Released to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the band's breakthrough 1979 single "Tokyo Life" and follow-up album "A Quiet Life", this RSD 10" 4-track double album was released on original Hansa red vinyl, includes Tokyo Living Parts 1 and 2 and UK 7” and the extended Quiet Life set. jaw of love Michael and Me / Giving up is not the easiest way out 7" First new release since Kelcey Ayer from Local Natives personal project Jaws of Love. "Tasha sits near the piano" was released in 2017. jazz butcher Czech scandal record Only 1,000 copies of the 35 Years Edition, the first vinyl release since 1984. Black vinyl, Obi Strip. "Their stylistic range was well suited to the exciting post-punk aesthetic of the time" Pitchfork // "The best diamonds on the album, full of good, memorable songs." All Music. // "Watch the Witty and Helpful Generosity Grant Comedy Albatross" Mojo // Since 1984, Jazz Butcher's "A Scandal in Bohemia" has been released on vinyl for the first time in 35 years. Originally released on Glass Records, it gained "a capable little rock band" with the former Bauhaus bassist in a world of multi-track vocals and bathroom atmosphere. Attracting both the press and the interest of the indie music scene, the greatest melodies here are driven by David J's bass towards the dissonant dance floor. Southern Mark Smith (Big Return), Real Men, Soul Happy Hour, I Need Meat, Just like Betty Page, Marnie (Moscovite Mix), Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present, Mind Like A Playgroup, Girlfriend, My Desert. jazz butcher sex and travel record Only 1,000 vinyl for the first time since 1985. Black vinyl, Obi strap. "A Broken Tale of Cold War Discontent, Melancholy and Alcoholism" Mojo // "A Great Album" Allmusic // Reissued on vinyl for the first time since 1985 for Record Store Day. The 1985 mini-LP Sex And Travel, one of Glass's last two albums, offered a broad perspective and "retained a loose, fun guitar-pop style" (Pitchfork). Opportunities and European travels create a narrative similar to impressionistic Cold War spy movies, a consistent "sloppy style". All Music reflects on "a great album" before comparing JB frontman Pat Fish to Ray Davies circa 1969. It's an "accidental" concept album, prone to fleeting melancholy. Tracklist 1 Holy Saturday 2 Christmas 3 Red Animals 4 Just Rumors 5 President Reagan's Birthday Present 6 What Happened to the Boys 7 A Walk with the Devil 8 Channels jazz butcher worried mr record Only 1,000 units. First use of vinyl records since 1986. Single LP, Black Vinyl, Obi Strip.. "Jazz butchers seem to exist to throw crooked balls" Bandcamp "a masterpiece of pure pop" exclaims "really humble and talented songwriter" Popmatters // Concerning Released on vinyl for the first time since 1986's "Distressed Gentlefolk" The Jazz Butcher has remained a fan favorite for the last three decades. "Distressed Gentlefolk" (1986) was released on Glass Records before the original band died of "fatigue and alcoholism". "A beautiful, romantic album with mellow rock ballads and jazz songs," enthuses Trouser Press. Beyond the inevitable dalliances in pop's historical pedigree, there is a folkloric edge-scratching. Now the full-fledged Gentlefolk band completes their transformation into a full-fledged songwriter (Pitchfork) and uses their best songs on Still In The Kitchen, Angels and Who Loves You Now? Tracklist 1 Falling In Love 2 Big Bad Thing 3 Still in the Kitchen 4 Hungarian Love Song 5 New World 6 Someone Who Loves You Now 7 Pets 8 Buffalo Shame 9 Nothing Special 10 Angels Jazanova Heatwave (Jazanova Remix) 12" “Sonar Kollektiv has a unique surprise: Jazzanova Mastermind and Berlin Six lead developer Jazzanova has remixed a song from their current album “The Pool” (released June 2018). Many highlights One of the albums, the funky track "Heatwave" was co-written and recorded by Jazzanova with Berlin singer Olivier St. Louis. In this in-house remix, the band elevates the performance by adding more funky flavors to the mix. "Heatwave" becomes an exclamation point floor filler. So To Do is heavily reminiscent of the sound of the 80s Los Angeles electrofunk scene, but this new release still feels like club music if its main goal is to get everyone (especially the ladies) on the dance floor. I want to dance." Jean Claude Vanier black beast 7" The soundtrack to the little-known 1983 French thriller Capreus was lost and thought to be missing for decades, acclaimed composer and arranger Serge Gainsbourg Histoire De Melody Nelson launched a revival of free jazz, frenzied batucads and looping merry-go-round psychedelic music for dark explorations. The band La Bete Noires "Insolitudes" includes the main players of the French jazz scene, an elite group of Palm/Futura/Saravah/Actuel regulars such as saxophonist Philippe Mate (Acting Trio/Mate-Valantian/Tacet) and drummer Bernard Labat (Mad Ducks) and legendary Arpadys/Voyage rhythm masters Marc Chanterau and Pierre-Allen Dahan (Brutus Drums). All these guys together with Michel Zanlonghi (Ensemble De Percussion De Paris) create this powerful four-headed rhythm machine that bridges the real gap between Jef Gilson's band and the iconic French revolution "Cosmos". Naturally, these previously unreleased tracks were initiated by lead pianist and composer Jean-Claude Vannier, the master of his 1972 L'Enfant Assassin Des Mouches concept album. Readers have much to appreciate and refer to here. Limited edition of 1000 copies. Jeff Buckley transformation vinyl LP In Transition celebrates the 25th anniversary of Grace, the only studio album released during Jeff Buckley's lifetime, featuring seven previously unreleased studio performances. Recorded during the first studio session at Columbia Records in 1993, the album, as its title suggests, vividly depicts Buckley's evolution from a live naked troubadour to a worldly glamorous performer with a style that has inspired inspiration for a generation. In Transition features stunning early versions of Grace's original songs ("Mojo Pin", "Last Goodbye") as well as unique interpretations of other people's songs ("If You Knew" by Nina Simone, "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen), further highlighting the power of the timeless Barkley's musical style. Jeff Tweedy Take care 12" WARMER, the companion to Jeff Tweedy's 2018 solo album WARM, will be available exclusively on vinyl during Record Store Day 2019. Create and record ten previously unavailable studio recordings in the same session. As George Saunders said of his so-called "sister album" ... "'Warm' follows 'Warm' – recorded with the same explosiveness, driven by the same spirit and imbued with the same comfort." Jeff Wayne piano, strings and other things 12" vinyl single This is a x4 trk EP pressed on heavyweight numbered vinyl. Compiled and composed by Jeff Wayne, featuring songs from the iconic "War of the Worlds" soundtrack. Jefferson's spaceship Kaneko Gold 1LP + 7" Jefferson Starships' 1978 greatest hits album "Gold" is available exclusively on Gold LP on Record Store Day, April 2019, with the 7" "Light the Sky on Fire". Jesse Buckley jako Ross Lynn Harlan Wild roses and jaggynettles 10" Irish-born RADA alum Jessie Buckley has starred on television as Princess Mary in the hit BBC drama, an adaptation of Tolstoy's epic War and Peace and the historical drama War and Peace. Taboo alongside Tom Hardy. In April, she will star opposite Emily Watson in the HBO/SKY series Sister Pictures Chernobyl. In 2018, Jesse made her starring debut in Michael Pierce's critically acclaimed film The Beast, co-starring with Johnny Flynn. The film opened to rave reviews and Jesse won the British Independent Film Award for Most Promising Newcomer. Other pending nominations include the BAFTA 'Rising Star' award and the Critics' Circle Award for 'Best British or Irish Actress'. In 2019, Jessie Buckley stars as Rose-Lynn Harlan, the protagonist of Tom Harper's inspirational, hilarious and uplifting film The Wild The title character of Rose, a charming young single mother who dreams of becoming a star in Nashville. Starring alongside Julie Walters and Sophie Okonedo, Jessie also sings her own songs in the film, all of which will be featured on the soundtrack. Jessie will be touring during the RSD premiere - you really don't want to miss it. Jesse will also appear in JUDY with Renee Zellweger and Doctor Dolittle's Voyage with Robert Downey Jr. jessie true how about you 10" To support Record Store Day 2019 - Jessie Ware has released a 10" double white vinyl featuring her latest albums, Overtime and Adore You. "Adore You" and "Overtime" are constant reminders of Jessie Ware's ability to transcend the British nightclub scene with sophisticated fashion. With an ethereal core and refined vocals, this is a fresh take on classic British house and dance hits from the master of soul. Thanks to Joseph Mount of Metronomy, the production of "Adore You" is full of funk and rhythm, in perfect harmony with Jessie's charming voice, inspiring with the subtle essence of nostalgia and keeping the spirit of club music alive. And "Overtime" was produced by Andy Ferguson and Matt Mcbriar of Bicep & James Ford. It was a time of change for Jessie as she reconnected with her roots. Jessie was working in the studio on her next album, and "Adore You" and "Overtime" are auditions for the upcoming album. jeth rotour North Sea oil 10 inch mini vinyl record 10" mini-LP featuring six tracks including North Sea Oil and a previously unreleased early version of Dun Ringill, all remixed by Steven Wilson from his upcoming album "Stormwatch - 40th Anniversary Edition". Stormwatch' Warm: Sporran, Home and Elegy plus Home from the 1979 EP of the same name. to JJ Kyle stay with me EP 7" The A-side "Stay Around" is the lead single from JJ Cale's upcoming posthumous album (released late April). The B-side "Worrying Off Your Mind", an exclusive bonus track from the 2009 album Roll On, is now available exclusively in physical format for the first time. 7" black vinyl cover with 3mm spine. Joan Shelley river and boat record Limited to 1000 copies. Only released digitally in May 2018 as a bonus for the Kentucky Waterway Alliance, this EP includes fantastic collaborations with Julia Purcell, Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Doug Paisley. It is the first and only physical press. Songs: 1. Time Tells Me 2. Magnolia Flower 3. Beautiful Girl 4. Bridge 5. What a Beautiful Sadness 6. Silver Flute joe strummer track from rockfield studio 12" "The Rockfield Studio Tracks" by Joe Strummer includes "Forbidden City (Demo)" and "Cool Impossible". Printed on thick vinyl, this 12-inch limited edition includes original master audio images and a replaceable photo of Joe. These pre-1993 unreleased tracks are from the Joe Strummer Archives and are the follow-up to the recently released critically acclaimed 'Joe' Strummer 001' - Joe's first career-spanning compilation, featuring 101, The Mescaleros, solo albums, soundtracks and rare The Clash records . Jan Grant The mix is ​​also amazing 12" It features remixes of tracks from his last two albums: Nik Void, Blancmange, Carter Tutti and Anna Meredith. John Hiatt and Lily Hiatt you have to go / different people 7" This is a 7" split version featuring a cover of John Hiatt's "All Kinds of People" and Lilly HIatt's "You Must Go!". in digital form. John Lennon Imagine It (Original Studio Mix) 1LP John Lennon's Imagine [Raw Studio Mixes] will be released as a limited edition on heavy 180g black vinyl on Record Store Day 2019. These mixes feature John and The Plastic Ono Band at the center of Ascot Sound Studios at John and Yoko's home in Tittenhurst. Stripped of any effects (reverb, tape delay, etc.), these tracks offer a unique, unparalleled insight and alternative way of recording. These mixes were squeezed into the original album sequences that originally appeared on vinyl. John McLaughlin, Dave Holland, John Suleman, Stu Martin, Carl Berger where happiness smiles LP - Picture CD “A remastered version of the 1971 album with the legendary Enterprise composed by John McLaughlin on guitar, John Surman on reeds, Karl Berger on vibes, Stu Martin on drums and Dave Holland on bass. Recorded in 1970, "Fortune Smiles" is a jazz fusion album in which all five musicians equally experiment with their great musical quality at Apostolic Studios in New York in late May. The exclusive Picture CD edition also includes the original Dawn Records folder. John Otway and Wild Willie Barrett John Otway and Wild Willie Barrett 2LP Double album on green vinyl. This pack contains two versions of John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett's debut album. In 1978, the album was released through the duo's Extracked Records before signing to Polydor Records later that year. Embossed on a plain white sleeve, the album features the iconic train image on the front and song details on the back. 40 years later, John and Willy walked into The Carvery's recording studio one November night to record a new vinyl version of the album live! As a result, LP 2 of this set is live, recorded in real time and pressed directly onto vinyl - every note is real, with all the energy of a live performance! The clip was streamed live on Facebook and this RSD is the result of that session! Cor baby It's really free! Johnny'ego Osborne'a dusk Monochrome vinyl in a reproduction of the original art. Featuring red 'splash' vinyl, this press exclusive rearranges the album which features a collectible 12" mix by Linval Thompson. johnny thunder What will be will be 2xLP The 1985 studio album - completely remixed and remastered with many never-before-heard tracks - is exactly what it's supposed to sound like. It contains two unreleased tracks left over from the original album, plus a bonus album with six previously unreleased tracks and six live versions. Includes 12" x 24" lyric insert with unpublished image. Remixed by Pat Collier of The Vibrators, this is the first time guitar has been fully included in the mix! Johnny missed the mixing session and now he can be heard as originally intended. Limited edition on purple and white vinyl. New cover notes from Thunders biographer Nina Antonia. Josephine Foster hazel eyes, I will guide you record Only 1000 copies available, black vinyl. Reissued for Record Store Day with the record sleeve turned upside down. Josephine Foster's distinctive instruments and ballads, combined with her extraordinary soprano voice, give her deep voice an otherworldly and ethereal character. "Few artists have carved a niche for themselves like Josephine Foster" The Guardian // "Foster is lonely, with unmistakable dark charisma, apparently enjoying her own cocktail of late-night folk spells," drowns out the sound. Tracklist 1 Warning Siren 2 Hazel Eyes, I'll Guide You 3 With Your Pearl Shape 4 Stones Falling From the Sky 5 Where There Are Trees 6 Sounds of Golden Wood 7 Eyes Up 8 Master of Ceremonies Song 9 Good News 10 Beside the Trees 11 Pruning Scissors 12 Crackerjack Fool 13 Sweet Road 14 Polenta Juice Man Unlimited The Disco Godfather (1979 Soundtrack) record “First reissue! Limited to 1,000 copies Includes insert with notebooks and unreleased photos 1979 Inspired by the huge success of Saturday Night Fever and The Godfather, Comedian Rudy Ray Moore founded DISCO GODFATHER as a POV parody of the noir disco phenomenon. Disco Godfather is a classic Blaxploitation film about a former a cop with martial arts talent and prom prowess who starts a relationship with Fighting the PCP Epidemic. Directed by J. Robert Wagoner, film star Rudy Ray Moore (who also co-produced the film) and noted genre actress Carol Speed. Rudy Ray Moore, already a legendary X-rated comedy star of the 70s, later moved on to film. He used the money he earned performing in clubs to finance DOLEMITE (1975), which became his most iconic and successful film. Moore returned in the 1980s and 1990s stand-up and gained new fans as rappers such as Snoop and Dogg and Busta Rhymes began sampling his records and hailed him as the "Godfather of Rap" for his use of rhyming dialogue. In 2018 (10 years after Moore's death), it was announced that Craig Brewer ("The Loud and the Flow") would direct Rudy Ray Moore's upcoming biopic "My Name Is Dommett". The Netflix film will be directed by Eddie Murphy, who will play Rudy, with the rest of the cast being Wesley Snipes and Chris Rock. Every cool movie needs a cool soundtrack, so the filmmakers turned to the "Juice People Unlimited" team to create a funky disco bombshell. This studio band consists of many well-known musicians, including legendary drummer James Gadsen (one of the most recorded drummers in R&B music, with hundreds of hit singles), Shields (Smokey Robinson, Patti Labelle, Gloria Gaynor), guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. (The Temptations, The Pointer Sisters, Bobby Womack), guitarist Wali Ali (Rick James, Marvin Gaye) and drummer Melvin Webb (The Gap Band, Janet Jackson). were written and arranged by the legendary Ernie Fields Jr., known for his work with Marvin Gaye, Rick James, known for his baritone saxophone with iconic artists such as Rick James and Freddie Hubbard. Fields' other credits include being a Fred Wesley session musician in the 1990s (and touring with him)... and more recently his involvement as a music performer for American Idol, The Voice and X Factor. The band delivered four long tracks (with psychedelic effects and muddy sounds) that perfectly captured the essence of the film's message and concept. In a clear nod to the drug hallucination sequences depicted in the film, the repetitive funky disco groove reflects a trance state that fits the film's image like a glove. The original (and never reissued) vinyl soundtrack from 1979 has become a sought-after album due to the extremely high level of respected studio performers and collaborators. Collectors will spend a lot of money on the original. Strange Disc Records is proud to present a deluxe vinyl re-issue (1,000 copies) featuring an unreleased image insert and extensive exclusive liner notes. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, available in participating stores on April 13. Tracklist: 1. Disco Godfather 2. Shermanizing/One Way Ticket To Hell 3. Never Wanted To Say Goodbye 4. Spaced Out" Juliana Bacera red door 7" “Following a successful debut on Matador Turn Out the Lights and the critically acclaimed boygenius EP, Julien Baker returns with his first new solo album in 18 months, 'Red Door' b/w 'Conversation Piece', available only at the Record Store in 2019 The 7" features the first studio recording of the fan-favorite "Red Door", previously only heard live, as well as a previously unreleased clip that was released on Started during the "Lights Out" meetup, "Conversation Piece". Julien Baker's Turn Out the Lights received rave reviews from the international press and continues to sell steadily, approaching 40,000 album-equivalent copies in the US. Boygenius' S/t EP collected 14,000 scans in the first three months of release. 2 previously unreleased tracks - exclusively on this 7"" (and red vinyl). TRACK LIST 01. RED DOOR 02. CONVERSION SHARE" Caesar's generals oh my God 7" First 7" release of Kaiser Chiefs debut single "Oh My God". The original version of the song was released on CD as a Drowned In Sound Records single in May 2004 and has not been released since. Kasaf love and card dance record Double LP reissue. This highly collectable debut album is reissued for the first time on vinyl. For the first time, the original and US version of the album contains 4 different tracks) Keane Disconnect / Sovereign Light Café Green 7 inch single This release, a double A-side 7" single, features Dave Fridmann's previously unreleased single "Sovereign Light Café" and a version of "Disconnected" from Keane's fourth studio album, Strangeland. It will be released as a limited edition green vinyl LP with brand new artwork designed especially for Record Store Day, and will come with a digital download card. Shepherda Kenny'ego Wayne'a better heights 2xLP “Previously unreleased on vinyl, now available for Record Store Day 2019! Available on black vinyl and limited to 1,000 LPs Includes Kenny Wayne Shepherd's platinum album insert Almost 25 years after its first release, Kenny Wayne Shepherd's debut This album will be released on vinyl for the first time! Tracklist: 1. Born Brokenhearted, 2. Deja Voodoo, 3. Aberdeen, 4. Shame, Shame, Shame, 5. One Foot on the Path, 6. Everyone Gets the Blues, 7. While We Cry, 8. I Leave You ( commit a crime, 9. (Let Me Up) I've Had Enough, 10. Riverside, 11. What's Going On, 12. Ledbetter Heights" Kings Of House NYC feat. Julie McKnight Nadal 12" Kings of House NYC featuring Julie McKnight at Louie Vega's Vega Records Kipa Moore'a Free space: acoustic session record Kip Moore is an American country music singer-songwriter living in Nashville. His debut album "Up All Night" was released in 2012. 12 inch exclusive vinyl record store. Kirk Franklin I am looking for you 7" A massive crossover hit by the American gospel star that mixes Patrice Rushens classics with R&B and hip-hop, it delivers an uplifting, inspiring and contagious feeling of well-being. A true favorite of Tony Humphries, Southport and soul collectors, finally got a full single. lunatic Live in the Moth Club record “To celebrate the release of their fifth album, Let's Go Sunshine, The Kooks played a sold-out intimate gig at London's iconic Moth Club. The first commercial live albums by iconic British indie band Live At The Moth Club witnessed an explosion with their latest material as well as classics from their catalogue. Christina Hersz crooked record only 2000. First time vinyl + additional unreleased material. Reissued for the first time on orange vinyl. "She's still as strong as ever." Pitchfork // "The Puppet of Feminist Indie Rock" (classic rock), the prolific musician's first publication from her eighth solo album, originally released as a multimedia book. "Hersh's poetic, provocative and enigmatic singing" (Washington Post) makes "Crooked" a stunning record. The album tells the story of a life-changing acupuncture treatment that cured her illness until a "flood" of melancholy became an early warning of the sudden death of her close friend Vic Chesnutt. "Her important solo work is excellent" Drowning in Sound // "The amazing production and commitment to quality is amazing, but Kristin Hersh is a very, very special musician." The Quietus // Tracklist Moan, Sand, Glass, Mississippi Kite, Fortuna, Coals, Crooked, Krait, Flood, Rubidoux. KT City Hall extra wax 7” To celebrate and support Record Store Day 2019, KT Tunstall has released an exclusive 7" CD called EXTRA WAX. A gray and numbered 7" disc featuring the tracks John The Conqueror and Throw Down Boy which originally appeared on the deluxe physical release of their latest album WAX and also debuted on the cover of Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun! Gray 7", numbered outer cover gentlemen this girl / I feel bad 7" A remake of Kung's classic Cookin' On 3 Burners track "This Girl" first reissued in 1945 and the LP-only track "I Feel So Bad". Scoring by Laurence R. Harvey, Chris Bozzone Thomas De Quincey, Deep Sighs: Levana and Our Lady of Sorrows 7" Clear red vinyl read by Lauence R. Harvey (Human Centipede Franchise), soundtrack by Chris Bozzone, Liner points to author J. Blake Ficher Scored to Death, new artwork commissioned by Al Columbia The League of Gentlemen live again! - pops 2LP “Welcome back to Royston Vasey. Exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records is proud to present League of Gentlemen "Live Again". United Kingdom The last lap of the country In this recording of the 2018 BAFTA-winning show, comedy legends Rhys Hill Smith, Steve Pemberton, Mark Gatty Royston Varsey and Jeremy Dyson bring their uniquely dark and unbalanced fictional village of Royston Varsi to the Hammersmith Apollo. Excited to take my preshuses to the travel agent, I made a little brown fish!" says Tubbs Tattsyrup: "Live Again" was co-created with The League of Gentlemen and features beautiful original artwork by horror legend Graham Humphreys, packaged in 2 x 180G weights heavyweight Lazarou on colored vinyl and presented in an amazing fold-out cover featuring key characters Pauline and Mickey. Includes all of the classic characters from the show, including Tubbs and Edward, Papa Lazarou, Les McQueen, Dr. Chinnery, Charlie and Stella, Pam Douve, Hilary Briss, Reverend Bernice Woodall and more. You never leave! ! ! " Liane Rimes I live in Gruene Hall 12" Gruene covers the song live. Lee „Scratch” Perry Lee "Scratch" Perry and Friends - Return to the Ark 12 inch case x4 12 inch discs. """Lee Perry wants to show the world a box set of Collector's Edition 12"""". Selection of four obscure rhythms from his Black Ark Studio in the late 70's. Featuring Dennis Bovell and Vin Gordon of Studio One Among the musicians, each vinyl contains 4 Rhythm versions featuring Ashanti Roy (Congos) singers Sylford Walker, Highie Izachaar and Danny Red Rogi Vin Gordon, vocals by Lee Perry and voiceover versions: Disc 1 Tell Me What A Gwan - Hughie Izachaar Gwan this Dub Cookie Jar a Crumble – Lee Perry Cookie Dub Disc 2 Ruff it Ruff – Congo Ashanti Roy Ruffer Dub Big Banana – Lee Perry Banana Horns Disc 3 Zion is a Holy Place – Sylford Walker Hola Dub Havin a Party Tonight – Lee Perry Party Horns Disc 4 World Crisis - Danny Red Crisis Dub Smoke & Sweat - Lee Perry Sweat Horns """ Lee Scratch Perry Big Ben Rock (Woody'ego Taylora Remix) 7" Limited to 700 copies Green Vinyl 7” with download code. Lee Scratch Perry Releases New Single London-based indie label wiaiwya is both confused and excited to present LEE Scratch Perry's new single. From the opening chime of the famous chime (currently muted until 2021) to the closing gong and tambourine, it's a rock song. High tempo, glam, raga-rock homage to Sergio Leone... that's exactly what you'd expect from a Woody Taylor mix by Lee Scratch Perry, frontman of Morrissey's former band... "Give me rock 'n' roll like Meatloaf..." Not every day you get please , but it's not every day you get orders from the legendary Lee Scratch Perry! I live near Mad Professor's studio in south London and sell him some recording equipment. He knew I played drums with Morrissey, he knew I was a reggae fan and they asked me if I would be interested in doing a session. I started producing and when the song wasn't finished they agreed I could remix it. This is the fruit of my work, with contributions from Boz Boorer (Morrissey/Coward), Jonny Bridgwood (Morrissey/Marianne Faithful) and Anthony Miller (Data/Friday Club). Big Ben can't get enough swing right now, remember Live: "If you don't make it, you're going to get a huge hit! Woodie Taylor, 2019. Lee Scratch Perry founded Upsetter Records in 1968. He founded Dub, produced Bob Marley, allegedly burned down the studio, and worked with Mad Professor, The Clash, Adrian Sherwood, and the Beastie Boys. Woodie Taylor has ruled the record since the early 80s. He first emerged at the age of 45 as a member of the Daleks and then as the drummer for psychobilly legend Shooting Star. In the 90s he performed in Drive (formerly Melanie Blatt of All Saints). He played on Morrissey's Vauxhall & I LP and provided the rhythmic backbone of Comet Gain's iconic indie hero for two decades. He produced the albums Love Is All, Comet Gain, Proper Ornaments and Shrag. Boz Boorer was Morrissey's co-writer, guitarist and musical director for the better part of 30 years. He was also a founding member of rock legend The Polecats. Jonny Bridgwood played bass on three Morrissey albums. Anthony Miller - trumpet on Friday Club and appeared on their collectible single 2Tone Window Shopping. Member Sirkus Recording artist Data in the 90s with Woodie Taylor and the king of the music industry Nick Huggett. The album belongs to Graeme Durham, who also produced Grace Jones, Bob Marley, U2, Fourtet, King Tubby and Frankie Goes it's Hollywood... Tracklist A Big Ben Rock (Woodie Taylor Remix)' B1 Steady B2 J'Love Head Road The Leisure Society features Brian Eno, The I'm paying now 7" Leisure Society have released the song "I'll Pay For It Now" featuring Brian Eno's synthesizer from their upcoming fifth album "Arrivals & Departures". The track will be released on 7" with an exclusive, unreleased track "Pieces", limited to 500 copies. lemon head Can't Forget / Wild Child 7" LTD pressing single AA 7". 1000 presses. "The cover is no stranger, Lemonhead perfects the art" NME // AA 7 limited edition single, lead single "Can't Forget", Yo La Tengo Cover, from the new Lemonheads album. The AA side is an unreleased cover of Lou Reed's "Wild Child" which is exclusive and not included on the album. Produced by Matthew Cullen, mastered by Howie Weinberg (Beastie Boys, Nirvana, The Ramones). The Lemonheads have been stagnant for nearly a decade on their ninth studio album, a racy and critically acclaimed cover set, A Collection of Unlikely Companions (Gibby produced by Haynes, guest vocals by Kate Moss). The band's follow-up repeats the formula with Evan Far Ahead, whose emotional, slow sound makes sense for a different broadband playlist. He really became one of the most expressive singers. "Songs from the heart and a sweet voice to sing them" GQ // "Boppy, shady alternative rock in fast tunes and sung in tenor whiskey" Pitchfork // Tracklist A - Can't Forget AA - Wild Child Lilington death of television Picture CD It will never be available as a photo disc. Available on CD since '99. Numbers are available. Vinyl records went out of print from the mid-2000s to 2018. Only 666 copies worldwide. Considered one of the top three albums in the genre, Death By Television brought the Wyoming Lillingtons to the hearts of punk rock fans around the world. Inspired by Roger Corman's sci-fi classic X The Man With The X Ray Eyes, the cover is one of the best album covers you've ever seen, making it the perfect title to release as a picture disc. Red Scare Industries thus presents the Lillingtons' classic debut as a very limited and very colorful picture CD for Record Store Day 2019. Tracks: 01. War of the Worlds 02. Don't Trust Humanoids 03. Black Hole in My Mind 04. I Saw an Ape Man 05. X-Ray 06. UFO Human Invasion 07. You're the One 08. I Need Some Brain Injury 09. Code Name: Peabrain 10. Ghost Maggot 11. Robot of My Dreams 12. Murder Inside Me 13. Caveman 14. I'm from the Future Lonny Ready Smitha space princess 12" The Collector's Disco 12" reissue of two standout tracks from Lonnie Liston Smith's 1978 album "Exotic Mystery" has been officially remastered and reissued as RSD - "Space Princess universe, jazz-infused disco sound and beautiful smoothness contained in effortless "Quiet" Moments. flash LSD LPX2 "Peruvian Cumbia / Psych" Led by Enrique Delgado, Los Destellos truly defined the sound of Peruvian Cumbia by combining various influences and the use of electric guitars. This compilation picks genres where Los Destellos songs are closest to psychedelia, beat and boogaloo, Selected from albums released between 1968 and 1978. These 20 irresistible songs are essential elements of Peruvian cumbia, rhythms that changed the face of Lima, rocked the Andes and spread like forest fires to the Amazon basin. For fans of Los Mirlos, links to Wray, Davie Allan and Surf Instruments. Record Store Day 2019 release.” Lou Reeda ecstasy 2LP 180g Reissue of Lou Reed's 18th and final (uncooperative) solo rock album Ecstasy, released in 2000. Louis Armstrong Disney songs on Satchmo Way 1 LP picture disc Released in 1968, Disney Songs the Satchmo Way features classic Disney songs from trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong's films, produced by Tutti Camarata. Lenz Do 3 record Lunz is Tim Story and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, their new and third album after 2002's Lunz and 2008's Inlandish. Wrapped in black vinyl with a black inner sleeve and perforations on both sides! Lutheran van der Rotha My Body (remiksy Louiego Vegi) 12" Luther Vandross exclusive mix at Louie Vegas Vegas Records Rice pop music 10" 40th Anniversary 4 tracks; original 7" single plus 3 unreleased classics. Individually numbered, limited edition on pink vinyl, released in 1979 by New Wave pioneer Robin Scott, featuring his highly influential repertoire and worldwide hits. Originally recorded as an R&B and funk song, the track returns on this particular RSD release. This original demo is very different from the synthesizer-inspired single. The third track on the A-side is a Latin track, recorded live at his 2000 concert in Vancouver. Robin Scott also included one of his favorite unreleased remixes by Canadian duo "Second Sun". Pop Muzik limited edition of 1,000 individually numbered pink vinyl, 500 in the UK crazy One step further Alien painting tray flyer 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of Madness, one of the most successful and popular British bands of all time. Formed in Camden Town, North London in 1976, they have released dozens of hit singles and albums, sold millions of records over their five-year career, and are still going strong today. To celebrate the year of "XL", the band re-released their first top ten hit, "One Step Beyond". In addition to the original 7" single and a re-recorded version of the song from the 2009 album, this release also includes the Italian and Spanish versions of the song. The single is included on a very special limited edition shaped photo disc, the A-side of which features a photo of the band performing their signature "Nutty Train" dance. Madonna True Blue (super club mix) 12" 6-track EP (blue vinyl) Japanese pressed replica of Madonna's "True Blue Super Club Mix" with strap. On blue vinyl. Tracklist: A1 True Blue (The Color Mix) A2 Everybody (Dub Version) B1 Papa Don't Preach (Extended Version) Remix) B2 Everyone (extended version) B3 Live To Tell (instrumental version)》 Madonna La Isla Bonita (Super Mix) 12" 6-track EP (Green Vinyl) "La Isla Bonita: Japanese Copy EP Super Mix EP originally released by Warner-Pioneer Japan in May 1987. Includes "La Isla Bonita" (extended mix), "Open Your Heart" (extended), "Gambler", "Crazy for You" and "La Isla Bonita" (instrumental version). This version appears on green vinyl. Madonnatron Ft. There are roast and roast legs on the side. Virgin Mary Bella Ciao (Meatraffe track featuring Madonnatron) and Brigante Se Mor (Madonnatron track featuring Meatrafle) 7" “Trashmouth Presents for Record Store Day – MADONNATRON vs MEATRAFFLE Italian Rebel Songs Special! Side A: Madonnatron feat. Meatraffe performed by Brigante Se More. B-side: Meatraffle feat. Madonnatron performed by Bella Ciao. Neither Madonnatron nor Meatraffe need an introduction, but what not everyone needs to know is that both bands are part of the Italians! Magnetism, A glimpse into history from the future record Originally released by WRT in 1981 and limited to 1,000 copies including sheet music inserts, Strange Disc Records is proud to present the first vinyl reissue of the groundbreaking Icelandic album Minimal Synth: The Magnetics 'A Historical Glimpse Of The Future' (1981 The Magnetics to Jakob Magnússon and Alan Howarth, a fascinating international and iconic duo Keyboardist Magnússon is an Icelander who already has an impressive jazz resume, and Howarth has made his mark as a Hollywood composer - in 1981, following the release of A Historical Glimpse of the Future in the same year, he was also involved in two of John Carpenter's hit singles, Escape from New York and The Halloween II Soundtrack Both had fairly successful post-Magentics careers, with Howarth doing more soundtracks (They Live, Big Trouble In Little China, Christine, etc.) and Magnússon with Jakob ended up working as the Icelandic ambassador to the UK in the 90s. Throughout the fantastic album A Historical Glimpse of the Future, you can hear the soundscapes of people starting to be associated with 80s movies with Carpenter/Howarth soundtracks. Dark and moody material but with the Weirdly twisted as heard on the synthesizer cover of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and the old-school cabaret "I'm "Getting Married Today", two really quirky tracks that don't seem to fit in with... somehow Why, Misfits It actually fits very well, it's a real look into the future story. Originally released by WRT in 1981 (and a hit on the used market), Strange Disc Records is proud to present a deluxe vinyl reissue (1,000 copies) featuring an insert featuring extensive, exclusive liner notes by Jakob Magnússon himself. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, available in participating stores on April 13. Tracklist: 1.The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2.Curityba 3.Shangahai Stripper 4.Porlaksson Og Noromann 5.Silicone Valley 6.Sukkulaoisjukur 7.Paranaha 8.Isfeld And Rio de Janeiro 9.I'm Getting Married Today 10.Horku Flykki" little one punk era 7" Punk artist Mal-One released a new single titled Punk Times on Record Store Day 2019. Asking the age-old question... Where did punk rock start? As the lyrics say, "Some say it started in New York?" Some say it started with punk rock? We all say it's a good follow-up to last year's 7" limited edition "Never Mind The Punk 45", which was released to celebrate his punk exhibition at the Herrick Gallery in Piccadilly, London. Punk Era is also the name of the artist Mal-One produced this year fanzine for a publisher He designed various covers and layouts but due to external factors and said the publisher decided to move on to the next big thing in London, New Romanticism, the project didn't see the light of day. happened who knows maybe it will be part of the next show. Watch this space enjoying singles and don't forget we live in the punk era. Punk artist Mal-One for 2019 A new single titled Punk Times was released on Record Store Day. Elevating the eternal question... Where did punk rock start? As the lyrics say: "Some say it started in New York? "Some say it originated from punk rock? We all say it's a nice follow-up to last year's limited edition 7" "Never Mind The Punk 45", which coincided with his show at the Herrick Gallery in Piccadilly. , London. Punk Times is also the name of a fanzine produced by artist Mal-One for the publisher. He designed various covers and layouts, but the project never saw the light of day due to outside factors and said the publisher decided to move on to London's next big thing, New Romanticism. Maybe now is the time to make it happen, who knows, maybe it will be part of the next show. Watch this space enjoying singles and don't forget we live in the punk era. monsoon heritage red 12" vinyl British legend MANSUN's double EP "LEGACY" debuts on red 12" vinyl. The single's lyrics poked fun at pop and rock bands vying for stardom, but tongue-in-cheek teased the EP in two parts in 1998 with a haunting official promotional video showing a puppet version of themselves on the go. each, is now available for the first time in a 12-inch format - on exclusive RSD19 red vinyl in OBI packaging similar to the original 7-inch single package. Mark Boland i tyranozaur rex Impact grinding record "Exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon is proud to present a collection of working demos and master releases of some of T. Rex's biggest hits, including 'Telegram Sam', '20th Century Boy', 'Metal Guru' and 'Solid Gold' Easy Action" ". Mastered from the original tape and pressed onto 180g heavy blue vinyl Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus nothing breaks like a heart 12" vinyl single top three recent singles. Available as x3 trk, 12" vinyl single. Includes: - "Radio Edit", "Dimitri From Paris Remix", "Boston Bun Remix". Marshall Allen, Danny Ray Thompson, Jamie Saft, Trevor Dunn, Balazs Pandi w. Roswell Luther Ritual therapy Mie 12" LP “This record brings together the two main members of Sun Ra Arkestra, its leaders, saxophonist Marshall Allen and saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Danny Ray Thompson, as well as rising piano and keyboard star Jamie Saft, bassist Trevor Dunn, drummer Balazs Pandi. Recorded over three days in 2016 at Potterville International Sound studios in New York, Ceremonial Healing features the late trombonist Roswell Rudd on his final recording. The recordings are psychedelic, three days of free improvisation (one per record per day) and pay homage to the infinite power and legacy of Sun Ra Arkestra through the lens of intergenerational collective improvisation and skill transfer. This first album will be released as a tri-color vinyl in a specially designed E-flute package.” mastodon ladder to Nick John 10" 10" vinyl single Mavericks, The / Sweet Lizzy Project - Split 45 flower in seed 7 7-inch folio featuring Grammy-winning band THE MAVERICKS on one side and The Sweet Lizzy Project on the other The Sweet Lizzy Project is a new band from Havana, Cuba signed to the new Mavericks label. They appeared twice on PBS. Both sides are produced by Raul Malo. Max Richter first row 1LP “The first release of Vinyl Clear Red Vinyl Limited Numbered Edition by Italian director Renato De Maria, the 2009 crime drama La Prima Linea (The Frontline) takes us back to the late 1970s and to the terrorist group of the same name in mainland Italy. Based on the True Memoirs of Prima Linea member Sergio Segio (played by Riccardo Scamarcio), a militant underground group that used violence to advance their political goals and eventually tried to free Sergio's lover, Suzanne, from prison. A beautiful and melancholy soundtrack Instantly recognizable as the work of Max Richter, making its debut on Vinyl Store Day. Richter is a respected composer in his own right, having amassed a record for his studio albums (Memoryhouse, The Blue Notebooks and most recently Sleep). Huge crowd of fans. He has won numerous awards and nominations for his soundtracks, including Waltz With Bashir, Lore, The Leftovers and most recently Mary Queen of Scots. To accompany this release Silva Screen is on clear red vinyl Introducing the limited edition of Max Richter's "The Leftovers" now available. Menzingera Garden Without Penitent / Cemetery 7" Exclusive RSD Standard Black 7" - limited print. First offer of unreleased material metavariable Absurd (music recreated in the David Lynch short film) record “First reissue! Limited to 1,000 copies Reverse Print Luxury Jacket with Custom Cutout Center Opening Includes Metavari 8-page booklet, named by American electronic composer and musician Nathaniel David Utesch, introducing his new album: "ABSURDA: Music Reimagined in The Short Films of David Lynch" . The album features 12 tracks, each accompanied by a soundtrack to David Lynch's collection of short films. The films span Lynch's career, representing a wide range of student work (e.g. "Six People Are Sick" and "The Alphabet") to contemporary productions such as the title song "Absurd" and his infamous animations "Industrial Soundscape" and "Dream# 7" ". "ABSURDA" plays with the rest of the Metavari synthesizer catalog, but here's an evolution that explores a deeper level of experimentation. It is a chaotic collage of sounds, rhythms and melodies; almost "predatory" performance of MIDI sequences and drums using PCM synthesizers and foley samples. It is clear that Metavari found himself on a new path as he forged his own. Place. Metavari describes the process as the "doodles" of Lynch's films. "I've followed David Lynch's career all my adult life; a series of precious pages from a series of love letters that I feel were written to me. This project is similar to what I scribbled on these letters in my own language because I wrote back to the man who inspired me more than he knew, "The album comes packaged in a deluxe reverse-print sleeve with a custom cut-out center hole and also includes a special 8-page booklet and digital download card. This LP (CLEAR Vinyl Record) is strictly limited to 1000 Zhang worldwide. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, available in participating stores on April 13. Tracklist: 01. Six Figures Getting Sick (Six Times) 02. Absurd Encounter with Fear 03. The Alphabet 04. Industrial Soundscape 05. Absurd 06. Interlude from Absurd 07. Foreboding and Evil Deed 08. Dream No. 7 09. Dream No. 7 (Coda) 10. Blue Green 11. 3 Rs 12. Ballerina" Michael Chapman different story record Eight tracks from four CD albums recorded by Michael Chapman between 1999 and 2010, mostly sold at concerts powerful hum entire radio series 3LP “Exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records takes us on a journey through time and space into the world of Mighty Boosh. This is the classic BBC Radio 4 comedy that launched the writing career and stars Noel Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt. This is the first time the series has been released on vinyl and brings the superlative Zooniverse The Real World to life. It comes in a fold-out cover with brand new artwork by Noel Fielding, Dave Brown and cover notes by Julian Barrett. mighty diamond street thugs record First use on vinyl, originally released in 2006 miki's fear Roots and culture 10" "Coveted 10" limited edition of 1200 individually numbered colored vinyls (red/green/gold) randomly available. UK 600 Mikey Dread was a Jamaican singer who played an important role in popularizing reggae music 1970 He started recording in the early 70's and collaborated with many different artists from the reggae scene. Roots & Culture is one of his signature tracks, showing his ability to perform rhythms and lyrics at the highest level. Roots & Culture Limited edition of 1200 individually numbered colored vinyl records (red/green/gold)." Mingcheng rock Lollypop 7" This is Ming City Rockers' first album since Steve Albini recorded "Lemon" in 2016. This is a new line-up of the band that has been touring extensively in Europe for the last 2 years. This marked a change in the direction of their music, and although they were clearly Mings, their love for hip-hop was revealed. Mings will tour the UK to support the release. This will be their first full UK tour since touring with the Palma Violets in 2016. Single download code will be made available. This song is the first one produced by Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, MIA, The Horrors) minus 5, Stroke Manor record An exclusive RSD release featuring Peter Buck, Joe Adragny, Jeff Tweedy and more. Scott McCaughey began work on his next album less than three days after doctors predicted he would never play music again while still in intensive care, unable to speak coherently and waking up from paralysis on his right side. In November 2017, the underground band Northwest suffered a stroke that nearly killed him and wiped his entire music catalog from his memory (including Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M. and more). But instead of wallowing in pain, McCoy channeled his ubiquitous positive energy and began jotting down any incoherent thoughts that crossed his mind. He converted these stream of consciousness pages into his 13th full-length Minus 5 release, Stroke Manor. A microcosm of weeks spent in a hospital bed and recuperating at home in Portland, the album was recorded with contributions from Peter Buck, Joe Adragny, Jeff Tweedy and more. The result is often a head-scratching and tongue-twisting mess as the lyrics encourage him to experiment with changing the effects of his voice to suit the bizarre new alien character he feels he's singing. This limited edition LP includes a die-cut cover and Brainwave vinyl! Limited to 2000 copies worldwide. minus 5, Stroke Manor CD An exclusive RSD release featuring Peter Buck, Joe Adragny, Jeff Tweedy and more. Scott McCaughey began work on his next album less than three days after doctors predicted he would never play music again while still in intensive care, unable to speak coherently and waking up from paralysis on his right side. In November 2017, the underground band Northwest suffered a stroke that nearly killed him and wiped his entire music catalog from his memory (including Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M. and more). But instead of wallowing in pain, McCoy channeled his ubiquitous positive energy and began jotting down any incoherent thoughts that crossed his mind. He converted these stream of consciousness pages into his 13th full-length Minus 5 release, Stroke Manor. A microcosm of weeks spent in a hospital bed and recuperating at home in Portland, the album was recorded with contributions from Peter Buck, Joe Adragny, Jeff Tweedy and more. The result is often a head-scratching and tongue-twisting mess as the lyrics encourage him to experiment with changing the effects of his voice to suit the bizarre new alien character he feels he's singing. CD version Mo-dettes, The history so far 1LP A groundbreaking 80s British post-punk treasure. Limited edition 180GRM original master vinyl + lyric page on inside cover + A4 die-cut sticker. Includes PAINT IT BLACK, WHITE MOUSE DISCO and KRAY TWINS - Originally released by Deram Records (a division of Decca) in 1980, this is the first reissue of this seminal British post-punk album on vinyl. The Mo-dettes is an all-female band formed in 1979 by guitarists Kate Korris (The Slits), Jane Crockford (Bank of Dresden), Ramona Carlier (Kleenex) and June Miles-Kingston. They were at the center of London's art, film and punk scene in the late 1970s, with some members assisting Malcolm McLaren on The Great Rock and Roll Con and living with Joe in the Strummer and Sid Vicious communities. Their branding is also noticeable, perhaps helping to attract a wider audience, or perhaps influenced by the artistic background of some of the band members. The album featured the Rolling Stones' version of Paint It Black, a remake of their debut single White Mice (retitled White Mice Disco), as well as a cover of Edith Piaf's Milord, as well as other original songs. The band toured for four years supporting two-tone ska bands such as Madness and The Specials before finally disbanding in 1982. While the members parted ways, many continued to work with Fun Boy Three, Everything But The Girl and the Communards, etc. The "Scenes" series did not appear on CD until 1998, when labels began to take a serious look at their archives. Aside from the big names in the series, Decca definitely has a rich tidbit or two in 45 - a combination that wouldn't be relegated to the album department if it wasn't successful enough. …so there are so many wonderfully diverse subterranean aspects. modulation, I'm going hard / I can't resist your love 7" A killer rarity of groovy classics and modern soul from The Modulations - arranged by Vince Montana, Norman Harris and Ronald Baker, along with instruments from members of the MFSB, is the mainstay of the city's "Philadelphia Sound". Redo. Only Original Sevens from the 70s change hands for £150! unicorn fairies in boots 10" An unreleased cover version of Black Sabbath, the heaviest Swedish trio soon to become the big dealer of Doom Metal, Monolord. Now signed to Relapse, this will be their last release on Riding Easy. A Single-sided 10" color vinyl, one press only. UK 300 only python Life of Brian Monty Python 1LP photo disc Record Store Day folks! We usually release a CD from our archives around this time and decided to ASK BWIANA! To celebrate Record Store Day 2019 and the film's 40th anniversary, Monty Python is releasing a very special limited edition vinyl version of Monty Python's Life Of Brian soundtrack produced by Abbey Road Studios. New artwork was completed, personally supervised by Terry Gilliam, as well as unreleased material from the Monty Python archives. Include download credentials. Dried Moringa Shine Big (Remix Version) 12" Morcheeba enlists artists like Kelpe, Brecon, Djrum, Throwing Snow, Falty DL and Yimono for a beautifully dreamy electronic remake of 6 tracks from their hit 2018 album Blaze Away Morrisseya future lover 7" Unique clear red 7" vinyl featuring the unreleased track "I Think You Were Dead". Moses Sumney Black in crimson, 2014 12" - 12" Red and Black Splash Vinyl. Side A is music, side B is etching """It seems appropriate in our current climate. The words of Moses, """"Crimson black, 2014 were illuminated by my first and last protest in 2014. This was in the fall of 2014 after the grand jury of the Regiment decided not to prosecute the criminals on the murder of Mike Brown and sent them home for Thanksgiving. I felt like a disguised outsider during the protests, like an anthropologist doing his own research among the kind. I took it and drove to the hills shortly after to write songs, wondering if the power is a portable device that can pass from hand to hand through turbulent sounds. nos Exaggeration / Bomber Foldable 2 x 7 inch picture CD A 40th Anniversary double 7" disc commemorating 1979, the loudest, dirtiest, most bastard rock scene, the year Motorhead released their groundbreaking albums Overkill and Bomber. This cut, two-song combo set features hits from these classic albums. "Motorboat" rocky beach 7" colored mono vinyl Purple 'Motörhead Record Store Day Exclusive 7' vinyl in a clear PVC case. MOTÖRHEAD MUSIC / SILVER LINING MUSIC Celebrate Record Store Day with the special MOTÖRHEAD 7 "ROCKAWAY BEACH" Released April 13 It's another great time of year celebrating the glory of the record store in honor of April 13, 2019 Record Store Day at Motörhead Music / Silver Lining Music will release "Rockaway Beach", a 7" single by Motörhead to celebrate their recognition of another legendary pioneer band, The Ramones. Featuring their version of Roar's "Rockway Beach" and a live recording at the 2006 Wacken Festival, their own studio tribute for "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." the 1991 7" single will be a purple vinyl in a standard premium 7" sleeve with exclusive artwork by Tokyo Hiro http://instagram/tokyohiro. This strictly limited edition 7-inch record will be available in all participating stores and countries. Shop day. " fried mussels I should care b/w I'm happy 10" Limited 10" recording exclusively for RSD Munford and sons Delta Acoustic Sessions - Electric Lady Live Streaming 10'' Recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York, 4 reworked versions of tracks from the album "Delta". Side A - Woman / Guiding Light Side B - Wild Heart / If I Said mutual benefit another diamond day record Mutual benefit covers Vashti Bunyan Classic album my chemical romance The Black Parade is dead! 2LP 2 x 140g 12" vinyl RSD 2019, live in Mexico, previously unreleased vinyl Cyber ​​​​sky / Etherwood 铁心 (Nu:Logic Remix) / Begin By Letting Go (Whiney Remix) 12" Ten years after the huge success of their debut album "Netsky" - Drum & Bass heavyweight Nu:Logic remixes the classic "Iron Heart". On the other side is Whitney's adaptation of the Etherwood anthem "Let It Go". Multicolored stains on transparent vinyl. The New Savages (Ronnie Wood/Keith Richards) buried alive 3 x 12"/vinyl records "The reasons why Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, Ian McLagan, Stanley Clarke, Bobby Keys and Joseph 'Ziggy' Modeliste toured as The New Barbarians in 1979 started piling up five years earlier when Keith took time off from The Rolling Stones, to join The Rolling Stones. Ronnie then took time off from The Faces to record his first solo album. Their obvious musical and personal affinities not only led to Ronnie replacing Mick Taylor in The Stones, but also formed the New Barbarians as a veritable The Rock 'n' retrospective foundation Coinciding with Keith's 1977 punishment for a Canadian drug bankruptcy, the band performed with the Rolling Stones in two benefit concerts for Canada's National Blind Institute in 1979, followed by a short-lived North American tour. headlined the Capitol Center Arena in Largo, Maryland and presented this championship 3 LP set. Originally released as a box set on black vinyl in 2010, it is now available exclusively on RSD 2019 Released in black yellow and red vinyl x 3 (triple vinyl) in a beautiful roll-up sleeve - this historic, epic concert is a must-have for all Ronnie fans, Keith and Rolling Stones Spares - for rock outlaws everywhere." New York I'm fine now / I'm in a hurry (Tom Moulton remix) 12" For the first time on a 12" string-filled classic NYC soul/Northern Soul crossover with big brass, it's super loud and processed thanks to Tom Moulton's signature mix. Nichelle Nichols see what I mean / why aren't you doing it right? 7" Star Trek to Soul Pressure - Lieutenant Uhura aka Nichelle Nichols was a groundbreaking actress, singer and pioneer, and these two standout songs sound just as sweet as they did over 50 years ago. A valuable collector's item for fans of Soul, the North and any true Trekkie…the original has changed hands for over £250. night shot "Boom" Sonica record “Few artists have been more prominent in the garage rock saga than the Sonics. With lecherous cult classics like "SHOT DOWN" and "HE'S WAITIN" from the 1966 album BOOM, the pioneering band cemented their reputation as rock'n'roll assertives, put the Pacific Northwest scene on the map, and cemented their status as heroes for generations to come . Then Danny Lee Blackwell's NIGHT BEATS, a band with their own underground group A, and the combination of direct, fuzzy and covered feedback influences SONICS and their own powerful sound. It was this combination that led to NIGHT BEATS recording BOOM in its entirety, which befits their musical pioneer Homage. Blackwell and a group of great musicians have managed to preserve the spirit of the original recordings such as "CINDERELLA", "DONT YOU JUST KNOW IT" and a particularly crazy version of "LOUIE LOUIE", while imbuing them with their own brand of soul-stirring, maximum R&B. Blackwell leads on vocals and guitar, easily interpreting Gerry Rosalie's screams. Mike Brandon as his partner in crime, bass wunderkind Nate Ryan Tempo was kept on drums while Julien O'Neill was brilliant on keyboards and Joe Santa Maria lamented on the horns. The final touches were made by Marlon Rabenreither on acoustic guitar, with backing vocals from Cole Alexander and Dan Gerbang - working together to keep the Sonics legacy intact, even as they tear the whole place down. The next time you hear a loud bang and windows rattling, it might be a sonic boom, all right, but then again, it might just be a "supersonic explosion." NJE from Adrian Sherwood, The floating in dubbing record Black vinyl record with download code. All tracks exclusive to this release. RSD only! BBC 6Music NJE session + aggressive versions of classic tracks from their debut album, all mixed by On-U Sound legend Adrian Sherwood. Turn on, listen and immerse yourself in the dubbing... NJE took the opportunity to join forces with the legendary producer of On-U Sound, Adrian Sherwood. It appeared twice in the same week in the spring of 2018. The band was invited to the biennial event "Sherwood At The Controls" in North London. Headlining their opening night is Asian Dub Foundation featuring DJ Steve Davis and Kavus Noel Gallagher's high-flying bird I'm waiting for the return of the EP color 12" "Wait And Return EP" by Noel Gallagher "Wait And Return EP" is a limited edition 12" stamp on turquoise vinyl, released exclusively for Record Store Day. Featuring remixes of tracks by The Reflex and Richard Norris from their first album Who Built the Moon?, as well as new cover art by Gareth Halliday. “I love Record Store Day. It gives us artists a chance to publish music that may never see the light of day. I love limited edition merchandise and I often say 'I'll keep it' It's Record Store Day" - Noel Gallagher Norma Tully'ego out of time 12" Landed Records is pleased to welcome back the legendary Norm Talley with a unique limited edition 12" vinyl masterpiece from one of the founders and true players of the Detroit House music scene! This release and all its releases after all, all written and produced by a completely analog Norm setting. No computers, no digital limiters, no gimmicks. Just pure, warm, deep Detroit goodness. LTD edition 180g vinyl. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan i Michael Brook Song of the night 12" “This is the reissue of the legendary 1996 Grammy nominated album Night Song, for the first time on vinyl. The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is today recognized as the greatest master of mystical Qawwali music, On Night Song has teamed up with Canadian soundtrack producer/guitarist/composer Michael Brook (U2, Brian Eno). On this accessible and inspiring album, Brook gives a unique character to Nusrat's extraordinary, ecstatic vocals. Deafening double basses, ripped guitar sounds, rich organ and Hammond organ. It's a truly classic statement that transcends musical boundaries, described by Billboard as "a stellar production ... an album that transcended eras, challenged genres and cemented Khan's status as one of the greatest singers in the world. "Single disc, black vinyl, includes download code and reproduction of original cover." Olaf Arnaza Re: Members and String Quartet 2LP "re:member Special Limited Edition - There are many elements that make this new exclusive CD so special. Starting with five different custom-made artwork - shipped randomly worldwide - including a brand new, never-before-heard CD commissioned by Olafur. An amazing string quartet on a beautiful 7" LP. All of this comes in a glossy PVC case and is only available in this physical edition. This will be a real collector's item - try to find all 5 around the world! Standard Re:member album with additional 7" and 3 new tracks - these are string quartet versions of the 2 original tracks. Completed in 5 individual covers (with outer PVC packaging) in random quantities so we can get some stock in our UK" torus type Buried Deeper Within / Impact (cursed earth mix) 12" Double A Face Club Limited Edition 12" white vinyl, gloss sleeve with embossed stripes. Includes two previously unreleased remixes, both by the band. On the one hand, "Buried Deeper Within" is a remix of the standout track from Orbital's 2018 album, Monsters Exist. On the other hand, they remixed one of their classic tracks, "Impact", from their critically acclaimed second album in 1993. OST - Basketball Diary Basketball Diary - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Limited 2-LP "Basketball Orange" Vinyl Edition) LP2 The first vinyl release of the Soundtrack, on "Basketball Orange" vinyl, Record Store Day Exclusive OST – 战场 – Johan Söderqvist、Patrik Andrén Battlefield V soundtrack LP (picture disc) RSD only. first time on vinyl OST – Brian May Road Warriors - Mad Max 2 1LP "A limited numbered reissue of the classic OST in the sand with oil stains on the vinyl The second installment of George Miller's disturbing post-apocalyptic film series, Road Warriors (1981), sees Mel Gibson return as Mad Max Rockatanski, who has come to defend the community from brutal The Seekers team. The film won a number of awards, was a box office hit and achieved cult status due to its stylized costumes and sets. The last Mad Max film (Mad Max: Fury Road), most recently released in 2015, was nominated for ten Academy Awards, proving the franchise's continued appeal Australian composer Brian May contributed to the first two films (Mad Max and Mad Max 2: Warrior highways) and a series of feature films including Patrick, Gallipoli, The Death of Freddie: The Final Nightmare and Dr. giggles. Awarded multiple times during his lifetime, hailed as one of Australia's highest rated soundtrack composers. OST-Coneheads cone head 1LP 2019 RSD Limited Edition Soundtrack 1 x 140 g 12" yellow vinyl album. Soundtrack - Francois De Roubaix The Dark Lady (François De Roubaix - Red Lips) 7" "Classic 2 Songs from Harry Kumel's Les Lèvres Rouges or OST Daughters Of Darkness Limited edition of 2000 individually numbered color vinyl copies. 750 in the UK. Varied by French film composer Francois De Roubaix. One of them is the Belgian cult horror classic Les Lèvres Rouges. The soundtrack of an erotic vampire movie consists of various musical elements and is an enticing soundtrack. The title track featured in this 7-inch film is Francois' best work. One of the music. The colorful composition supports a love story and different ways vampires interact. Years after recording, samples from the score were used in their songs by hip-hop producers including Lil Wayne. The film was written, directed, and cast and critics hailed it as one of the greatest horror films of all time. Film critic Geoffrey O'Brien said, "The Dark Lady sits brilliantly at the artistic end of the lesbian vampire spectrum, Delphine Seyrig in a costume reminiscent of Marienbad, Belgian director pin -up evokes images of rich decadence, full of feathers, mirrors and long, winding hotel corridors. However, at the heart of the film is a deeply unpalatable evocation of a war of nerves between vampire Seyrig and bourgeois newlyweds on her secret honeymoon. Les Lèvres Rouges is a limited edition of 2,000 individually numbered colored vinyl records. " OST - Stop and Shoot Stop in the Fire, Volume 2 record The first "COMET" die-cut slipcover in Vinyl, LTD. Limited to 1000 copies. "Aptly composed heavy picture" by The Vinyl Factory based on his earlier contributions to Tangerine Dream. "An incredibly sexy, dynamic drama about all the geniuses and egos behind the world-changing tech boom (1980s)." paste. "Smart eighties drama...basically techno geek Mad Men." The Telegraph. Music for the second volume of the hugely popular series Halt And Catch Fire. The soundtrack, composed by former members of Tangerine Dream, is an evocative backdrop to the award-winning techno series. A homage to the best of John Carpenter's art and Pink Floyd's "Mother Atomic Heart", a Blade Runner-inspired electronic sound spot interspersed with aching melancholy. Haslinger's music highlights the show at the forefront of box craze. Tracklist 1 Mosaic 2 Cameron's Motorcycle Diary 3 Venture Capital 4 Impossible Love 5 Why I'm Finally Telling Him This 6 Contact 7 Into the River 8 Life Interrupted 9 Empty Room 10 Riding to Seattle 11 Phoenix 12 Dreamers and Misfits 13 It Worked for a Moment / Cam and Joe 14 I have an idea OST - Hidden Figures (Pharrel Williams, Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch) Hidden Figures (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) record "Original music by Pharrel Williams, Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch Available for the first time on vinyl (on yellow wax) Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams and Benjamin Wallfisch, first vinyl release. One 4 Space Task Force 5 A Piece of Pie 6 Redacted 7 With All the Angels 8 Redstone 9 Call Your Wife 10 Run 11 That's Right 12 The Mark 13 A Kiss in the Kitchen 14 Mary and the Judge 15 I Like Her Number 16 Lady March 17 Mary and Levi 18 Euler's Method 19 The Proposition 20 The Pearl 21 Catherine Computing 22 Launch 23 Beacons 24 Missile Crisis 25 Hidden Figures 26 Epilogue OST - House of Waxworks Wax Museum 2LP 2019 RSD Limited Edition Soundtrack 2 x 140g 12" clear vinyl. OST - Howard Stern's Private Part Howard Stern's Private Parts: Soundtrack 2LP Limited RSD 2019 Soundtrack 2 x 140g 12" blue vinyl album. OST - Lost in translation meaning lost in translation purple vinyl The soundtrack to the Oscar-nominated 2003 film. Play songs from My Bloody Valentine, Air and The Jesus and Mary Chain. On Rolling Stone magazine's list of the greatest soundtracks of all time. OST - Malcolm X Malcolm x 1LP RSD 2019 Limited Soundtrack Release 1 x 140g 12" czerwony winyl. OST - New Jack City Jack's new town 1LP RSD 2019 Limited Soundtrack Release 1 x 140g 12" Silver Vinyl. OST-office space Office space color 1LP Zszywacz Red Vinyl Soundtrack OST — Ray Heindorf fascinated record “1LP on Red Vinyl. Alfred Hitchcock's 1945 crime/suspense novel Spellbound deals with new areas of psychoanalysis and the inner workings of the human mind. According to Miklós Rózsa, producer David O. Selznick and Alfred Hitchcock asked for "a lot of love for the theme plus weird paranormal sounds. “The star-studded cast includes Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck. The film was released without a soundtrack album, but Ray Heindorf's soundtrack captures the atmosphere of Charmed very well. OST - Rogier van Otterloo, wyczyn. Tootsa Thielemansa tuxedo fruit 1LP High-quality 180g PVC vinyl case with replica movie poster Secret (and definitive) In the running groove soundtrack by Rogier van Otterloo featuring Toots Thielemans legendary 1973 Dutch film written by Paul, directed by Verhoeven and directed by Jan de Bont Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1999, special Golden Calf for Best Dutch Film of the Century. Limited edition of 1000 copies on red vinyl. UK 500 copies. Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight) Featuring an original soundtrack by Dutch composer Rogier Van Otterloo, adapted from the cult film of the same name. Based on the popular book by the Dutch writer Jan Wolkers, this story of love and sadness is a classic of contemporary Dutch cinema. Performed by jazz pianist Louis van Dyke and harmonica player Toots, Thielemans, to slightly melancholy, sometimes energetic music. This is one of those classic movies where the music is more than just a standard melody. The song's jazz vibe and Letty de Jong's beautiful vocals complete the soundtrack. Scenes in Amsterdam with some extra layers. Turks Fruit (Turkish Delight) was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and won a special Golden Calf Award for Best Dutch Film of the Century in 1999. This RSD title is available in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. Numbered copies available on red vinyl. The package includes a reproduction of the movie poster." OST — Roy Bader take Carter 1LP "180g Audiophile Grade Vinyl Folding PVC Case First use of color vinyl includes classic dialogues from Roy Budd Film Music Limited edition of 1500 color vinyl. UK 600 Get Carter, 1971 Classic British gangster film, Michael Kay En stars in a career-defining role as a London mobster who travels to the bleak north in search of revenge. Directed by Mike Hodges, the film is set in the abandoned city of Newcastle and can easily be paired with music from the glam rock era, but it sounds like Cool jazz is so much better. Here is a very elegant, cool and slightly harsh jazz to evoke the film's gritty image. An iconic soundtrack recorded on a very low budget by jazz prodigy Roy Budd (Roy Budd). Performed by Budd and two other jazz musicians, Jeff Clyne and Chris Karan, both members of the Dudley Moore Trio, the unique soundtrack continues to inspire musicians around the world: Budd on pianist, Chris Karan on drums (also on an evocative tabla) and bassist Jeff Clyne ( with guitarists Brian Daly and Judd Proctor) carry the emotional weight of the soundtrack, inspiring many covers and tributes. This revised version features some dialogue snippets, including Kane's classic and catchy line: "You're a big man, but you're out of shape, and that's a full-time job for me. Be yourself now." Get Carter BAFTA number 16 on the "Top 100 Greatest British Films of the 20th Century" and #1 on the "Greatest British Films of All Time". The music has stood the test of time, as has the script. Buy Carter Limited edition of 1,500 numbered colored vinyl records. OST - Raven The Raven: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2 vinyl records; White and black; 3 pages audio, 4 pages etched The original soundtrack to the film of the same name, released on vinyl for the first time since its release in 1994. The album topped the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, sold 3.8 million copies in the United States, and was certified 3x-Platinum by the RIAA. The album included a cover of "Dead Souls" by Joy Division, a cover of "The Badge" by Pantera, "Ghost Rider" by the Rollins Band, and a 1991 re-recording of Rage Against the Machine by group B. -side "Darkness of Greed" and rename it "Darkness". OST - Transformers: Dark of the Moon Transformers: Dark of the Moon 1LP RSD 2019 Limited Soundtrack Release 1 x 140g 12" brown vinyl album. OST - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Album 2LP RSD 2019 Limited Soundtrack Release 2 x 140g 12" zielony winyl. OST - Transformers: album Transformers: album 1LP RSD 2019 Limited Edition Soundtrack 1 x 140g 12" Purple Vinyl. OST - Twin Peaks (Angelo Badalamenti i David Lynch) Twin Peaks: Music from Season 2 and beyond 2-LP - 180 gm color vinyl with fold-out cover The Twin Peaks reissue and re-release campaign has been very successful, but the missing piece is the mysterious second season soundtrack! The TV show, which aired from 1990 to 1991 without a traditional accompanying recording, was not released on a soundtrack album until 2007 and only as a very limited CD via David Lynch's own label. So we have an artifact that has never been available on digital services, and more importantly, never been available on vinyl, and has long since disappeared (and is expensive on the secondary market) on CD. So there's no better time than joining Rhino Twin Peaks, especially after 2017's critically acclaimed Season 3 soundtrack album! Once again, we have David Lynch himself overseeing the reissue, which will reproduce (on CD) the original 24-page collector's picture book (including full-page stills from the series). Plus the last vinyl issue, pressed on 180g vinyl, containing stills from the film in a dust jacket with a flap. This is a release that will be enthusiastically received by Twin Peaks fans and a great addition to our beloved Twin Peaks catalogue. OST - Miscellaneous/Breaking Bad breaking evil 2LP "180gm High Fidelity Vinyl PVC Case Folding Cover with UV Spot Lacquer (TBC) A Selection of Breaking Bad Highlights Exclusive Breaking Bad Postcards (TBC) Exclusive Five Seasons of Breaking Bad Logo Stickers (TBC) 4 Page Booklet with Exclusive Images and Captions (tbc) 2 inner covers with images (tbc) Ray, Whitey, The Bambi Molersters and more Limited edition 3,000 individually numbered crystal clear vinyl copies 0,600 copies in the UK Breaking Bad is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of all Since its premiere in 2008, the show's five seasons have garnered 16 Emmy Awards and 58 nominations and aired daily on over 170 sites worldwide. The region attracts new fans. The series tells the story of Walter White, a desperate man who turns to a life of crime to secure his family's financial future, and is backed by an impressive soundtrack. In the series 5 Throughout the season you can hear music from different styles and generations. The Day 2LP soundtrack featuring a selection of classic tracks from the series. The soundtrack features Dave Porter, Gnarls Barkley, J.J. Cale, Los Cuates de Sinaloa, The Beastie Boys, Badfinger, Nat King Cole and The Monkees. collapsible sleeve with UV spot varnish. The package includes a Breaking Bad postcard with logo stickers. To learn the history of the song, we have included a 4-page booklet with exclusive photos and detailed notes from Breaking Bad music director Thomas Golubic" Otis Redding, Booker T. & The M.G.'s, The Mar-Keys Do it again! Otis Redding Records live with Booker T. & The MG's and The Mar-Keys at the Monterey International Pop Festival record The Missing Jewel in the King of Soul's Crown: Redding's heartbreaking, career-defining performance at the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival, including the opening track Booker T & The MGs and Mar-Key Horn, available for the first time on vinyl. Freshly remastered, packaged in an impeccable sleeve and pressed on marbled vinyl, the album concludes with an impeccable Otis Redding discography and the best live stage ever released. our girl Live in the old church of St Pancras 12" transparent Our Girls „Living in the Old Church of St. Pancras” prezentuje utwory z docenionego przez krytyków debiutanckiego albumu zespołu, jak nigdy wcześniej. Nagrany w Londynie 19 marca 2018 roku podczas burzy śnieżnej i najzimniejszej pogody w Anglii od dziesięcioleci, nasze dziewczyny wróciły z nocnego lotu z USA, aby zagrać w legendarnym Old Church of St Pancras. Specjalnie przearanżowany zespół przyciągnął tłumy i ugruntował swój status jednego z najbardziej różnorodnych i wyróżniających się nowych zespołów w Wielkiej Brytanii. Paloma's faith Zeitgeist EP 12 inch picture CD Late last year, Paloma Faith's fantastic album The Architect was repackaged as a CD with six new tracks. These independent x6 tracks are now available on 12" vinyl. Includes: "Loyal", "Final Breath", "Your Ex", "Older", "Make Your Own Kind of Music" (from Skoda's TV commercial), "Lullaby" (with Sigala). Package Tieduprightnow / Tape EP 7" Side "Tieduprightnow" is the lead single and biggest single from Parcels' debut album, released in 2018. B Side "Tape" is a fan favorite and is expected to be the next single from the video. None of the tracks are on the Parcels tracklist for the album, which will be available in physical format for the first time. 7" black vinyl cover with 3mm spine. Paris I Choose You / Punkin Funkin 12" Silky smooth, jazz infused, a funk soul gem from Paris reissued in time after 35 years. parliament, Honey, I owe you something nice 10" A limited edition companion to Parliament/Funkadelic's upcoming six-panel double album, A New Day Begins. Recordings from 1967-1968. These 3 tracks are paired with their instrumental counterparts on the reverse. George Clinton's interest in long stuff has always been high, but the funk season kicked off with a recent episode of Tales From The Tour Bus that attracted a new audience. 1 All your gadgets are gone 2 Honey, I owe you some gadgets 3 I'll wait. 4 All Your Good Things Are Gone (Instrumental). 5 Honey, I owe you something nice (instrumental music). 6 I'll be waiting (accompaniment). pearl jam live on the street 12 inch record Pearl Jam's live performance on Easy Street Records from 2005 is now available exclusively on vinyl for RSD 2019. Single LP in Gatefold packaging. 1/2 Full, Lukin, American In Me, Save You, Bleed For Me, The New World, Porch". hawkers sunny 7" "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever" by The Peddlers, expertly used in the hit series "Breaking Bad", is a wonderfully smooth jazz ride - full of organ solos and deep vocals. 2019 marks 50 years since the first release. pet death Climb up and throw... 12” The disc will be screen printed by hand, numbered and accompanied by a special limited edition print. The album was recorded at "Courtyard Studio" with Ian Davenport (Gaz Coombs, Radiohead, Supergrass) pet lock Back SP-1200 record Never published before. This brand new version of Pete Rock will debut on RSD! Only 3000 pieces worldwide. Pete Rock is widely regarded as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time. His name is often included in the pantheon of the greatest along with DJ Premier, RZA and J Dilla. In addition, Pete has one of the world's richest vinyl record collections, the size of which can only be estimated - it is estimated at over 100,000 LPs. In 2019, Pete Rock's own label, Tru Soul Records, will be launched. As a lover of vinyl records, he decided that Record Store Day had to be the store debut. Rock's forte is combining jazz with East Coast boom bap from the early 90s, as evidenced by his collaboration with rhym partner CL Smooth. But there was a time before Pete met CL, a time before the world knew about Pete Rock and CL Smooth, when Pete was 19 and making beats on his SP-1200 in his basement in Mount Vernon, NY. These are the bits. First released on "Return Of The SP-1200" which debuted on Record Store Day 2019. Tracks: 1. Dreamer 2. Harps of Heaven 3. Round Midnight 4. Hope the world doesn't stop (before I get mines ) 5. Neo Funk 6. Kool Jazz 7. Gutta Music 8. Death Becomes You (Instrumental) 9 1. Live from the Basement (Up, Up and Back) 10. Traveling Man 11. Street Dreams 12. Below O 13 The Tale of Khalimba 14. Food 4 Thoughts 15. Kneel Peter Doherty as Motherfucker Who makes you unhappy / Heaven is right under your nose 7" Listen - 2000 available worldwide on pink vinyl only. Who's Been Have You Over is the first single from the new band The Puta Madres, consisting of Peter Doherty, The Libertines and Babyshambles. The second single will be Paradise Is Under Your Nose. This RSD special edition combines two digital singles. These mixes are exclusive to this RSD release and will no longer appear on vinyl. Peter Doherty and The Puta Madres released their debut album on Friday April 26 via Strap Originals. Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres was recorded live over 4 days at Urchin Studios (East London) last summer to beautifully capture the essence and spirit of Puta Madres. The album was designed by Dan Cox (Laura Marling, Thurston Moore, Florence & The Machine) and produced by Jai Stanley (longtime friend and manager). Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres is a devastatingly intimate portrait of love, loss, happiness, tragedy, addiction, and the power of the human soul to transcend its dark layers. All tracks on the album have been tested at festivals and concerts across Europe over the past 18 months. Tracks: Who's Ben You Over (CT Single Mix) - 3.41 / Paradise Is Under Your Nose (Single Version) - 4.41 Peter Gabriel Rated PG LP album (painting disc) Rated PG is a collection of Peter Gabriel's film songs. Peter Gabriel has always loved the marriage of film and music (he dropped out of film school at the age of 17 to pursue a career in music). Alan Parker's Both is interested in "Birdy" from 1985. Further film work, including his soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ (later to become the album Passion) and Philip Noyce's Rabbit-Proof Fence (released as the album Long Walk Home) , is continued. satisfy this interest. In addition to these longer soundtrack commissions, Peter Gabriel regularly writes songs for various films, and this compilation explores yet another relationship Peter has made between his music and films. Rated PG is an opportunity to bring together a selection of songs written specifically for the film or those that had a significant impact on the film, and to include new and previously unreleased versions that would otherwise not be available. Tracks and brand new tracks. Rated PG is packaged exclusively for Record Store Day with a photo disc and die-cut cover. The LPs are numbered and limited. Pink Floyd (band name) full of secrets 1LP Pink Floyd's second studio album, remastered from the original mono-analogue tape. • Remastered by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman • Limited edition 180g heavy vinyl • Tracklist: o Page 1:1. Let more light 2. Remember day 3. Sets controls for Heart of Sun4. Corporal Cleggo Side 2:1. A handful of secrets 2. swing3. Hugo Blues Pinkfong little shark 7 inch picture CD Baby Shark has been a cultural zeitgeist for the last 6 months and we want to commemorate its cultural impact with a special vinyl release Police, message in a bottle 2x7" After "Roxanne" - RSD 2018, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band's first international number one. 1 single, originally released in September 1979. NEW 2019 RSD EXCLUSIVE EDITION, packaged in a custom 2 x 7 inch special double folded sleeve. The original British green sleeves are used on the front, and the American "poster" blue sleeves are built into the fold. Two-tone inner pocket - A&M's "corporate" bag design. With the original order and side B. Disc 2 includes the Message In A Bottle "Classic Rock Mix", originally exclusive to the series "Every Breath You Take: The Classics" (1995) - now removed, and the previously unreleased instrumental version Message In A Bottle . Remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London and pressed on color vinyl: Disc 1 - Green vinyl "Bottle", Disc 2 - Blue vinyl stick Winnie the Pooh great white miracle record Exclusive indie legend Color Limited and founder of Fierce label Ed White Vinyl Record in Gold Sleeve. pop gun dear junkie single vinyl record Remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio, released on vinyl especially for RSD 2019. First vinyl record. 180g pink audiophile heavyweight vinyl includes 2 bonus tracks not included on the CD and full color printed lyric insert power of zeus Gospel of Zeus record A groundbreaking funk/rock album originally released in 1970 by Rare Earth. Streamed at 192kHz/24bit from 2 x 1/4" analog drums and released exclusively for the Record Store 2019. Features monster breakbeats from "The Sorcerer Of Isis". Sampled drum hits in music including KRS-One, Kanye West , Jay-Z, Cyprus Hill, Tribe Called Quest and Eminem to name a few Half Speed ​​Mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios in London. prefab sprouts Steve McQueen (acoustic) vinyl LP One album of x8 tracks, pressed on standard black vinyl LP, printed inside - this album features the complete Paddy McAloon soundtrack album recorded in the summer of 2006 and released as part of the "Steve McQueen" legacy edition. For the first time these records were released on vinyl. prince Versace experience Cassette In the summer of 1995, Prince launched The Versace Experience during Paris Fashion Week as an edition of The Gold Experience, the first album titled after his notoriously unpronounceable symbol, as a gift to attendees of the designer's collection. A rare and non-commercial release selection of remixes of future favorites "P. Control", "Gold" and "Eye Hate U", as well as The New Power Generation and jazz-fusion project by Prince Madhouse, remains the rarest in the history of One of Prince releases - until it will be remastered exclusively for Record Store Day 2019 . prince Your Majesty's Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club 1x 12” 45rpm Maxi Single i 1x 12” 33rpm A replica of Prince's 1985 Japanese limited edition "Your Majesty's Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club". Originally limited to 500 pieces, only in Japan! Tracklist: Side A: Pop Life (Fresh Dance Mix), America (album version). Side B: Raspberry Beret (new remix), Paisley Park (remix). Side C: Let's Go Crazy (special dance remix), Little Red Corvette (dance remix), 1999 (album version). Side D: I Die 4 U (extended version), Erotic City ("Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive" (extended version)), When Doves Cry (album version). fat prince Thank you for what you have 16 7" As a special treat for RSD, Fat Prince has teamed up with British reggae heavyweight Earl 16 to create a limited edition remake of William DeVaughn's 1972 classic Thank You for What You Have on 7" vinyl. In true Fat Prince style, it features a B-side dub that is only available on the 7" press (limited to 750 worldwide). Winston Curtis's 1984 reggae cover became a collectors' favorite (with a price tag approaching $600), and seeing no inhibitions, Prince Fatty wanted to limit his release to those in the know. And what better occasion than to include it on Record Store Day 2019? During a late-night recording session at the now-legendary Iron Works studio, Fatty was playing the original when Earl 16 entered the control room and exclaimed that "Thank you for what you've got" was one of his all-time favorite recordings. Fast forward an hour and Horseman (drums), Dianne White (bass) and Bubblers (keyboards) have their instruments ready for Earl 16's performance - all filmed live! This is a truly organic recording from one of Britain's finest rhythm groups, and needless to say, their natural rhythms did the original justice. Prince Fatty called it "one of my favorite songs and a great record, I first heard it in the 90s hip-hop era and the lyrics made a big impression on me. In this era of overconsumption, this meaning resonates even more to me in the world of the world. Record live in studio analog style for today's digital world!" Artwork courtesy of Fat Prince's longtime collaborator JAKE in his unique hand-drawn style." prince muhammad African roots record Official reissue of the 1979 album on 180g vinyl Procol Harum / Cell Flight Records @ BBC: Morning Dew 7 inch pitch Opaque white '7' vinyl record. In 1967, Bonnie Dobson's folk song "Morning Dew" took the pop world by storm and was covered by new bands on both sides of the Atlantic, including two new British hitmakers, The Move (with Roy Wood) and Procol Harum. Both groups are signed to the same production company. With the imminent launch of the BBC pop station RADIO ONE, both groups recorded for the BBC radio station THE LIGHT PROGRAM performing their chart hits and a special cover version. In June 1967, Procol Harum 45's debut album "A Whiter Shade of Pale" topped the singles charts and the group recorded a special session for Brian Matthew's "Easy Beat" which included their version of "Morning Dew". In mid-September, their label partner The Move recorded a track for "Easy Beat" which included their version of "Morning Dew" and previewed their upcoming 45-piece "Flowers In the Rain", which will be the first CD played on RADIO ONE two weeks later. FLY RECORDS will release an album featuring both sets of recordings they made for the BBC between 1967 and 1970, including previously unreleased tracks. As a taster, RSD 2019 will feature a special exclusive limited edition 7" on opaque white vinyl featuring two combined versions of "Morning Dew" from 1967. Wizards Tit for Tat / Masters of London 2x7" hinge. It will be a black foldable double door vinyl single. It contains previously unreleased instruments and is the only vinyl single from the "No Tourists" project so far. falling out back on Saturday record Exclusive vinyl restoration with a duck egg of the legendary indie band Reformation Peel Favorites. Toured with Mogwai at their invitation a few years ago, new dates after RSD. advertising eight wills of advertising 4x12" box. This limited edition 4 x 12 inch set delves into the hits and myths of the influential years of ZTT Propaganda. A revisit of two of their greatest singles - "Duel" and "Dr. Mabuse" - and two of their most popular shows / "Dream Within A Dream" and "Frozen Faces". Featuring 24 tracks on four discs, including rare and previously unreleased remixes, all-new artwork and covers. Includes two previously unreleased tracks and 13 previously unreleased vinyl records. set has been remastered from the original master tapes. queen Bohemian Rhapsody / I fell in love with my car 7" monochrome vinyl Celebrating the success of the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody", this limited edition 7" single features the track "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the original B-side "I'm in Love with My Car". Produced exclusively for RSD 2019, this color vinyl record features an exclusive cover and track remastered in 2011 by Bob Ludwig with varnish cut by Miles Showell of Abbey Road Studios. Supplied in half/half 7" vinyl, outer sleeve with spikes, black inner bag. queen Bohemian Rhapsody picture CD 2LP - CD with pictures To celebrate the success of "Bohemian Rhapsody", this limited edition 2-LP picture set features Queen and Smile's original recordings from the film's soundtrack. Created specifically for RSD 2019, this bundle also includes never-before-released Live Aid kits. peaceful village silent cell phone 1LP orange vinyl After three wildly popular singles on the What We Want label - plus remixes by Gorillaz, Fran Ois K, Mudd, Toby Tobias, James Yorkston, Grandada Bob, Black Devil and Cosmo Vitelli - Quiet Village steps out of the shadows to release its highly anticipated debut album Silent Movie. Formed by box digger Joel Martin and rising dance music star Matt Edwards (a man with many aliases including Radio Slave and Rekid), borrowing their names from Martin Denny's exotic masterpiece, Quiet Village brings old sounds back to life (and vice versa) Influenced by Italian film soundtracks, music from libraries, disco pieces, acid rock and retro soul, they combine the most unlikely elements - blues guitar, chamber strings, alarm sirens, drawn-out breakbeats and even flutes and seagulls - mixed in an hour of beautiful reflection . They often have a cinematic feel to them - their sound is unique and will leave you feeling refreshed. This reissue is pressed on orange vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day. ramoneski Live from the Palladium, New York, NY (12/31/79) 2-LP, black vinyl, numbered The Ramones double album - Live At The Palladium, New York, NY (31/12/79) debuted on CD only as part of the deluxe 40th Anniversary 'Road To Ruin' set. This previously unreleased recording of the band's 1979 New Year's Eve concert was mixed live by Stasium and aired on WNEW-FM. Recorded at The Palladium in New York with audio from the original Tommy Ramone tapes for consoles, it features great performances of "Blitzkrieg Bop", "Rockaway Beach" and "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker", as well as several songs from Road To Ruin: No I want you", "I want to be reassured" and "I wanted everything". This will be his first vinyl release. Rasputin's collection Tibetan record The previously unreleased 1976 album "Stash" by groundbreaking funk band Rasputin's Stash. Beck, The Chemical Brothers, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, Leaders Of The New School sampled the influential tracks from the previously released album Rasputin's Stash. The miraculous discovery of these supposedly lost master tapes was a milestone in Chicago funk since the 1970s. 100% from a properly licensed artist, UK Record Store Day Exclusive, limited to 500 copies. The jacket with a holographic foil print pays homage to the elusive and mysterious Rasputin. Redkins take it off! (that crazy thing) 10" “For the first time in years, The Redskins released their 1985 Top 40 hit, 'Bring It Down! (This Insane Thing!)" is a 4 track celebration of their unique mix of rock and soul with their signature horn section and their signature socialist "call to arms" sensibilities. Includes an exclusive 7-minute mix, another EQ mix of the original hit found on the archived master tape. This release also includes an extended 12" version of the original Bring It Down! (This Insane Thing)" and the B-side of the 12" single "You Want It? They've Got It!” The final track was a previously unreleased "live edit" of their song Let's Make It Work" in 1985. Recorded at London's Central Polytechnic in December 2009, the band's live performances received critical acclaim. PACKAGING: 10 inch colored red vinyl in a hinged sleeve. " Reinholda Friedla Piano piece...Spring/Flowers/Cookies/Flow record “Holotype Editions, exclusive new releases for Record Store Day 2019, are particularly interested in taking an unconventional and radical approach to traditional instruments. Chef Zeitkratzer returns years after his critically acclaimed and genre-challenging album Inside Piano (2011) the guts of a piano). While Friedel's first solo album defined piano string exercises and revealed sound sources we couldn't identify in some of Zeitkratzer's recordings, the piano music,... Spring/Flower/Cracker/Stream, brings concrete and quasi-electro-acoustic sounds along with expressive notes piano. In the enigmatic title piano music…Spring/Flower/Cracker/Stream, Reinhold Fried Del moves freely from simple themes to walls of noise, from squeaks to clean tones, while maintaining a strong compositional structure and clear musical form. A truly beautiful and pleasant album, which unashamedly showcases a composer and virtuoso with a passion for the piano. In addition to his work as a composer and leader of the world-famous new music group zeitkratzer, Reinhold Friedel is known for his passionate and unparalleled piano playing. He invented many new techniques for playing the piano directly on the strings and called them "inside piano". Reinhold Friedl developed his "inside the piano" technique to such a refined and precise level that the tone extracted from the instrument bears little resemblance to its source. London's The Wire Magazine wrote. Phosphormagazine said: "It's unbelievable that you can create such a beautiful sound with a piano!" Australia's real-time confirms "enormous power. Overwhelming! Reinhold Friedl studied piano with Renate Werner and Paul Schwarz in Stuttgart , Alexander von Schlippenbach and Alan Marks in Berlin, and composition with Mario Bertoncini (nuova consonanza) and Witold Szalonek. No dubbing, no electronics" resident, bed and breakfast** record The former resident's previously unreleased legendary album, accompanying RSD's successful 2018 album W***** B***. A must-have for REsidents fans and collectors who have long been clamoring for an official release. Rodriguez/David Sylvian/Mark Vaster without love record First use of vinyl - 180g white vinyl. First appearance as an imprint of the Confront Core series. Rhodri Davies: harp, table harp, vibraphone, radio. David Sylvian: Sound, vocal processing, electronics. Mark Wastell: there there, cracked driving cymbal, chimes, Indian temple bells, bowls, metal chains, tubular bells, concert bass drum. Robert Johnson Good Woman Blues/Terraplane Blues 10" Previously there were CD, LP and Digital versions. He hasn't been seen as 78 since the 1930s. Only 2500 pieces worldwide. Robert Johnson, "King of the Delta Blues", scored 29 timeless recordings for ARC/Vocalion Records in five sessions between November 23, 1936 and June 20, 1937. Powerful vocals, great guitar skills and a talent for songwriting introduced a musical and lyrical vocabulary that formed the basis of modern blues and blues-rock, influencing generations of musicians including Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones. To quote Eric Clapton, "Robert Johnson is to me the most important blues musician of all time." For Record Store Day 2019, Traffic Entertainment is proud to present Johnson's "Kind Hearted Woman Blues" and "Terraplane Blues" on 78 RPM microgrooved vinyl featuring a spectacular reproduction of the Vocalion label cover used on the original release. Tracks: Side A - Good Woman Side B - Terraplane Blues Roberta Plant national fate 12” Robert Plant's own label, Es Paranza, reissued this special limited edition Fate of Nations 180 gram black vinyl around Earth Day. All proceeds from the sale of the CD will be donated to environmental charities designated by Robert Plant. The original title and artwork of the 1993 album focused on the impact of geopolitics and globalization on the planet/Robert's concern for the environment. The outer cover will be in a high-quality matte paperback while the inner cover will be printed on ethically sourced material and feature updated artwork (1993 Environmental Facts) rudzik body language Color vinyl 2LP This exclusive Record Store Day edition of Body Talk features tracks from the Body Talk EP on vinyl for the first time, including the hit single "Dancing On My Own". The release also includes an acoustic version of the previously unreleased track "Stars 4-Ever". It will be pressed on limited edition 180g white vinyl and will include a digital download voucher. Roger Glover and his friends butterfly ball double disk 45th anniversary of the release of Roger Glover's first post-Deep Purple album. It was first released as a double album, with bonus tracks not featured in the original press release. The album features exclusive appearances by Ronnie James Dio (Rainbow/Black Sabbath/Dio), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple/Black Sabbath), David Coverdale (Whitesnake/Deep Purple). Gatefold LP on purple vinyl with artwork by renowned illustrator Alan Aldridge. rolling stones Darkly Through the Past (Big Hits Vol.2) 1LP Reissue of the UK edition of the Rolling Stones' second "Best of" album, available exclusively on RSD and the 50th Anniversary reissue. Originally released in 1969, it featured four top 10 hits and two number 1 singles! Contains 12 original tracks on heavy orange vinyl. Features a unique octagonal graphic in stunning roll-up sleeves! Stereo version cut by Sean Magee of Abbey Road Studios, London. Includes Jumpin' Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man, Honky Tonk Women, She's A Rainbow (recently featured in a Dior TV commercial) and many other classics. rolling stones Rising Tide Green Grass (Big Hits Vol. 1) 1LP An out of print UK vinyl reissue of the Rolling Stones' first "Best of" album from 1966 - a collection that was for many people their first foray into the world of the Rolling Stones! Top 3 album on both sides of the Atlantic when released - featuring six singles! Includes the original 14-track album on heavy green vinyl. It includes the layout of the British edition - a fold-out cover and colored inserts. Ironically, the iconic British photo "Fisheye" was taken by Jerry Schatzberg in New York. Mono version of Sean Magee's version at Abbey Road Studios in London. Featuring (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Paint It Black, The Last Time, 19th Nervous Breakdown and many other classics! "One of the most powerful collections of singles you can find" AMG rolling stones She's a Rainbow (Live) 10" exclusive color vinyl The Rolling Stones released a special limited edition of "She's the Rainbow" (live) at the U ARENA in Paris on October 25, 2017. Ronnie Lane and the band Slim Chance w BBC Purple vinyl 2LP Vinyl LP1 brings together ex-Small Faces and Faces bassist Ronnie Lane's Peel sessions in the 1970s for the first time, while LP2 features BBC In Concert, where Ronnie and his band Slim Chance perform their solo material, as well as Faces classics and Chuck Cover the blueberries. Sessions and live performances including Lane and Ron Wood's classic Ooh La La and Ronnie's first solo single How Come Ronniego McNeila Honey 7" Ronnie McNeir has been associated with Expansion for over 30 years through his own brand, Setting Sun. Now 7" expands in the UK for the first time to bring something special for Record Store Day, 500 copies of Detroit Soul's hand-numbered 1981 single "My Baby". Original at £100, these limited edition RSD prints will also be a hit. "Hold On" was first released here as a 7" single from Expansion's 1989 album "Life & Love". Ronnie is currently touring as a member of the Big Four and as part of this year's Blackpool Part of the International Soul Music Festival, a rare solo concert will be held again in June 2019. Foundation Dubbing 12 cali Single color vinyl album. The cover includes a removable sticker Classic reggae soundtrack by Roots Radics Band and producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes, with voice effects provided by Overton Brown (aka The Scientist) Roxy music debut album remix 2 x 12″ single This exclusive double 12" version is the result of a remix to celebrate the release of Roxy Music's super-luxe debut album in spring 2018. The then-unused remix, overseen by Bryan Ferry's London headquarters, celebrated the otherworldly nature of Roxy Music's Space Age Vision, Star Calendar 1972. This strictly limited double 12-inch film features legendary cinematography from Karl Stoecker's debut and was produced by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road in the fall of 2018. Roy Ailes silver vibes record Extremely rare, highly sought after album by legendary jazz-funk artist Roy Ayers. The album has not been sold since 1983, and this year's Record Store Day offers just 850 individually numbered copies. The album features tracks not found on any of Roy's other albums or compilations Rudy'ego Moore's Stripe The return of the Dolomite: the stars record An out of print vinyl record from its first release in the 70's. Both CD and digital are available. Only 1500 pieces worldwide. Comedian Rudy Ray Moore's influence is clear and far-reaching. A consummate performer and orator, Moore's comedy emphasizes raw and clear storytelling and single-line, often told in rhyme. So it's no surprise that his mark has touched the worlds of comedy and hip-hop. 2019 will mark the end as Rudy Ray Moore's legacy is cemented. "Dommet Is My Name" for Netflix, Eddie Murphy as Rudy Ray, supporting cast includes Wesley Snipes, Craig Robinson, Mike Epps and Chris Locke. There's never been a better time to revisit Moore's "Return of the Dolomites", a comedy so raunchy that many retailers only sold LPs behind the counter when it was originally released! Dolemite Records presents "The Return Of Dolemite", its first vinyl release since the 70s, on Record Store Day 2019. Tracks: A Side 1. Return Of Dolemite 2. Pimpin' Roc 3. Life at California Sahara Club 4. Thin Thin Dime 5. Old Cabbage Head. Side B: 1. A-B-C 2. Watermelon Fly 3. Rotadius 4. Grunts and Moans of Love 5. Grunts and Moans of Love with Clodia rush hemisphere Picture CD HEMISPHERES continues to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band's iconic album with the first reissue of the 1978 photo album. RZA birth of a prince LP, smoked blue This is the third solo album by RZA, a leading member and producer of the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time. Originally released in 2003, A Prince Is Born featured many of RZA's characters and distinctive voices, offering soulful female vocals, busy Brooklyn gangsters, religious humanitarians and passionate lovers. Featuring Ghostface Killah, Ol' Dirty Bastard and GZA, the album is packed with hip-hop talent. This 2LP has been remastered by renowned British hip hop engineer Bob Macca and is presented on soft smoke blue vinyl. look Instrumental (Fugazi's "In On The Killtaker" remix) record [Recreation of Fugazi's "In On The Killtaker" performed by this esteemed orchestra, known for its scores and numerous collaborations Saint Etienne Saturday boy 7" Salvador Dali Dali's Venice 1LP Decca is proud to present this out-of-print and unique collector's item, exclusively for Record Store Day 2019. Original Master Limited 180g vinyl + original composition by Dali himself. A fascinating insight into the greatest surrealist artist of all time, Salvador Dali. His public appearances are always notable, where Decca documented his visit to the Teatro La Fenice in Venice in August 1961. The recording includes a wonderful interview with Dali and a live recording of him painting his "Tribute to Venice" on the balcony of La Fenice. fender alone playing God 7 inch single BRITS Critics' Choice Award winner Sam Fender has released a special RSD 7" single featuring his latest single "Play God" and a live recording of "Supersonic Missile" from London headlines in 2018. holy gold I don't want: The Golden Fire Conference record Santigold announces the exclusive release of his summer-inspired self-produced mixtape project, "I Don't Want: Goldfire Sessions", via Downtown Records/AWAL for Record Store Day 2019. Released for the first time on limited color vinyl, the mixtape features two singles "Run The Road" and the playlist "Coo Coo Coo" on BBC Radio 6Music, recorded by producer and founder of Mixpak Records, Dre Skull. Initially meeting at a writing conference and getting to know each other through their shared passion for reggae and Afro-Caribbean music, the two immediately became creative companions, agreeing to explore their ideas for a mixtape which eventually turned into a 10 track recording reunion they called " Meeting of the Golden Fire. Sasi Thunder (single) 7 inch box set with 5 x 7 inch vinyl "SAXON WILL DELIVERY "THUNDERBOLT (SINGLE)" IN PACKAGE FOR DISC STORE DAY ON APRIL 13th. Saxon will be celebrating Record Store Day on April 13th with heavy metal thunder with a massive set of Thunderbolt (single) tracks, via their own Militia Guard label and Silver Lining Music. Consisting of five singles on 7" vinyl, all five official singles from the Thunderbolt album will be on the "A" side, the live versions on their respective "B" sides. Each 7-inch album will feature unique and different artwork, and the singles will be packaged in a lid-ff box with the following track listing: Thunderbolt / They Played Rock / Nosferatu (Vampire's Waltz) / Predator and The Secret of Flight. The set will be available in all countries and stores participating in Record Store Day. say sue me We don `t sleep LP 12" Busan Surf Rockers' debut album has been remastered and released on vinyl for the first time. Limited edition blue vinyl 500, includes download code. say sue me summer night EP 12” Busan Surf Rockers EP remastered and released on vinyl for the first time. Limited edition of 500 copies on orange vinyl includes a download code. Serge'a Gainsbourga before Gansbury record “1LP on Green Vinyl. French people of all ages loved and still love Serge, no matter how provocative, brash and anti-hero this man was. He was like no other. For many French people, Gainsbourg belonged to their country passed down from generation to generation wine, Tour de France, food and the Eiffel Tower! His influence on popular music was enormous. Today, it is used by many national and international artists, including Beck, Air, Nouvelle Vague, Sonic Youth, Vive La Fête and Goldfrapp. The best composer as well as a leading songwriter with a real talent for wordplay. This collection from the late 1950s and early 1960s harks back to the time when the world knew Gainsbourg's brilliant songs such as "La Poinçonneur Des Lilas", "L'Eau A La Bouche" and "The Black Trombone". Sergio Mendes ballroom dancing record “RSD 2019 magenta vinyl. Limited edition of 500 copies. Originally released in 1961. Sergio Mendes began his career as a serious jazz and classical pianist, while at the same time the earliest turbulent period of Bossa Nova was in the circle of Antonio Carlos Jobim and the music quickly seduced around the world! He soon became the American jazz superstar's preferred collaborator on a tour of Brazil, became their world and milleu, he signed with Atlantic as a solo artist. A few bold, yes, experimental steps led him to conquer the Brazilian pop world in '66. Perhaps his first steps in this direction were this Dance Moderno album, where he takes all his understanding of the freedom of contemporary jazz and brings it from Bossa Nova to a lighter, more danceable, almost more of a pop vibe, is just as good for him as Bossa Nova, later becoming mainstream himself. An album full of great dance music and flavors of jazz and carnival, standard and completely new Bossy sounds, it's a must have! An important moment in history, but also irresistible At its best... a win-win situation! "" Jazz and classical pianist, working with Antonio Carlos Jobim's circle in the early years of Bossa Nova, music that took the world by storm in no time! Soon to be American jazz superstar in The go-to collaborator on the Brazilian tour, he became an unwavering part of their world and environment and signed with Atlantic as a soloist. In a few bold, yes, experimental steps, he moved towards conquering the pop world with Brazil In the style of the 1966s. Perhaps his first step in this direction was the album Dance Moderno, where he took all his understanding of the freedom of contemporary jazz and combined it with a lighter, more a combination of a dance, almost more pop climate, which served him as well as Bossa Nova, which later became mainstream itself. The album is full of super-dance hits, both jazz and carnival flavors, standard and completely new Bossy sounds, it is simply a must- have! An important moment in history, but also the best state you can't resist... It's mutually beneficial!” Sergei Tankian cut off 1LP Audiophile 180gm vinyl cover, includes 4 page booklet, 3rd solo studio album by System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian, exclusive extra print (30 x 22.5), includes 2 bonus tracks, first use on black records vinyl records, limited edition of 3,000 colored vinyl records, individually numbered. 500 UK Serj Tankian (System of a Down) Harakiri's third solo album explores the idea of ​​suicide in one of the most punk rock records he has ever recorded. Even abrupt interludes like "Occupied" Tears" don't slow Tankian's rapid release pace. Like everything Tankian has ever released, it has deep sociological and political themes. He's not afraid. fast pace. The influence of the metal has been cut off, but the energy remains intact. Although difficult to fully understand, Harakiri is what he has achieved so far as a solo musician. One of the best albums ever released. Harakiri is available as a limited edition… Individually numbered copies on… Colored vinyl. The package includes a 4-page booklet and an exclusive extra print. Shakespeare's sister red house song 2LP Limited edition of 1000 pressings. Gold vinyl 2LP. "Song from the Red Room" is the first Record Store Day offering from Shakespears Sister, Siobhan Fahey. The release is to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of the album, which was released on long-awaited vinyl. Originally released in 2009, the critically acclaimed Songs From the Red Room has become a favorite of many Siobhan fans. The original 11 track album including the singles "Bitter Pill", "Pulsatron", "Bad Blood" and "It's A Trip", along with longtime collaborator Terry Hall (Fun Boy Three/The Specials), Linda Lamb classics "Hot Room" with bonus track "Someone Else's Girl" and remixes by Droyds, Whitey, Jagz Kooner and Death In Vegas. One of the UK's most successful songwriters of all time, Fay has enjoyed great creative and commercial success. Her musical career spans nearly 40 years, with the legendary Shakespears Sisters and Bananarama, and writing for other artists. Fahey co-founded Bananarama in 1981 with Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward. They had two top five hits with male trio Fun Boy Three in 1982 before recording their first single with "Shy Boys" later that year. Despite international success and a string of international hits, including US No. 1 "Venus" and four highly successful studio albums "Deep Sea Skiving", "Bananarama", "True Confessions" and "WOW!", Fahey left the band in 1988, to start Shakespeare Sisters. Initially as a solo project, later in collaboration with Marcella Detroit. Shakespeare's sister's debut album, Sacred Heart, was released in 1989 and featured the hit single "You Are History". Their 1992 hit "Stay" spent eight weeks at the top of the UK charts, the longest streak by a female group in UK chart history. Their album Hormonally Yours, released the same year, reached number three in the UK charts and was certified double platinum, followed by an Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Contemporary Song Collection in 1993. In 2009, she released the critically acclaimed albums "#3" and "Songs From the Red Room" on her label, including SF Records. In 2017, Fahey reunited with bandmates Dallin and Woodward for the Bananarama Original Line-Up Tour, their debut tour as a sold-out trio in the UK, North America and Europe, which ran into 2018. Now fans old and new can finally experience the Shakespeare Sisters studio album in all its vinyl glory for the fourth time. Side A: Pulsatron (Whitey Mix), Bad Blood, is it worth it? (with Terry Hall), it's a trip. Side B: hot room, men in uniform, yourself, bitter pill. Side C: Cold, you're not you, loaded gun, someone's girlfriend. Side D: Bitter Pill (Droyds Radio Edit), Bad Blood (Jagz Kooner Mix - AT Edit), Pulsatron (Gully Mix), Cold (Death In Vegas Mix) Sharon Ridley where you learned to love in your own way 7" In the 1970s, side artist Sharon Ridley was a singer and musician alongside legendary producer Van McCoy. "Where did you learn to love the way you like it" became a classic track from her debut album Stay A While With Me, and the original version of the single is so rare that they changed hands for over £400. Specially for the record shop day, Soul Brother has 500 hand-numbered copies on a 7-inch disc, as well as another super rare Sussex catalog song, Ralph Graham's "Ain't No Need". she's at war Disarm: 15 Transparent blue vinyl 12" "Disarm:15" is a collection of five carefully arranged tracks from solo artist She Makes War's debut album "Disarm" (2010). It's an intimate fan-only release, so we're excited to announce this sky blue custom vinyl edition with new artwork featuring fantastic artist photos and a letter from the artist (one download per order code). Tracklist: A1) Slow Puncture, A2), I am, A3) No Fireworks, B1) Fear of Capsizing, B2) Ghosts and Shadows These are the cornerstones of She Makes War's consistently exciting independent career. Still reverberating with the echoes of her latest album Brace For Impact (No. 15 on the Official Independent Albums Chart as of October 2018), Laura writes: "I never imagined the adventures these songs would take me, but ever since... traveling with them, watching them grow and spread their wings, and spending time with people who see them as an important part of their personal soundtrack. Great songs for listeners are a passport to another world. For the artist, these songs (written between 2005 and 2009) ushered in a decade of magic and travel. The release of these latest recordings for Record Store Day is a fitting, loving nod to the wide-screen vision of these early tracks. The Disarm:15 EP has been a big part of She Makes War history so far. We hope you will join us in the next step. " Shirley Finney pray again record Rain&Shine presents Shirley Finney's first longplay since 1979. Officially licensed and remastered from Savoy reel to reel tape. Undeniably one of the best 12" LPs for gospel/soul/disco instruments, vocal arrangements and pure ambiance, whether in the bedroom or on the dance floor. Shirley Finney was personally involved in this project and it's great to see her LP achieve success almost 40 years after the original recording (the original LP will cost over $300) fucking girl "Dress Like Cher" / "Beach Socks" 7" Shit girl is Natalie Chahal and Laura Mary Carter (Blood Red Shoes)... 500 splatter vinyl only, blue shock Single Episode (Part 2) 2LP “Gatefold Sleeve First Use Vinyl features Fan Treat Limited Edition 2,000 individually numbered Clear Blue Vinyl. 500 copies in the UK. Shocking Blue's Singles Collection (A&B) Part 2 Stopped at Part 1 Place continues. The album ended with the band's final hit single, "Oh Lord" (released March 26, 1973). "Oh Lord" reached number 14 in the Dutch charts and was taken from the album "Ham". Robbie van Leeuwen's output for Ham was curtailed by being bedridden with jaundice after years of writing, producing, performing and touring in late 1972. Although Leeuwen continued to contribute to recordings and make radio and television appearances, the finale of Proving was short-lived, the singles "Let Me Carry Your Bag / Saw You in June" "Dream on Dreamer/Where the picknick was" and the mixtape Ham (renamed Dream on Dreamer in late 1973 contained 4 tracks) were his last recordings with Shocking Blue, and he left the group in early 1974. The album ended with '69's At Home and '70's ​​Scorpio's Dance. Their fame extends far beyond their native Netherlands. To this day, "Love Buzz" remains an acclaimed masterpiece, achieving cult status around the world after Nirvana released its first single in 1988. he remains the only Dutch composer to hit No. 1 in the United States. The combination of great songwriting, Mariska Veres' exceptional vocal talent and a super tight band ensured that Shocking Blue's name would live on forever. This release features a limited edition A Fan Treat of 2,000 individually numbered light blue vinyl records." Shuji Otis Strawberry alphabet 23 / Ice dreams 7" Remastered and re-released on the original "71 press on 7" based label. Shuggie Otis' Strawberry Letter 23, the hugely successful cover of The Brothers Johnson, is an instantly recognizable masterpiece of soul. Shuji Otis About Inspiration / Ah Uh Mi Hed 7" 2 sweet soul/folk/psychedelic funk and crossover riffs by LA's Shuggie Otis on Epic, reissued and remastered 45 years after their original release. The Collector's 7" is now available at a great price. Sigros Dark variations LP 1x 12" Heavyweight Soundtrack to a series of performances by Icelandic Dance Company, originally commissioned for the Nordur og nidur festival in Sigur Rós in Christmas 2017. Choreographer Valdimar Johansson was granted permission to use Sigur Rós' unreleased material as well as a multitrack of selected songs from the band's catalogue, and wrote the highly rated Nordic play himself. "The best thing we've done in years," Jonesy said when he first heard Dark Variations. Exclusive Record Store Day vinyl records. Limited edition black heavyweight 12" vinyl record. Rotating cover printed with special ink. Sigros Halo 22° LP 1x 12" Heavyweight “The soundtrack to a new dance work by famous Taiwanese choreographer Zong Long premiered in Taipei just in time for Record Store Day. Zheng Zonglong chose his favorite music from Sigur Rós' entire career, then twisted, bent and broke it, and finally added it to the band's studio in Reykjavik, creating a new perspective for Cloud Gate Dance Company. Unique vinyl for record store day. Limited edition black heavy duty 12" vinyl. Available with special inkjet printed sleeves. silk city EP electricity 12" vinyl single Silk City is the work of Mark Ronson and Diplo - EP x4 trk on 12" vinyl which includes Dua Lipa's three hit singles "Electricity" and collaborations with Daniel Merriweather, Mapei and Goldlink. silver apple oscillation record “Oscillations 2019 is Simeon's new studio recording, an updated and improved version of the eponymous 1968 Silver Apples classic, reflecting the way he likes to play live. Or, in Simeon's words, "Mixing it Up." AA Side The Edge of Wonder - Andrew Weatherall Remix Andrew Weatherall is a big Silver Apples fan, so it's no wonder he wanted to do a remix. This is his favorite track from his latest album Clinging to a Dream. Here he is lovingly throwing his magic mix." Simple minded Graffiti Soul / In Search of Lost Boys 2LP Especially for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records presents a recreation of a limited edition 2LP collapsible set released in 2009 - the original album plus a bonus LP with nine cover versions recorded during the same session. Featuring unique performances by the band featuring songs by Neil Young, Magazine, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Stranglers, The Call, Nick Lowe, Massive Attack, Thin Lizzy and The Beach Boys. Presented as a clapper 2LP with yellow and blue 180g vinyl. Siwirthoyem where is my moon 10" "Highly Wanted 10" singer Madrugada limited edition of 1000 individually numbered color vinyl records. UK 500 Sivert Høyem released their EP Where Is My Moon in 2012 with 4 previously unreleased tracks. Sivert Høyem's breakthrough as a singer came with the rock band Madrugada in 1999. Madrugada won several Norwegian Grammy Awards and toured Norway and Europe until the band disbanded in 2008. Høyem has released seven albums and several singles as a solo song/EP. six times seven what we do record Long out of print, now pressed in an exclusive color (blue vinyl) underlay Staying at the Ritz pearl 12" 4 Exclusive live recordings. Recorded at the Ritz Hotel in Manchester on November 24, 2018. Includes two tracks from the brand new album 'The Modern Age' and two classic Sleeper tracks 'What Do I Do Now?' and "Sales of the Century". Slow Thai Janitor/peace of mind 12" This is an exclusive and limited double A-side of two slowthai singles; Mura Masa was produced by Doorman as well as 2019's first slowthai single, Peace Of Mind, released on a 12" single format prior to the release of his debut album. The sleeve contains two pieces of art, back to back. The vinyl itself is plain black and comes with a download code. cunning stone family Live from Woodstock, Sunday August 17, 1969 x2 vinyl records On August 17, 1969, at the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival, despite 3:30 a.m., Sly & The Family Stone rocked a generation with their explosive set. Five years later, the infectious show makes its vinyl debut, delivering powerful renditions of classics like 'Dance to the Music', 'Everyday People', 'I Want to Take You Higher' and more. smile / astronaut Just a Star (Original) / Just a Star (Cover Version) 7" “London-based record label Backatcha mixes old and new with double-sided 7-inch singles from two separate California bands. One side features the iconic early 1970s psych rock/folk holy grail Just A Star by Smiles - acclaimed DJ Shadow discovered as his "Most Asked Record in the Mix" (Shadow, 2018). On the other side is a new cover version of a song first heard here by Oakland band Aerospace etc., a project by Toro Y Moi keyboardist Anthony Ferraro. "Just A Star" was first recorded in 1971 by the Smiles, another California band led by Larry Smith and Rich Norkunas who lived during the tumultuous Nixon era. Teen America. They funded the project, pledging to give copies to friends, colleagues classmates, family, and anyone they could find who would donate $10 in advance. They pressed 100 LPs at 45 rpm and distributed them to the Donors, soon the record was gone and forgotten. Three years later, DJ Shadow found a copy in a store with records in Minnesota and played it on his BBC Essential Mix series in 2002, unnamed It quickly became one of his most coveted finds, and until recent years the elusive 45 remained a mystery and few collectors knew its origins until its name was revealed in an online auction, and the number of known originals is less than a handful Growing up with changing social perceptions, Smiles was in his teens when he recorded "Just A Flag". Norkunas explained, “Two young musicians are still not eligible to vote. that reflected their fears and unresolved questions about what was going on in the world around them." Move the clock forward to provide a replacement for the astronauts. and other versions, the emotion in the song is just as important as it was almost fifty years ago. Recorded in Oakland, The Astronaut and beyond in January 2019, frontman Ferraro breathed new life into Just A Star. Last year's album "Life of Symbols" garnered high ratings from fans from all over the world, and comparisons abound. While listening to arrangements by David Axelrod, Latin psychedelic and Canterbury, the album opens the door to a distinctive sound, with Ferraro running in his own lane. This is evidenced by his rendition of "Just A Star", again giving the song the wavelength of eternity. Exclusive CD releases including the 1971 original Smiles and the 2019 version of "Just A Star" by the Astronauts, first released on 7" vinyl singles by Backatcha Records. smithy and powerful Three Stripes Collection 1985-1990 LPX2 "2012 Bristol Archive Record compilation 'The Three Stripe Collection 1985-1990'" reissued on blue vinyl at RSD2019. 17 tracks selected and edited by Rob Smith The album's two opening tracks "Walk On" and "Anyone" foreshadow the coming of Smith & Mighty and herald the coming of "The Bristol Sound". Smith & Mighty took inspiration from musical compositions from reggae, funk, hip hop, pop, house, soul and elsewhere, adding a wealth of talent, technique, ingenuity, most of Bristol's vibes, some raw digital technology and cutting-edge, crossover dance music that has never been heard before. "Dub, hiphop collide House and House in music Bristolians Smith & Mighty predicted two decades of British breakbeat's music absolutely essential in our time" - The Wire. "The collision of dub, hip hop and house in the music of the Bristolians Smith & Mighty anticipates two decades of British breakdancing science ... it is music absolutely essential in our time" - The Wire. football mom for the young at heart record "* first time on a physical product * bandcamp EP for football moms that started it all * foldable/glitter jacket * cardboard liner with text * colored vinyl * 36" x 24" "folding poster" rotten sun Bells 1 2 record Sol Seppy and The 12 Bells is Sophie Michalitsianos' debut novel. Originally released on CD in 2006, this is a vinyl LP release exclusively for RSD 2019. son williamson don't send me flowers 12" """Send Me No Flowers"" A sought-after jam session hosted by renowned bluesman Sonny Boy Williamson. Features early recordings by legendary guitarist Jimmy Page. Reissued on vinyl for the first time in over three decades. Limited edition clear vinyl Heavwegiht Only 1000 individually numbered copies in circulation Comes with cover poster. soul mechanic Upstairs / Echo Beach (feat. Isabelle Antena) 12" Rogue Cat Sounds is dedicated to Wonk providers, with pedigree Golden Pop, Soul Mekanik, aka Danny Spencer and Kelvin Andrews. His musical CV includes British Acid House classics, Ride The Rhythm, Candy Flip, people who have remixed for Lisa Stansfield, Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin (to name just three out of hundreds). Written and produced for Robbie Williams. Comes with a Maurice Fulton Remix and beautifully designed sleeve soul surfer nice theme 7" 2 exclusive tracks exclusive to KingUnderround. Dip 7" vinyl at 45 rpm in a white disco bag, wrapped with a PVC outer layer with a siticker. 100/500 pressed on white vinyl, colored vinyl will never be inhibited. alien 3 Life in Europe 1989 double disk Splattered, opaque, colored, heavy, 180 g, audiophile double vinyl album. Remastered by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Studio, released on vinyl specifically for RSD 2019. Also included is a full-length 16-minute version of "Suicide", edited to 7:30 on CD. Special offer The Ten Commandments / Want to know now 7 inch single "Two Headed" 7" single from the infamous Red and White Isle Records. Side A: "10 Commandments" - a track from The Specials' new album "Encore" featuring guest vocals by Saffiyah Khan who was an English defender trying to intimidate the locals during a fiery demo in Birmingham in 2017. The story went viral and Saffiyah, who wore a Specials jersey on the big day, was rightly applauded. While 10 Commandments is dominated by the Prince Buster original, it takes the listener to a completely different place. Side AA: "You're Wondering Now" was broadcast live during the 5th Festival in 2009. As the recently revamped Specials took to the stage in the evening sun, longtime fan Amy Winehouse stood by and watched before asking if she could join them in the jam choir of their duty and the beautiful thing, here the capture is going on. Please note that royalties from the release of this song will go to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Shower Spirit – Original Mix / Editing: Zaf and Phil Asher 12" The 12-minute track of the same name from Spirit's 1979 album "Put Your Hands Together" has been officially reissued on Rain&Shine. Perfect edits for DJs and dance floors, brought to you by legends Zaf and Phil Asher. Despite years of persuasion from Rain & Shine, the hard-won, doomed, never-released film finally came to fruition with the blessing of producer Tim Johnson. Starting in East Africa 12” odc African Reggae connections meet the global spirit of a historic new EP from Glasgow-based Scotch Bonnet Records. French-born, Glasgow-based producer Stalawa, in his most rooted rub-a-dub rhythms, gives the voice to a talented group of singers from East Africa to a moving effect. The project is the result of several fruitful visits to Kenya and Uganda by the owner of the Mungo Hi-Fi Scotch Bonnet sound system. Over the past three years he has fine-tuned between Glasgow and Kampala. Side A features cheers from Ugandan singer and emcee Blessed San. Displaying a different vocal style from legendary Jamaican reggae veteran Michael Prophet (despite having never heard his voice before), Traitor is a sad rebuke to all those who have betrayed his trust. Stalawa mixes it with a haunting dub backing: all the popping drums and screeching horns. On side B is a classic Kenyan-Caribbean collaboration classic. Jamaican Connoisseur singer Delroy Melody recreates his 1979 local hit "Ease Up The Pressure" with added verses by songwriter Lugand Rast, C. Remastered background based on Dennis Brown's Easy Take It Easy, created in Jamaica by renowned drummer Sly Dunbar and keyboardist Dennis "Jah D" Fearon. Also on the lapel is the Kenyan "First Lady" Nazizi of hip-hop and reggae. Her song Ukiangalia ("when you see" in Swahili) features a dub update of King Tubby's famous beat. All of Mr Melody's vocals were recorded in Kampala, Uganda by David Cecil and Wana Benjamin of East African Records, and the brass parts were recorded by Stalawa in Glasgow. The guitar in Traitor is the work of the famous Scottish singer Tom Spirals. Hornplay by Tim Quick, Liam Shorthall and Matieusz Sobieski. the status quo What for whom - pop-up window record “Demon Music exclusively showcases the legendary Status Quo and their 29th studio album Quid Pro Quo on Record Store Day 2019. The 2011 album peaked at number 10 in the UK charts and features 14 tracks. Among the biggest hits are: "Rock'n'Roll" "n' You", "Two Way Traffic", "Better Than That" and "The Winner". This one-of-a-kind Record Store Day release features pop-up art and 180g blue vinyl. stereo live in Dakota 2LP The stereo live album from their 2005 world tour will be released on 180g white heavyweight vinyl for the first time since their first release 13 years ago. In a whirlwind of stadium rock, the band performed many of the highlights of their incredible career. Featuring the National Anthem of A Thousand Trees, Maybe Tomorrow, The Bartender and The Thief, Hurry Up, Just Look and of course Dakota. Steve'a Earle'a A - El Coyote / B - Don't let the sun fool you 7" Steve Earle & The Dukes will release their latest album GUY on March 29, 2019. The band holed up in Nashville and recorded the album in six days. They produced 16 songs from these sessions, including some of Guy Clarks' most famous hits such as "Desperado Waiting for a Train", "L.A. Freeway" and "Dublin Blues". Steve Earle then decided to book a separate recording session to record two more Guy Clark songs dedicated to independent retail and record stores. New West Records and Steve Earle are proud to present their solo albums "El Coyote" and "Don't Let The Sunshine Fool You", limited edition 7" 45rpm records. Tracklist - A - El Coyote / B - Don't Let Sunshine Fool The sun is deceiving you straight arrow another day in the city 7" A brand new song, unreleased b-side. On the one hand, a super rare murder punk classic performed by "BRITISH JETS". Straight Arrows' latest album to critical acclaim in late 2018 is their take on the extremely rare British Jets 7-inch track. bezpański kot cat fights (for dogs like me) 12" STRAY CATS celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2019 with a new album and tour. Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom - founding members of the acclaimed American rock trio - head to the Nashville studio to record their first new album in 25 years. The album will be released on Surfdog Records, produced by Peter Collins (Rush, Bon Jovi, The Brian Setzer Orchestra) and engineered by Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, Arctic Monkeys). Stay tuned for more information and an official release date. The iconic group is known for their energetic performances, including hits such as "Stray Cat Strut", "(She's) Sexy + 17" and "Rock This Town". Plan your trip, dates to be arranged. STRAY CATS 2018 was their first North American show in 10 years and featured four shows at Viva Las Vegas and the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, California (August 16-17), including headlines sold out to delighted audiences. "Forty years ago, we three teenagers formed a little rock and roll band that was outdated, that most people had never heard of. Forty years later, we're standing together and still don't have the same thrill and excitement in the music. sets off fireworks and sparks. Makes the world go round" - Brian Setzer "Recording a new Stray Cats album for 2019 in Nashville feels like the right thing, right time, right place and right band for the show! We have a whole album of new songs which is classic rock, and the music and style are as current and fresh as ever. In other words... an album of stray cats." - Slim Jim Phantom "They say history likes to repeat itself and now I know it's true. 40 years after Brian, Jim and I were stray cats, we're back! I'm so excited to be in the studio with my brothers. I can tell you this is going to be the best Stray Cat album we've ever made. The timing is right, the songs are great and we're ready to rock. - Rock Lee street, Remixes and B-sides 2LP Remixes and B-sides of the first four albums, original pirated material, The Grand Is Not Free, The Hardest Way to Live Easy and Everything Is Borrowed struts Young and dangerous 12" color vinyl The Struts release an exclusive color hand numbered RSD edition of their second album sublimation Nugs - a selection in a box 1LP colored vinyl The Everything Under the Sun Sublime Rare Boxset was awarded for the first time. Starburst red and yellow vinyl Suede Head Music - 20th Anniversary 3LP Exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records is proud to present a 3-LP Edition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Suede's fourth album Head Music. The hit songs "Electricity", "Can't Get Enough", "Everything Will Flow" and "She's Stylish". An additional third LP with ten non-album b-sides, released for the first time in this format, was pressed on 180g heavy colored vinyl. " sugar daddy love attacks 12" Pressed on clear red vinyl. Sugar Daddy is Tom Findlay of Groove Armada - this release features selected remixes by Natasha Kitty Katt, Situation and Dom Thompson suicide dream baby dream 12" color vinyl "They always sound like a band from the future" - Dangerous Minds. The classic suicide single "Dream Baby Dream" (originally released in 1979) was re-released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019. Released in 12" Oh healthy))) metal life 2LP orange New album sunn O))) by Steve Albini. It is fully realized and completely real. The record was produced by core Stephen & Greg and orchestrated by the larger constellation Sunn O))). Artwork by visual artist Samantha Keely Smith graces the sleeves elegantly and makes for a perfectly fitted face mask for your rendezvous. They combine the ideas of 19th-century Romanticism and Abstract Expressionism (mysticism) of the late 20th century with Sunn O)))'s treatment of metal (through the reference points of Arbo, Turner, Delville, Richter, Turrel, Wou-Ki). Photographer Ronald Dick photographed them in bright baths that reflect the depth of sound pressure at work. For the first time available exclusively through RSD on clear orange vinyl. Tracklist: LP1: A) Between Sleipnirs Breaths, B) Torubled Air. LP2: A) Aurora, B) Nova Oh healthy))) metal life CD The album "New sunn O))) was recorded by Steve Albini. It is fully realized and completely authentic. The album was produced by Stephen & Greg core and painted by the larger constellation of Sunn O))) visual artist Samantha Keely Smith elegantly decorates the sleeves and provided a very fitting mask for the encounter, colliding ideas of 19th century Romanticism and late 20th century abstract expressionism (mysticism) with the metal approach of Sunna O))) (via Arbo, Turner, Delville, Richter, Turrel, Wou-Ki). Cinematographer Ronald Dick filmed them in bright baths, reflecting the depth of the track's sound pressure. The CD is exclusive for 2 weeks and will be available at the end of April. This release is also available exclusively through RSD on clear orange vinyl. Tracklist: LP1: A) Between Sleipnirs Breaths, B) Torubled Air. LP2: A) Aurora, B) Novae" great grass pump your stereo/mary 10 inch picture CD Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Custom 10" Single AA Side Picture Disc. The artwork features HD stills from two original promotional videos. Produced by Supergrass. Taken from their third album, titled 1999. turning driver thinking/thinking that I will feel better 12 inch single 12" blank vinyl single featuring 2 previously unreleased recordings from the British legend reinterpreting Gene Clark and The Supremes classics chips Silver record A long-out of print funk-soul classic, released on Record Store Day 2019. The album features extensive sampling of J Dilla, Jazzanova, Ghostface Killah, Snoop Dog and more. orange dream Machu Picchu yellow vinyl The late Edgar Frost pays tribute to legendary British DJ and BBC Radio 1 radio presenter John Peel. "Machu Picchu" will be available exclusively on yellow vinyl during Record Store Day 2019. Edgar also wrote about John and their meeting in London in 1974 in his autobiography Force Majeure, a chapter ("The John Peel Files") reprinted in the booklet included in the package . TD owes John his international career. Edgar wanted to say thank you with this album dedicated to John. orange dream Poland double disk Double-disc clear fold-over vinyl, first unedited reissue since the 1980s Teddy'ego Pendergrassa You can't hide from yourself / The more I get, the more I want 12" Enhanced, remastered and reworked because they've never been officially released on 12" before... Teddy Pendergrass' 2 great disco anthems from the Philadelphia International Vault have been officially reissued. boys fan club King record Fanclub suppression of the second album, initially removed on the day of its release in 1991. TV personality Something's Going On: Singles 1978-1989 2LP+7" 2000 only. Folded Sleeve + 7". Singles series. “Treacy is an outsider outsider, dedicated to ruthless honesty, a constant witness to her own pain, weakness and fallibility. The Quietus // A comprehensive remaster of all of the TV personality's groundbreaking singles, from the Peel-approved "14th Floor" to the stunning "Salvador Dali's Garden Party" EP. Including the extremely rare flexi Creation, TVP as talented children and the rarer Caff 45, the team serves Stock, Aitken and Waterman. The Purists will also find two shelved Dreamworld 45's and their version of Syd Barrett's "Apples And Oranges" from the tribute album Beyond The Wildwood. groundbreaking "Where's Bill Grundy Now" and modest "Part Time Punks", as well as a collection of pop culture gems. The work of Dan Treacy was honored. Tracklist Side One 01 - 14th Floor 02 - Oxford St., W.1 03 - Part Time Punks 04 - Where is Bill Grundy Now? 05 - Happy Families 06 - Posing in the Roundhouse 07 - The Prettiest Girl in the World 08 - If That's Page 2 01 - Amazing Time 02 - King and Country 03 - I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives 04 - Arthur the Gardener 05 - Three Wishes 06 - Jeffrey Ingram 07 - Kids Don't Like It! The Third Party 01 - Belonging 02 - Paradise Manor 03 - How I Loved the Bomb Called Charity 03 - Salvador Dali Garden Party 04 - A Room at the Top of the Stairs 05 - No Happy Ending This Time 06 - Part 1: Fulfilling Contractual Obligations TV personality Some Kind of Journey: Single 1990-1994 2LP 2000 only. Folded cover, double LP tracks + Bonus DL. Singles collection. "TV Personalities has long been England's great forgotten team." Melody Maker // A comprehensive collection of remasters of all of TV Personality's groundbreaking singles, from the evocative EP 'Strangely Beautiful' to the darkly introspective territory 'Far Away And Lost In Joy'. Includes the extremely rare 12" Favorite Films (previously only available on 12" vinyl) as well as the excellent Goodnight Mr. Spaceman" and "You, Me, and Lou Reed". Arranged in chronological order of release, including each track and remix, it features a wealth of pop culture influences from art, music and writing, plus all the sarcastic wit of the musical masters - a true L-shaped space of pop's desire. A further celebration of Dan Treacy's work. Tracklist Page 1. Strangely Beautiful (7" Remix) 2. Reaching for the Stars 3. That's Not Even Possible 6. The Day the Dolphins Left the Sea 7. Christ Knows I Tried Page 2 8. She Never Read Poems Above Me (12" Remix) 9 - Favorite Movies 10 - Inspiring Dreams 11 - Always Be Happy (10 Years Early Version) 12. We'll Be Your Masters (7" Remix) 13. Joan M. Lo Exhibition 14. Love Is better than War Third Side 15. Good Night Mr. Spaceman (12 inch remix) 16. If I were your girlfriend 17. She loves it when she sings like Elvis 19. You, me and Lou Reed. ten years later Meeting at Cap Ferrat record The limited edition LP on green vinyl is exclusive to RSD and is the first of several released to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the band's legendary 1969 Woodstock performance. The Cap Ferrat sessions took place during the recording of their "Rock Music" album The World and first appeared on the 2017 10 CD set "1969-1974". This is the first release out of the box and the first on vinyl. No download. wedding gifts Daphne Chasi 7" The single was originally supposed to be released in 1988/9 when the band signed to RCA and was "the single that never was". There was pressure to test, but the band canceled the release, feeling it was unsuited to be the band's first major label single. It was remastered and finally released ahead of the reissue of "The Complete Ukrainian John Peel Sessions" for the 30th anniversary. Chuda Lizzie black Rose 2LP Released in 1979, Black Rose is one of the iconic Irish band's best-loved albums, and features the only deceased guitarist to record with the band, whose influence permeates the entire album. The album peaked at number two in the UK charts and is one of the band's most successful albums and a fan favourite. This one-day exclusive to the record store includes the original album as well as a set of (so far) unseen demos recorded in Phil Lynott's archives. The album enriched the graphic design and replaced the best-sounding recordings with new pieces this is a kit curling ball record “Record Store Day, limited to 1,000 copies worldwide on blue vinyl. This is The Kit's first album, recorded in Italy and produced by John Parish. It was originally released by Microbe Records on 2007 Upper Limited Release Vinyl. Now available on RSD's Blue Vinyl 2019. Kate Stables - Vocals, Guitar & Banjo John Parish - Drums Julien Barbagalo - Drums Jamie Whitby Coles - Drums Jesse Morningstar - Violin, Guitar, Vocals, Drums Tracklist>> Side A 1. Our Socks Forever More 2. We climb the calf 3. We share 4. Birch wood beaker 5. On wheels again 6. Two wooden spoons on side B 1. We need our knees 2. Moths 3. Krülle Bol 4. Fat goose 5. Tangled walker 6. She does" three times deep well 12" Exclusive Limited Edition RSD 12". thunder Please sit down - others 12 inch transparent vinyl record For its 30th anniversary, Thunder revisits and reinterprets its best selection of songs in a way you've never heard before. This pure vinyl seven-track LP features tracks from the deluxe CD edition of their new album, Please Remain Seated. Includes the hits "Everybody Wants Her" and "Stand Up". tickle Rare and unreleased: 1967 10" Vinyl glitter "7". DAVID BOWIE released "Space Oddity" 50 years ago, which introduced him to the pop scene. The eerily surreal guitar work on the track was provided by MICK WAYNE, who first collaborated with Bowie in 1967 and his career as a producer together. Visconti also produced Mick's band THE TICKLE, changing their name from Bunch Of Fives. Their debut album 45 "Subway (Smokey Pokey World)" was released in September 1967 but failed to chart. band, JUNIOR's EYES, which released its only album in 1969, playing as Bowie's backing band before forming Spiders From Mars. Subway's psychedelic, guitar-driven, small-town London rock made THE TICKLE's only 45 a cult album worth more than £700. David Bowie launched Space Oddity 50 years ago, introducing him to pop tunes. This Unforgettable album - the out of this world guitar in the track is provided by MICK WAYNE, who first worked with Bowie in 1967 and started his career as a producer with TONY VISCONTI. Visconti renamed them Bunch Of Fives. Later he also produced Mick's band THE TICKLE. Their debut album 45 "Subway (Smokey Pokey World)" was released in September 1967 but failed to chart and the band split up, leaving 45 unreleased. album in 1969, playing as Bowie's backing band before the formation of Spiders on Mars. “Subway's psychedelic guitar truancy drives a London kid. The explosion of urban rock has left THE TICKLE just 45 years old. iconic cult record, valued at over £700. " Tim Buckley Honey 2-LP This 2-LP set, never on vinyl, shows Tim Buckley performing at WLIR in New York on November 27, 1973, just after the release of the Sefronia album. In addition to delivering studio-quality audio, the show documents Buckley's foray into R&B and funk, lending his incredible vocal range to three songs from his riveting album Greetings from L.A. and four from Sefronia. first song. Plus his brilliant rendition of Fred Neil's "Dolphin" and two 60s hits, "Buzzin' Fly" and "Pleasant Street". Newly created fold-out album pack featuring never-before-seen photos of Buckley and lined notes. Also honey colored vinyl! match Willow (feat. Robert Pattinson) 7" An exclusive 7" track from the OST of the new Claire Danes movie, High Life (starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche). Composed by Stuart A. Staples. The OST will be released on CD and in May 2019 on vinyl. Film release March-May US release date (film) April 12. "Willow" beautifully sung by Robert Pattinson as the end credits, B-side with instrumental version. little Tim Live! at Royal Albert Hall 2LP, 180g colored vinyl, foldable jacket For the first time available on vinyl Ninja Turtles turtle soundtrack in time 7" Special packaging, "Vest-Flap" jacket detail with iron-on patches. Toddren Glen Bearsville / WB Era A i B Side Singles Collection na LP 4LP box All Todd Bearsville & WB singles compiled and released for the first time. Includes many unique edits and mixes that were previously out of print. Redo. Tony'ego Joe White'a fat fat fat record Recorded live on December 5, 1980, featuring the classics "Polk Salad Annie" and "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up Tp Be Cowboys". Few rock artists have done more with less and transcended more musical genres than Tony Joe White. The Louisiana Swamp Bard makes it look so natural and sound so natural by using his wah-wah guitar to tell a story in a spare, spare rhythm section. However, this 1980 field recording for the Austin City Limits series offers more than just variations on "Polk Salad Annie" (his 1969 hit about an alligator biting a grandmother). As a writer, he showed a penchant for soft ballads in the soulful "Rainy Night in Georgia" (Brook Benton's hit single) and "Billy", while songs such as "Mama Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up" Becoming a Baby", "Red Neck Woman" (not to be confused with Gretchen Wilson) and "This Is How Cowboys Rock" saw him relegated to the country. While "Disco Blues" is pure boogie, "I Get Off on It" can pass for disco. For those who can't get enough of "Polk Salad Anne", there are more like it. — Don McLeese. Tosca no problem 2LP Blue Fold LP No Hassle is the fifth studio album by Austrian downtempo/trip-hop duo Tosca, released in 2009 by !K7. The album was "conceived as a liquid ocean of sound". No vocal track appears on No Hassle, instead marking Tosca's return to vocal samples and "using the voice as an instrument", last heard on Suzuki's 2000 album. This exclusive Record Store Day release features the album pressed on blue 2LP vinyl, housed in a fold-over sleeve and includes 4 bonus tracks not on the original 1LP pressing. City of Van Zant Featured Landmarks in Van Zand Township 12" The best collection of Townes Van Zandt songs released during his career Toya In the court of the Scarlet Queen record Especially for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records is proud to present a new version of Toyah's 2008 album. Toyah and producer/co-writer Simon Darlow remixed and added instrumentation to all songs. The remixes are available on vinyl for the first time, and this release will also feature brand new artwork. Pressed on translucent purple 180g vinyl trembling bells and alex rex I am the king 10” "This RSD release will be the final release for Glasgow Psych Folk Trembling Bells." These are the last two statements from Trembling Bells after 10 years in a band that feels more like a family. "I Am The King" was inspired by various Greek myths. It's about self-destruction - feeling so bored with life's fruit machine that you start tearing yourself apart as the last show of entertainment. "Medusa" sounds like Greek mythology, but it's actually about jellyfish. All Alex Rex songs are covers. In April 2018, my brother Alastair passed away in his sleep. I dream about him often. In one of my dreams, we sang "Night Interview" together as a way to say goodbye and introduce him to another world. "You Know More Than I Know" is a song by John Kyle. Quoted by Alex Neilson and Alex Rex of Trembling Bells. " Trojan Horse (Gaz Mayall) Popular song record "For four decades spanning 32 years, the Trojans have evolved, reinventing themselves over several lifetimes, always remaining a happy family." Formed by Gaz Mayall in 1986 after the demise of his first band, Gaz's Rebel Blues Rockers. In 1999, the Trojans filled a void in the ska scene of the time with a sound that spanned ska and reggae, with a mix of soul, funk, R&B and world roots. In their first few years, they recorded several albums, released British underground music on Gaz's own independent label, Gaz's Rockin' records. The first was "Ala-Ska", which featured the classic single "Gaelic Ska" and introduced a new Afro-Celtic fusion style and has since become the sound of The Trojan Horse. The 18 tracks included here span the three main incarnations of the Trojan Horse line-up and feature guest appearances by Prince Buster, Rico, Jeanne Bellesta and Zoe Bevelin. Now available exclusively on RSD 2019, 180g vinyl, colors to choose from)" TVAM No Silver Bird / Narcissus (Tunng Remix) 7" A longtime favorite of TVAM and a rare psychopath, the trivia "No Silver Bird", originally released in 1968 by underground New Mexico band The Hooterville Trolley, recently appeared on TVAM Live and Socials. what is what and when will it be available - no more waiting. Tunng's "Narcissus" mix was produced by swapping mixes between performances, this version was also unreleased/unheard to date. Tunng stripped the original elements and reinterpreted their unique psychological ballad style. All pressed on transparent yellow vinyl. stretched think pink 2X12" “Recorded in London in July 1969, featuring members of Tomorrow, the Pretty Things, the Deviants and Tyrannosaurus Rex, the legendary Think Pink is one of the pantheons of British underground rock. His signature mono mix was supposed to appear on Decca's famous Nova series, but the release was canceled and the remix was never heard of - until now. Edited with the full input of John "Twink" Alder, the set includes detailed annotations, rare images and eight bonus tracks making it a real must-have for fans of British psychedelic music. "A very important record in the British psychedelic wilderness" - The Tapestry Of Delights "An incredibly diverse album, no two tracks are the same ... pure psychedelic rock at the highest level" - Allmusic Format: Double Song 180g pink hand numbered vinyl sleeve with booklet, lyrical page inserts and an exclusive certificate signed by the legendary young man. Twink and colorful dreams compassion for the beast 12" Twink and the Technicolor Dream's new album Sympathy for the Beast is based on the imaginative poetry of Aleister Crowley. their songs or as narratives about their musical backgrounds. Jon Povey contributed significantly to the album as singer, songwriter and keyboardist. In addition, William Breeze, head of the Ordo Templi Orientis, which Crowley presided over most of his life, provided recently discovered manuscript scores of two unreleased Crowley songs, Twink and Technicolor Dream, first recorded in their original form (piano + soprano) and in rock version. 12" black vinyl, roll-up sleeve, printed inner sleeve. U2 Europe EP 12" single - vinyl record U2 Presents The Europa EP: Side A presents previously unreleased material from the recent European tour eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE - Charlie Chaplin's final speech from The Great Dictator featuring an exclusive musical mix of "Love is We have so little left" to highlight the classic "Zooropa" from 1993 - which led to a New Year's "live" performance in Dublin in November 2018. The B-side features two "European" remixes: "New Year's Day" by St. Francis Hotel and a delightful remix of European romance duo Wimmin's "Love Is All We Have Left" by Jon. This graphic is a tribute to EXPERIENCED Chaplinesque for the Zooropa album cover. 12" single sided 180gsm black vinyl packaged in a full color outer sleeve with embossed front cover. Four colored inserts with texts and credits and A5 stickers. Record Store Day 2019 coincides with Charlie Chaplin's 130th birthday (April 16), so the marketing sticker will feature both the Record Store Day logo and the Chaplin 130 logo. British submarine A different kind of blues - 40th anniversary 2 × 10" “Exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records is proud to present the 40th Anniversary of Punk Legends U.K.SUBS debut album. Originally released in 1979, it is now released as a deluxe Double 10" in two different shades of blue vinyl. It comes with roll-up sleeves and two inside pockets with newly lined band member notes along with lyrics and replicas of the original inside pockets. This new release now includes 6 bonus tracks, including the UK hits "Tomorrows Girls" (No. 26) and "Bondage" (No. 28). Uli Jona Rossa visit the scorpion again 4 x 12 inch double door folding sleeves "Uli Jon Roth Record Store Day Exclusive 4 x 180 gm 12" vinyl in double section. Celebrate Record Store Day with the music of Silver Linings and the ULI JON ROTH "SCORPIONS REVISITED" vinyl special on April 13. "Scorpions Revisited" is the first effect of Ula Jon Roth's magical, mystical journey into the past. Never before released on vinyl, the material was recorded in Hannover, Germany in 2014 and sees the master recapture all the collective power and grace of the original Scorpion classics and reimagine them the way they feel today. Anyone in their right mind would be afraid to call it mere re-recordings, because it's clear that Uli Jon Roth has soulfully reworked these songs. The masterpiece was recorded between 1973 and 1978 in the same hall in Hannover where Scorpions rehearsed. With a group of very talented young musicians, Uli returns to his early favorites in Scorpions, some of which were written in the same room. " uncle Sunrise (Always Come) [Remiks audio] 10” Exclusive vinyl remix of a track from UNKLE Top-20's 2017 album The Road: Part I. Black single-sided vinyl with hand-printed label. unloved broken heart tool record used I live in Maida Vale record Following the release of their latest album, The Canyon, rock trio The Used release an exclusive Record Store Day vinyl release. Exclusive live recording of the band's performance at Maida Vale in 2018. The recording includes a song from The Canyon, a song from their debut album and two covers of the legendary bands Linkin Park and Nirvana. As old Morrison Astral Week Alternative 10 inch mini photo album 12" vinyl mini-album featuring four bonus tracks from Van Morrison's breakthrough album: "Beside You (Take 1)", "Madame George (Take 4)", "Ballerina (Long Version)" and "Slim Slow Rider (Long Version) version .) There may be an additional bonus track or two that have not been previously released. Various kinds of House built by Cr2 Records 2 x 12" clear heavyweight numbered luxury vinyl Ltd Ed, pack of 1000 only An early celebration of Cr2 Records' 15th anniversary in 2019, here's a selection of the brand's latest and classic releases, packaged in a deluxe limited edition heavyweight 2x clear vinyl EP featuring classic Cr2 Records artwork. It features tracks that are currently out of print as well as tracks that have never been pressed on vinyl before. Sides A and B present the label's most recent successful releases, while sides C and D present groundbreaking classics: "Woz Not Woz" - one of the first releases of the label's first year, and an early release in Eric Prydz's career in 2004 and is a best-selling record of all time and the previous number one hit "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" (Claude Vonstroke Remix) in 2006. 100% brand new in exclusive packaging. Variety - palmitic acid Volume 8 issue RSD record A brand new version of the Brown Acid line is released this time to coincide with RSD. All first copies of the series were sold out on the day of release. Some rare and wild heavy rock and psychedelia from the private media of the 70s underground rock scene. A must for all stoner rock runners and heavy wig lovers. British RSD pressed 400 opaque yellow vinyl. Miscellaneous - emotional reactions Positive Times Infinity (compilation of emotional reactions) record Released as a numbered edition of 500 in clear and multicolored splatter vinyl. All tracks exclusive to this release. Over the past 5 years, Emotional Response has been thrilled to release some of the best independent records of our time. This RSD release features 2 exclusive tracks, each of the seven acts currently associated with the label. Exclusive footage from MICK TROUBLE, THE OCEAN PARTY, UNHAPPY FLY (UK/Spain - featuring members such as Public Image Ltd and The Homosexuals), BOYRACER, SEABLITE, NEUTRALS and EVEN AS WE SPEAK. TracklistA1 Mick Trouble - Settling Bills Without Feathers A2 Ocean Party - No Worries A3 Unhappy Fly - Kenozoic A4 Boyracer - Laissez Faire A5 Seablite - Cerulean A6 Neutrals - Angst Reflex A7 Even When We Talk - Same Again (Live 1988) B1 M ick Trouble - Not 'Alf Bad (acoustic version) B2 The Ocean Party - How's It Looking B3 Unhappy Fly - Scurry B4 Boyracer - Thinning B5 Seablite - Wool Sweater B6 Neutral - Young Creative B7 Even When We Talk - Single To Central (live 1992) Miscellaneous - Freakbeat scene grotesque scene 2LP The Freakbeat scene features 25 amazing tracks, almost all of which were hits on the original Decca/Deram 45 album. Save £££ and buy this lovely 2LP compilation made from heavyweight 180g vinyl. Includes a 4-sided information leaflet reproducing the original packaging instructions for the CDs. The Freakbeat sound was primarily a subgenre of British rock and roll in the late 1960s, with many artists and their styles becoming an important part of British music history. Includes early recordings from Attack, Birds, Marc Bolan and Small Faces. Miscellaneous - The Ghost World Soundtrack spirit world record Debut on VINYL (blue vinyl) - As with Crumb, director Terry Zwigoff has crafted a soundtrack that is as eclectic and catchy as his film's subject matter. The sounds of early jazz and blues played a key role in the events of Ghost World, and the music we heard here is some of the best ever recorded. Skip James' 1931 classic "The Devil Got My Woman" may be the most famous track on the soundtrack, but it barely steals the show. Including three tracks from the strange yet fascinating frontman of Jazz & Calypso, Lionel Velasco; these 70-year-old recordings are as original as they sound timeless. Equally praised was the opening film "Jaan Pehechaan Ho", a rare Bollywood film that combines elements of surf, funk and garage rock. Of course, we also heard "Graduation Rap" and "Pickin' Cotton Blues" by Blueshammer, two intentionally bad contemporary songs that make the film's characters (and anyone listening to the soundtrack) relevant to today's pop culture. Zwigoff wisely filled the record with songs from his 78-album collection, mixing strings and blues melodies from the 1920s and 1930s, rarely found on compilations (including David Kitay's haunting Theme from Ghost World rounds out the album, perfectly capturing them all sweetly - the bitter emotions of the film. Miscellaneous - a good vibrant gift Good Vibrations Music Presents Re-Vibrations (remix collection) 2x12" 2x12" printed 5mm spike sleeve. Includes unreleased tracks/remixes by Louie Vega, Jovonn, Sean McCabe, 95 North and Black Sonics Różne - Greg Belson 的 Divine Disco Sacred Disco Grega Belsona, tom II: Obscure Gospel Disco (1979-1987) 2LP While gospel and disco may seem like polar opposites, one being secular and the other embracing a hedonistic culture, the combination of the two genres gave rise to the uplifting spirituality and danceable rhythm of gospel disco. In the mid-1970s, many established and independent gospel artists created records with a strong, four-bar rhythm, which in the 1970s appealed to the faithful and clients of drug agencies. Cultures of Soul Records proudly presents the second part of Greg Belson's Sacred Disco. Belson is one of the world's foremost authorities on funk-gospel music; for this series, he dug deep into his chests to discover the rarest collection of independent and private news-gospel-disco recordings ever made. Greg Belson's Divine Disco music has been played all over the world, from his DJ gigs on the Glastonbury's Donwlow stage in New York, to Funky Sole in Los Angeles, to soul nights across Europe. Many tracks have been under the radar or recently discovered, such as Harrison Jones - Beyond That, Converter, I've Converted and the self-released Mr. Jesse R. McGuire Super Limited 45 - Jesus On Mainline. Only 50 copies were printed. The book even includes the wonderful "Keep the Fire" from British gospel disco and Paradise. The compilation also features mixing and editing by Steve Cobby (of Fila Brazillia) and production duo Divine Situation, Greg Belson and Paulo Fulci. Track: A1. Converter - I converted A2. Harrison Jones - across the A3. Wisdom - change A4. Johnson Family Gospel Singers - Parody B1. Calvin B. Rhone - I believe in B2. Psalm - Glory to the Lord B3. Mr. Jesse R. McGuire - Jesus is on the B4 Main Line. Paradise - Keep the Fire C1. Wisdom - Let the Lord come into your life C2. Prophecy - Take to the streets C3. New Creature - There is no right way to do something wrong D1. Calvin B. Rhone - He loves you so much D2. Harrison Jones & The Voices of Harmony - On the Other Shore D3. Mr. Jesse R. McGuire - Jesus on the Main Line (Steve Cobby Remix) Miscellaneous - Kemet In-Depth Session Kemet Deep Sessions - Sampler winylowy 12" Pressed on yellow vinyl. Featuring tracks by Manoo, Atjazz, Jackson Braithwaite and Dave Anthony. Strong African style. Versatility - Los Angeles Nuggets Where is the action! los angeles nuggets 2LP black vinyl Where is the action! Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965-1968 is part of the acclaimed Rhino Nuggets series, focusing on various aspects of the underground rock scene in and around Los Angeles between 1965 and 1968. Featuring major artists such as Love, Buffalo Springfield, Bobby Fuller Four, The Doors, Sonny & Cher, Lee Hazelwood, Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, and many more. The series is now available on vinyl for the first time. Miscellaneous - Max's SKAnsas City Max's SK Ansas City record A "lost recording" of the early 1980s New York ska scene was recently discovered on a limited edition milky-transparent vinyl record. club was at the heart of the club's precursors The label, led by Max's accountant Peter Crowley, recorded several shows in 1980, including collaborations with legendary Skatalites founder Roland Alfonso. But only two 7-inch singles, produced by San Francisco-based The Offs and New York-based The Terrorists with vocals. After that, the New York ska scene exploded and many bands became hugely successful. Only now can you hear previously unreleased studio tracks by Roland Alphonso, The Terrorists and The Offs. The album features 15 tracks, 11 of which are The First, featuring definitive cover notes from ska writer and performer "Marco On The Bass". ; Terrorists - justice; The Offs - you fascinate me; Roland Alfonso - four corners; World of Terrorists - Fading; Roland Alfonso - View from the Bridge; Terrorist - Calm down; Shut up - Easier said than done. Miscellaneous - Disco with Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Disco 1LP Mickey Mouse Disco was originally released in 1979. It featured disco versions of Disney songs and Disney-inspired versions of disco hits of the time. Out of print on all physical formats, we will be re-releasing the album on black vinyl especially for Record Store Day 2019. The album features a mirrored panel cover that echoes the disco floor theme. Miscellaneous - Mod Scenes Mod scene 2LP Mod Scene features 25 amazing tracks, almost all of which were hits on the original Decca/Deram 45 record. Save £££ and get this beautiful 2LP set on heavy 180g vinyl. Includes a 4-sided information leaflet reproducing the original packaging instructions for the CDs. This compilation features 25 rare and influential creations that helped shape the fashion scene. Mixing rock, blues and soul with spirited energy, the "mods" are well dressed and ready to take their sound to the streets and are warmly welcomed by music obsessed "mod" fans. Featuring tracks by Tom Jones, Paul and Barry Ryan, The Poets, Amen Corner, Small Faces, Chris Farlow, Graham "10cc" Gouldman, Big Roll Band Zoot Money, Graham Bond Orchestra and more. Diversity - Modern soul modern soul 7x7" box. A necessity for the soul! Another 7x7" set comes from the Sony Music vault featuring 14 super rare contemporary soul tracks from Columbia, Epic, Arista and RCA including Bobby Womack, Patti Austin, Mandrill, Aretha Franklin, Ujima, Randy Jackson and Jeff Perry, and more, all appearing on the original track-specific liner notes Edited by soul collecting veteran and acclaimed Mastercuts DJ Ian Dewhirst, the box will be limited to 500 unique, hand-numbered copies. Miscellaneous - The Soul of New Orleans Soul of New Orleans 68 record 1968 was the year the Crescent City Music Wheel was launched. Cosimo Matassa's Dover Group, a one-stop-shop for recording, publishing, distributing and selling virtually every independent record label in New Orleans, collapsed. And he took with him almost every small independent brand thriving in the city. It took years for New Orleans records to reach the level they reached in the mid-1960s. But there are more than enough recorded songs to fill this delicious LP before it falls apart. The 14 tracks range from crazy funk, dance hits to the heaviest soul tracks. There is something for everyone and a great way to celebrate 1968 in New Orleans. Page One 1 Pleased With Your Love - Barbara George 2 The Sweetest I Know - Clemmon Smith 3 The Frozen Horse Pt. 1 - Roy Ward 4 I Like It - Prince Royals 5 To The Sissy - Charley Simmons and the Royal Imperials 6 I Can't Stay Away - Fabuletts 7 A Man's True Love - Side Two of Ray's Guitar 1 Gotta Hang On - Vicki Labatt 2 She Really Surprised Me - Willie Tee 3 Pain - Sonny Jones 4 Action Time - Charlie Wayne 5 Funky Soul Train - Robert Parker 6 If I Had to Do It Again - Eddie Bo 7 The Word - Marilyn Barbarin Miscellaneous - New York soul The Soul of New York 1968 record By 1968, soul was clearly the dominant force in black music, with New York City being where most soul recordings were made. We had too many options when creating this 1968 build. There are so many high-quality songs to choose from - but we've selected a few of the best. Most of them have not been republished before and are now available here for the first time since their original release. In these rhythms, you can hear the full spectrum of soul - from Motown dancers, through mainstream soul, to the deepest ballads. There are even notes of neo-funk style. But all tracks feature the best singers - enjoy the sound of 1968 in the Big Apple! Front page 1. (Already gave) All My Love - Patti Austin 2. Mr. Rainmaker - Pat Lundy 3. I just miss you - Rene Bailey 4. Take my heart and soul - Ortheia Barnes 5. I can't wait any longer - Big Maybelle 6. Sit down and cry - Jean Wells 7. Pay twice for my baby - Little Charles 8. You Got 'Em Beat - Soul Sisters PAGE TWO 1. I'm New The Joy of Discovery - Jimmy Richards 2. Open Your Heart - Mamselles 3. People Sure Act Funny - Titus Turner 4. Test Yourself - Debbie Taylor 5. Young Boy Blues - Little Buster 6. Guilty (Of Love In the 1st Degree) - Little Jimmie Ballard 7. Girls Can Don't Do What Guys Do - Judy White 8. Can't Stop Loving You - Jimmy Breedlove Shifter - Soul of the North the soul of the north 7x7" box. The first edition of The Selector Series comes in a special 7 x 7" box set from the Sony Music vault featuring 14 super rare Northern Soul tracks from Columbia, RCA, Epic, Bell, Okeh and Buddah including Lorraine Chandler, Lou Courtney , The Vibrations, John Edwards, The Metros, Herb Ward and The MVP, to name a few, have all been released on the original label with track notes and will be limited to 500 unique, hand-numbered copies. Shifter-northern soul scene northern soul scene 2LP Northern Soul Scene contains 25 amazing tracks, almost all of which were hits on the original Decca/Deram 45 record. Save £££ and buy this loving 2LP compilation made from 180g heavyweight vinyl. Includes a 4-sided information leaflet reproducing the original packaging instructions for the CDs. The Northern Soul Stomp series features tracks by Clyde McPhatter, Tom Jones, David Essex, Amen Corner, Dave Berry and more Colorful - Psyché France Psyche French Roll. 5 1960-70 1LP Warner Music France Compilation Series Volume 5 - Limited 1 x 140g 12" Vinyl RSD 2019. Various - psychedelic scenes Psychedelic scene 2LP Psychedelic Scene features 25 amazing tracks, almost all of which were highly sought after on the original Decca/Deram 45 CD. Save £££ and get this loving 2LP compilation made from heavyweight 180gsm vinyl. Includes a 4-sided information leaflet recreating the original CD packing instructions. Psychedelic Scene charts the early seeds of a psychedelia-infused UK scene, featuring nuggets from the likes of The End, The Attack, Small Faces, The Moody Blues and World Of Oz. Miscellaneous - R&B scene Scena R&B 2LP The R&B scene features 25 extraordinary tracks, almost all of which were hits on the original Decca/Deram 45 record. Save £££ and buy this loving 2LP compilation made from 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. Includes a 4-sided information leaflet reproducing the original packaging instructions for the CDs. The British R&B scene of the 1960s was notable for drawing on blues and rock and creating a sound that was successful worldwide. Featuring early recordings by David Bowie, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Jimmy Page, Rod Stewart and Ron Wood. Miscellaneous - 1964 R&B style Mighty Instrumentals R&B in 1964 style record Here's a selection of the best R&B instruments from 1964 that don't make a single chart. There was no shortage of guitar rockers from the West Coast and passionate performances from Johnny Talbot, Travis Wammack and Johnny Hartsman. Los Angeles also provided the voice of keyboard master Gus Jenkins, and Ray Johnson and The Mixtures played the Wurlitzer electric on Jimmy McGriff's The Last Minute. New York collaborators included Charlie Lucas Combo, The Jay-Hawks, Bill Doggett and the David Rockingham Trio, whose "Soulful Chant" almost became a hit on Jerry Blaine's Josie Records. Doc Starkes and his Nite Riders are from New England, and Smokey Johnson is the main drummer in New Orleans. There's even a Canadian band, future comedian Tommy Chong's first band, Little Daddy & The Bachelors. So there you have it - 16 Mighty Instrumentals R&B-Style from 1964. Side 1 Junior's Jerk - Little Daddy & The Bachelors 2 Watcha Wanna Do (Part 2) - Johnny Talbot 3 The Cricket - Clarence 'Gatemouth' Brown 4 Soulful Chant - David Rockingham Trio 5 Kicker - Big Bill Doggett 6 Chittlins - Gus Jenkins 7 I Thought (Part 2) - The Nite Riders 8 Sizzlin' - Johnny Hartsman. Page Two 1 It's Not My Fault (Part 1) - Smokey Johnson 2 It's Not My Fault (Part 2) - Smokey Johnson 3 Fire Fly - Travis Wammack 4 Cozy Lounge Blues - Kid Thomas 5 Sherry Party - Ray Johnson 6 Creepin' - The Jay-Hawks 7 Walkin' - Charlie Lucas Combo 8 The Last Minute - Mixes Miscellaneous - Sherman Brothers sherman brothers songbook 1LP 14 classic songs by the Sherman brothers whose music has been an integral part of movies, theme park attractions, TV productions and more, entertaining millions of people around the world. The collection not only includes the iconic hits Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, The Jungle Book and It's a Small World, but also many other classics. Miscellaneous - Soho '59 Scene Soho '59 scene (jazz pop) record UK record buyers had to wait until 1960 to hear the great American albums of 1959: John Coltrane's debut album, Charles Mingus' Ah Um and Horace Silver's Blowin' the Blues Away. On the home front, Tubby Hayes absorbed the influence of these albums while recording his final album, Tubby's Groove, in December 1959. This CD juxtaposes the best British jazz repertoire from 1959 with the best American music from the same period, showing that British modernists have finally held their ground among the giants of jazz. Page 1: 1 Wilton's Mood - Wilton Gaynor 2 Mine Still - Eddie Thompson Trio 3 London Lament - London Jazz Quartet 4 The Golden Striker - Jack Parnell & His Orchestra 5 Embargo On Escargot - Tommy Watt Quartet 6 Senor Blues - Joe Harriott Quintet. Side Two: 1 No Hay Problema - Art Blakley & The Afrocuban Boys 2 African Dance - International All Stars 3 Blowin' The Blues - Harold Land All Stars 4 Night Cry - Barney Kessel 5 Golden Earrings - The Mastersounds 6 Sister Sadie - Horace Silver Miscellaneous - Gifts from Soul Jazz CDs Studio One Showcase 45 Box set 5x7" box. “Soul Jazz Records releases the Studio One Showcase 45 Box Set, an exclusive seven-inch set for record collectors featuring 10 stunning and extremely rare Studio One tracks, all with original label artwork, with the individual inner covers produced here. Breakthrough Ska, Dub, Roots and DJ Jackie Mittoo, Freddie McGregor, The Skatalites, Count Ossie and more were recorded at Studio One by Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd. " Miscellaneous - Gifts from Soul Jazz CDs BOOMBOX box of 45 pieces 5x7" box. “Soul Jazz Records' fantastic new early rap collection features five individual, extremely rare collectible songs from early 1945s hip-hop original artwork. Artists include Lady B, Bransam, Manujothi, TJ Swann, Pee Wee Mel and Barry B. This set is a one-off print made exclusively for Record Store Day" Miscellaneous - Soul Plate, Volume 2 The Soul Tablet, Volume 2 3LP box Red 3LP vinyl, boxed, gold leaf numbered, in a durable case with download card. Only 2000 worldwide. FOR FANS... Daptone Records, Big Crown Records, 45s, Soul, Funk, R&B. This is a continuation of our first volume, Soul Slabs, a collection of tracks from our 7" release series. For many of them, this is the first appearance on the LP Soul Slabs Vol. 2 is an A-side compilation from Colemine Records' 7-inch catalog in Loveland Ohio. With a focus on heavy soul, funk and R&B, Colemine prides itself on its authenticity and old-school production style while creating songs that feel fresh and push the soul genre forward. Their diverse catalog is fully shown in this 27-track 3LP collection, many of which are presented on LP for the first time. Featuring artists such as Durand Jones & The Indications, Kelly Finnigan, Ben Pirani, Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Monophonics, Ikebe Shakedown, The Dip, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, Soul Scratch and more! Tracklist: The Gripsweats - Gripsweats Theme, Kelly Finnigan - I Don't Want to Wait, Flying Stars in Brooklyn, NY - My God Has a Call, AJ and Jiggawatts - That's It, Ikebe Shakedown - Supermoon, DeRobert & Half-True- Trial, Leroi Conroy - Tigerbug, Orgone - Big Day, Bushfire - NUSAU, Durand Jones and the Signs - You Didn't Know, True Love - Famous Last Words, Soul Chance - Try Love, Dip - I Definitely Don't Miss You, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Aragon, Black Market Brass - War Room, Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos - What A Shame, The Harlem Gospel Travelers - He's on Time, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Concussion, Wesley Bright and The Honeytones - Happiness, Thee Sinseers - It Was Only A Dream, Soul Scratch - America, Mestizo Beat – Featherbed Lane, Ben Pirani – Light Of My Life, The Freedom Affair – Rise Up, Monophonics – Bang Bang, Jake Najor & The Moment Of Truth – High Costa Living, The Rugged Nuggets – Rugged Walk. All Shapes - South Park Music from and inspired by South Park: bigger, longer and uncut Two-tone vinyl deluxe edition - with book, die-cut cover and pop-up window Meticulously crafted, deluxe two-tone vinyl case featuring lithograph, pop-up images and hardcover book that includes: Lyrics for 10 South Park songs with corresponding images from the film. The two-tone vinyl packs will contain colored vinyls in cut-out shapes - half of the inventory will contain the characters Cartman (Red LP) and Kyle (Green LP) and the other half will contain Kenny (Orange LP) and Stan (Blue LP) LP ) was highlighted. The set was designed by South Park's original designer along with creators Matt and Trey. The set will also include 10 "Golden Tickets" - 10 random copies that will come with signed prints by creators Matt and Trey. Miscellaneous - Steve Lamacq Steve Lamacq - Lost Elections 2LP Demon Records presents 'Lost Alternatives' exclusively on Record Store Day 2019. Acclaimed BBC 6 music DJ and former NME reporter Steve Lamacq celebrates 25 years of BBC radio with 27 tracks Featured Tracks from the 90s Produced by Britain's leading independent music producers . white vinyl and housed in a fold-down sleeve with two internal printed pockets. Re-released and rewritten track by track by Steve, the compilation features music you won't find on any streaming service. Artists include The Charlatans, Mogwai, Slowdive, Elastica, Ash, and Mansun, plus fandoms that never really did. Steve describes it as “A build that tries to dig deeper; tries to show a different side of the nineties that is 't Cool Britannia, Laddism and Blur Vs Oasis. What's here represents at least one version of the evolution of guitar music in the 90s. Miscellaneous - Super Disco Edition Long-distance relationship 2LP LTD edition hand-sewn fold-out 2LP for the 5th anniversary of Super Disco Edits. The label's debut album contains 18 unreleased soul tracks from the 70s and 80s, including old and highly collectable SDE 45s and 5 previously unreleased tracks from Buddy Hankerson, Dennis Coffey and bands that never released a single single like Mother Braintree and Between. Miscellaneous - The Soul of Texas Soul of Texas '68 record This is the fifth disc in our highly acclaimed 1968 Lone Star State African-American music series. So far, soul music is totally at the forefront, with some songs getting more funky - no more blues or R&B. So this album continues the tradition of pairing big stars with lesser known singers - lots of up-tempo dancers and some nice ballads for a change of pace. The absolute best of 1968 in Texas! PAGE 1 1. Put your clothes on (and leave) - Minnie Epperson 2. Today's Man - Mark Putney 3. Cold, Cold World - Tommy Jackson 4. Where Have You Been - Buddha's Lamp 5. Piece of Gold - Bobby 'Blue Bland 6. Say Ya' ll - Carl Stewart 7. Gotta Pack - Ernie K-Doe 8. I Want Everyone to Know - O V Wright SIDE 2 1. Why Won't They Leave Us Alone Little - Carl Carlton 2. Do What You Want James - Lynn Marsh 3. Something's Holding Me Down - Jeanette Williams 4. (Treat Me Like I'm Your Only Child - Oscar Perry 5. Hello Mr. Blues - Frankie Lee 6. Got You On My Mind - Joe Hinton 7. Knock It Down - Joe Medwick 8. This is your woman - Shirley Butler Miscellaneous - operator operator 2xLP “Previously unreleased vinyl, now available on Record Store Day 2019! Featuring Porno, Cracker, Filter, Toadies from Cypress Hill, Silverchair, Pyros, Black on "Color TV" 20+ Years After First Release Vinyl, The Cable Guy soundtrack on vinyl for Who's Who of 90s artists including Silverchair, Cypress Hill, Porno for Pyros, Filter, Toadies. Tracklist: 1. "I'll Juice You Up..." Dialogue Jim said Carrey 2. Leave Me Alone - Jerry Cantrell 3. Standing in front of a broken phone booth with money in hand - radio primitive gods 4. Blind man - silver chair 5. Oh ! Sweet Nuthin' - $10,000 Gold Chain 6. The End of the World Is Coming - David Hilder 7. Love Satellite - Pyros Porn 8. Get The Fuck Out of Me - Cracker 9. Lover - Jim Carrey 10. The Last Killer - Cypress Hill 11. This Is - ruby ​​12. Hey man, nice shot - Filter 13. Unattractive - Toadies 14. Download - Expanding Man 15. Our radio day is over - John Altman" different - teachers The Faculty - OST (20th Anniversary) record “Previously unreleased vinyl, now available on Record Store Day 2019! Celebrate with Oasis, Descendants, Cheryl Crow, Trash on "Shit and Alien Blood" Splatter Vinyl 20 years after its release, Academy remains an underrated sci-fi thriller with a soundtrack featuring some of the best scores of the 90s including Oasis, The Offspring, Garbage and Sheryl Crowe Tracklist: 1. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) - Grade 99 2. The Kids Are Bad - Offspring 3. I'm Eighteen - Creed 4. Helplessness - Generation D 5. School - Soul Shelter 6. Drugs - Junk 7. Haunting Me - Stab West 8. Maybe Someday - Flick 9. Recovery - Sheryl Crow 10. It's Over - Neve 11. Changes - Shawn Mullins 12. Stay Young - Oasis 13. Another Brick in the Wall - class '99" Miscellaneous - The Sopranos The Sopranos (20th Anniversary) - Chili and Eggs 2XLP “Previously unreleased vinyl, now available for Record Store Day 2019! Imprint” 20th Anniversary Color Vinyl Release “Prozac & Booze” Featuring The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Frank…Sinatra, Otis Redding Celebrate 20th Anniversary Sopranos HBO First Hit “Peppers & Eggs” Featuring Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Kinks, Frank Sinatra, Otis Ray A who is who of iconic artists like Ding and Elvis Costello. Tracklist: 1. The Police & Henry Mancini - Every Breath You Take / Theme from Peter Gunn 2. Pigeonhed - Battle Flag 3. The Campbell Brothers with Katie Jackson - I've Got A Feeling 4. Kasey Chambers - The Captain 5. R.L. Burnside - Shuck Dub 6. The Lost Boys - Affection 7. Otis Redding - My Lover's Prayer 8. Madreblu - Certamente 9. Nils Lofgren - Black Book 10. Cake - Frank Sinatra 11. Frank Sinatra Qu - Sparkles, Bracelets and Beads 12. Rolling Stones - Thru And Thru 13. Elvis Costello & The Attraction - High Fidelity 14. The Kinks - Life on a Fine Line 15. Vue - Girl 16. Cecilia Bartoli - Vivaldi: Sposa Son Disprezzata 17. Ben E. King - Me With Nothing 18. Bob Dylan - Come Back to Me 19. Keith Richards Make No Mistakes 20. Lorenzo Jovanotti - Piove 21. Pretenders - Space Invader 22. Tindersticks - Tiny Tears 23. Van Morrison - Gloria 24. Dominic Chianese Core 'Ngrato 25. Conversations with "The Sopranos" different - this is ska it is sk record In 1964, local politician and record label owner Edward Seaga organized an exhibition of Jamaican music to perform at the New York World's Fair. Seaga, who later became the Prime Minister of Jamaica, also hosted a show at Kingston's Sombrero Club, one of the few clubs where ska and rocksteady pioneers became famous. Lucky for us, the BBC filmed it there. Hear the earliest recorded live performances of future stars Jimmy Cliff, Prince Buster and the Metal family. Page 1: 1 Jamaican Ska - Byron Lee and the Dragons 2 Sammy Dead-O - Eric "Monty" Morris 3 One-Eyed Jack - Jimmy Cliff 4 Wash - Wash - Prince Buster 5 Bad for Me - The Maytals 6 She Never Lets Me Down - Maytals 7 Marie, please save a place for me - The Charmers 8 Rough'N'Tough - Stranger Cole. Page Two: 1 How to Ska - Byron Lee and the Dragonaires 2 Two Roads Ahead - Roy and Yvonne 3 I Don't Know - The Blues Busters 4 Sammy Dead-O - Byron Lee and the Dragonaires 5 King Of Kings - Jimmy Cliff 6 Jamaican Ska (Reprise ) - Byron Lee & The Dragonaires (Bonus track) 7 Israelites - Desmond Dekker & The Aces Miscellaneous - Vice President of Records backyard roots 7" (boxed) A compilation of seven 7" singles in a clamshell box featuring rare reissues from the early days of VP Records. This deluxe box set includes Roots From The Yard by Randy's/VP Records and other releases. This is the first time that these mega-collectible singles appear in this form Miscellaneous - Woodstock Woodstock (PA Mono Edition) 3LP, black vinyl “A fresh take on some very famous tracks and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock we have released a 3LP on mono vinyl which if you are in the Woodstock audience this is what you hear through your speakers! The track listing follows the same track/sequence as the original Woodstock OST (including Arlo Guthrie, CSNY, The Who, Joe Cocker, Santana, Ten Years Later, Jefferson Airplane, Sly and the Family Stone, and Jimi Hendrix) and include album stage announcements also includes never-before-released "Sea Of Madness" and "Wooden Ships" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and this version of Arlo Guthrie's "Coming Into Los Angeles" is a true Woodstock performance; the original Woodstock album was recorded four months later at the Troubadour in Los Angeles! Miscellaneous - Your flexible stuff 你 Flexi Thing tom 5 7 inch floppy disk Volume 5 of the "Repeat Records RSD flexi disc" series, this time featuring two bands from East Anglia and two from South Wales. Limited edition double-sided yellow flexi discs to download featuring: East Side: Lemondaze - Twin Paradox (Cambridge) Tundra - Navy Red (Bury St Edmunds) West Side: Picsel - Not Myself (Swansea) The Sandinistas - OMG (Tredegar)" An artist of diversity Too Slow to Disco Neo - En France Pink 2LP A new compilation from DJ Supermarkt's critically acclaimed Too Slow to Disco series. With TSTD Neo - En France launches a brand new series of contemporary music with a special flair from all the Too Slow To Disco releases we've always loved. The compilation features 17 tracks - some of which have never been released and are exclusive - featuring tracks from artists such as Yuksek, Bertrand Burgalat and more. As always, the double heavyweight vinyl includes a spread with extensive liner notes and an exclusive RSD limited color edition. many artists The wit and wisdom of Donald Trump record In the 1980s, Stiff Records produced a similar series for British politicians. We think it's time to make one for Donald Trump. So here it is - a minimalist piece that maybe John Cage would approve of. It is also very popular at this time... many artists disco is not a disco 3LP “Strut Records existed long before DFA recorded the subpop debut of The Rapture. "Disco Not Disco" predated the punk-funk revolution by two years. the volume "Disco Not Disco" written by Joey Negro and Sean P as part of the label's 20th anniversary celebration. "Disco Not Disco" was a perfectly timed compilation in 2000. Released at a time when interest in mythology, history and the playlists of original New York clubs like Paradise Garage and The Loft were at their peak, the album draws from the outer limits of left-wing disco pioneered by Levan and Mancuso, fusing Yoko Ono and Ian Dury's Improbable Dance Anthems rock artists like BC, the obscurities of label knockoffs like BC and Splash, and the idiosyncrasies curated by the idiosyncratic mind of avant-garde hero Arthur Russell. Essentially, it's a celebration of New York's sonic melting pot in the early 1980s, when punk was exhausted and disco became commercial and sweet; Since its release, the compilation title has become synonymous with the entire musical genre and remains a landmark collection of its era. The original is now changing hands for over €100, and this new print is a welcome throwback to an important celebration of disco's tough cousin. The album features full original artwork and cover notes by Kris Needs, remastered and edited by The Carvery. " many artists brazilian classics 3LP David Byrne's 30th Anniversary Set of Brazil's Legendary Classics Collection. It is one of the first pop music compilations in Brazil and one of the most important in the world. It becomes the beginning of the transition from where you are now to music in other languages ​​and other places. And this is the beginning of Luaka Bop, which we are very excited about. New cover notes from David Byrne! many artists Dream Music: Record Store Day 2019 Summer Session record “A special limited edition sample consisting of 6 tracks by different artists. All tracks have never been released on vinyl, 3 of which are unreleased exclusives. It will be a double layer vinyl LP, 180g black vinyl. Sunset DJ & Collector's track listing (**unreleased exclusive track) A1. The Swan & The Lake - Plastic Pacific Ocean ** A2. Troels Hammer - Infinita A3. Nordso & Theill - Castanos Azules - 06:17** B1. Mike Salta - Hey Moloko - 08:13 B2. Ambala - Morning Lights - 05:20 B3. DJ Pippi - Hierba Buena - 05:51 **” many artists AA Conference, Volume 1 record AA Sessions is a collaborative project led by producer Ben Hampson at his Farming Audio studios in rural Lewes, Sussex. The revolving door policy of various artists coming and going resulted in these 6 tracks, each with a different line-up, members of AKDK, Blood Red Shoes, Tigercub, Projector, Nancy, Sweet Williams, Charlottefield, Sick Joy etc. songs appear. The album was released on red pillarbox vinyl and was strictly limited to 500 copies. Released by Jazz Life, a label founded in 2014 by Blood Red Shoes. jad Manitou Alien painting plate To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Venom has reissued this limited edition replica of the 1984 Manitou's Shape Picture Disc single. This genre-defining metal trio launched the entire black metal genre and is arguably the most influential extreme metal band of all time. The single features the classic trio of Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon. Vivian Stanshall i Gargantuan Chums (John Entwistle i Keith Moon) Suspicious 7" 7 inch transparent yellow vinyl record. Released in October 1970 on FLY RECORDS, T. Rex's first 45th album Ride A White Swan gave Marc Bolan his biggest hit to date, peaking at number two and ending with the release of Vivian in mid-December. The album 45 ends the year with one of Stanshall's rarest and strangest 45s of the year - FLY. As the lead singer of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Vivian's surreal, comedic wit alludes to WHO's maniacal drummer Keith Moon. After the Bonzos split up, Vivian formed Big Grunt and recorded a single with Moon. It's been said that Blind Date was written for Matt Munro - it's almost unimaginable. Moon brought bassist and horn player John Entwistle to the session, a possible antidote to Tommy's year-long propaganda at the rock opera WHO, supporting Stanshall's merry romp on "Doubt". Adorned with the typical Stanshall middle eights, it sounds closer to Terry Stafford's clone version of Presley than the relatively flat King version. Surprisingly radio-friendly, cursed with utterly inappropriate promotional silliness and a ridiculous Christmas release date, not even The Good King Wenceslaus could keep its trajectory from oblivion. Almost an instant rarity, it remains the only known Gargantuan Chums recording and the only recording made by Keith Moon. Originally the fourth single from Fly Records, this remastered version has been remastered and re-released exclusively on RSD2019 on trans yellow vinyl in a picture sleeve and limited to 500 copies. As Fly approaches fifty, this is the first in a series of celebratory reissues. Weisera Dusty Gems and Raw Nuggets: Side B 1 LP - Translucent Blue and White Swirl Vinyl The deluxe bonus track from the BLUE album is released on vinyl for the first time and features alternate remixes and demos of B-sides, Rarities, "Say It Ain't So". Translucent blue and white swirling vinyl. Weisera blue green 12" turquoise vinyl The cover album includes 10 cover versions of Africa, Take On Me, Paranoid, Mr Blue Sky and more... Wendy Carlos/Rachel Elkind Kubrick 7" "Limited Number 7" Cut-out sleeves/printed inner sleeves Clear orange vinyl Double-sided: The Shining/Clockwork Orange For these two iconic films, Stanley Kubrick chose to collaborate with the remarkable Wendy Carlos, who writes (or performs, both based on classical compositions) subject of both films. Born Walter Carlos in 1939, she graduated from Columbia University with a master's degree in composition, where she met Robert Moog and led to a collaboration that shaped her musical career. Carlos was instrumental in the development of early synthesizers, achieving considerable commercial success with her first album, Switched On Bach (1968), which realized a selection of JS Bach's music on a Moog modular synthesizer. It wasn't easy because she wasn't polyphonic, but despite the fact that the album brought her three Grammy Awards. The 7" AA Side, March from A Clockwork Orange (1971), an arrangement of Beethoven's moving Symphony No. 9 in D minor (fourth movement), was the first song to be recorded using a vocoder. Almost a decade later, Carlos collaborated again with Kubrick on The Shining (1980). Although Kubrick didn't use much of the music she composed, insisting on using it for the track leading up to the final cut, it was unsettling. The theme song was written by Carlos and her collaborator and friend Rachel Elkind. The Shining - Main Theme on 7" page A includes Hector Berlioz's Requiem (Op. 5) Starting with Dies Irae in , Carlos and Elkind's electronic processing takes it to new, darker levels, respectively." Wesa Montgomery'ego Back on Indiana Avenue: Carroll DeCamp Recording 2LP Back on Indiana Avenue: The Carroll DeCamp Recordings is a previously unreleased recording by jazz guitar legend Wes Montgomery, recorded live and in the studio in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana by renowned arranger/pianist Carroll DeCamp in the mid to late 1950s. Kenton, Les Elgart), plays and hangs out with Wes during this time. The deluxe, limited edition 180g 2LP set includes extensive notes with rare photos, essays by jazz researcher Lewis Porter and producer Zev Feldman, interviews with guitar icons George Benson and John Scofield, and interviews with guitarist and Carroll DeCamp Nephew Royce Campbell and saxophonist/educator /editor Jamey Aebersold. It is the sixth official Resonance release from Wes Montgomery's previously unreleased album, filling in part of the jazz star's early and important history. Back on Indiana Avenue Again was mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, California and pressed at Record Technology, Inc. (RTI). William Fitzsimon Live 2LP The 17-track live album features a wealth of tracks from the career of eminent American singer-songwriter William Fitzsimmons, including "Passion Play", "I Don't Feel It Anymore" and fan favorites such as "Beautiful Girl" and covers of " Everywhere" Fleetwood Mac. Most of the tracks were recorded in Chicago and Los Angeles in 2016, with a few exceptions in Amsterdam, Cologne and Paris. The beautiful 2LP is a double-layer black vinyl record with a printed inner layer in a wrap-around sleeve. Wilson, Hawkins, May, Taylor holy 7 inch vinyl Dennis Wilson wrote and recorded "Saints" in 1977 during sessions with the legendary Pacific Ocean Blue, the only release in the life of the co-founder of The Beach Boys. One album at a time. In 2009, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters added vocals to the long-unfinished track, and 10 years later, "Saint" received additional instrumental backing from guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor. The single is backed by Wilson's original instrumental version. Mat Alien Boy EP 7" First reissue, from the original master tape. Worldwide there are 2000. Exclusive 4 track EP released in 1980. First reissue, from the original master tape. Black vinyl 7". Tracks: Alien Boy, Human Figure, Telepathic Love, Sounds in the Rain wonderful years The wonderful years of the Maida Valley 10" Six Philadelphia natives, The Wonder Years, release an exclusive Record Store Day vinyl release following their latest album, Sister Cities. This 10" vinyl record features live recordings from the 2018 Maida Vale sessions. All songs come from Sister Cities, a collection of testimonials about love, loss and finding common ground in human experiences despite cultural differences. secret service unit Opportunities, turf and other disturbing silences record “Why release 1 album if you have 2. This is a rare album, a hidden gem 10 years out of all 6 studio albums. The ones we never had time to mix didn't fit the style of the album. Too consistent to be recorded. For Wonk Unit, this record is very mellow. As usual, it is a journey, a melancholy journey through the life of an emotionally immature alcoholic in recovery. But always be hopeful, always honest, no bullshit, full exposure, no censorship, Live. Available on pastel pink vinyl. x-ray spex I am a cliché - anthology 2LP - dayglo vinyl, fold-out cover with graphics cards. Available for the first time on two-tone vinyl, this all-new compilation features all of the classic tracks from punk legend X-Ray Spex, released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019. The limited edition album will be available on pink and green vinyl and comes packaged in a roll-up sleeve with exclusive photos from the Poly Styrene archives. The album included the classic single "Oh Bondage Up Yours!". "Identity", "The Day The World Turned Day-Glo", "Germ Free Adolescents" and "Highly Inflammable" plus a 12" bonus feature a live recording at London's Roxy Club in early 1977. Now Reconnect - live 2LP - 180g Black vinyl, folded sleeve "Reconnected Live" by Yazoo (Vince Clarke & Alison Moyet) was released on vinyl for the first time exclusively for Record Store Day 2019. The remastered album is available in a 180 gram double vinyl sleeve and features live versions of the classic songs "Only You ", "Don't Go", "Situation", and "Nobody's Diary". So First Album (50th Anniversary) 1LP - 180g Colored vinyl Reproduction of the UK foldable artwork with the first classic Yes album logo printed on 180gm colored vinyl. zero seven Home (Alternative Mix / Somersault (Danger Mouse Ft. MF Doom Remix) 10" Zero 7's debut album Simple Things sold over a million copies and was nominated for Best New Artist at the Mercury Music Awards and Brit Awards. The album featured singers Sia, Sophie Barker and Mozez. "When It Falls" featured Danish singer Tina Dico as a guest artist. Their third album, The Garden, was nominated for a Grammy Award along with singers Jose Gonzalez and Sia. Two more albums "Yeah Ghost" and one best "Record" complete the cooperation with Atlantic Records. For Record Store Day 2019, they're releasing 2x 10" tracks on heavy vinyl - it includes an alternate version of the previously unavailable track "Home" featuring Tina Dico and for the first time available in physical format: Danger Mouse feat's Remix of Somersault. MF Doom & Sia. Both songs come from the band's second album, When It Falls. Ziad Rahbani Abu Ali Limited edition color LP The first official vinyl reissue of the great Lebanese disco 12" "Abu Ali" by Ziad Rahbani, originally released in Lebanon in 1978. Extremely rare and highly collectable album, loved by diggers and DJs around the world (a copy has passed from hand to hand for £600), this will be the first official Wewantsounds reissue, with original artwork and limited edition RSD on orange vinyl, with sound remastered by Colorsound Studio in Paris.

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