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show offer [as Captain Kirk]Captain's log, sidereal date 23.9, rounded to... the next decimal place. We... travel back in time to save an ancient species from... total annihilation. SO FAR... no... sign of aquatic life, but I WILL find it. If I have to destroy one more black hole in this universe, I will find it. I have to... MUST, SIR!

show offerAjuss can't do this, captain! I DO NOT HAVE THE POWER!

show offerFor God's sake, Jim, I'm a DOCTOR, not a BECKENMAN!

show offerThis is double glazed soundproof glass. It is not possible that the neighbor could have heard Roger Podacter scream as he went downstairs with the door closed. The scream she heard came from inside the apartment before she was flung across the balcony and the killer closed the door on his way out. Yes! Yes! Oh yeah! Can you feel it friend?! Huh?! Huh?! Huh?![als Tangina Barrons]I exorcised the demons. This house is clean.[to Einhorn and the reporting team who previously denied his theories]Failed? FAILED! Leh-hoo. toe-she!

show offerHello Captain Stübing. How are Gopher and Doc doing? Permission to board, sir?

show offerIf I'm not back in five minutes... wait longer.

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show offer [after being attacked by a shark in the bathroom]Do not go there! WOOOOO!

show offerI'm in Psychoville and Finkle is the mayor.

show offer [to Unicorn Lieutenant]Whew... now I feel better. Of course, that wouldn't do any good; You see, nobody misses a bottlenose dolphin. It's a dolphin that was taken. The common dolphin has an abrupt snout, pointed teeth and a triangular pectoral fin, while the bottlenose dolphin orTursiops cut, has an elongated beak, round conical teeth and serrated dorsal appendage. But I'm sure you already knew that. That's what excites me about 'cha, your attention to detail.

show offerWarning: Idiots are closer than they look.

show offerUnicorn is Finkle. Finkle is a unicorn. Unicorn is a man! Oh dear God! unicorn is aMann?![after discovering Einhorn's true identity and remembering being kissed by "her"]

show offerHo ho, fiction can be fun! But I find the reference section much more insightful.(no estilo Clarence Darrow)For example, if you searched for "Every Bonehead Play in Pro Football," you might read about a Miami Dolphin kicker named Ray Finkle who missed a 26-yard field goal in the final seconds of Super Bowl Seventeen.[takes a deep breath, then fires fast]What you WOULDN'T read is how Ray Finkle went insane and committed to a mental institution only to escape and join the police under the false identity of a missing hiker who became involved in a diabolical plan with Dan to avenge Marino, whom he blamedWHOLE THING!!! [sighs]

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show offerIf the Lieutenant is indeed a woman as she claims, then my friends, she is suffering from the worst case of hemorrhoids I HAVEIT ISVIEW!!THAT'S ITbecause Roger Podacter is dead!! He found Captain Winky!!!

show offer [to Dr. telephone]I'm ready to go in, coach, just give me a chance. I know a lot depends on that, but it's all psychological. You just have to be in a good mood.[he wake up]I'm going to do a button hook pattern, Super Slow-Mo.[Runs forward and collides with Dr. cell phone in slow motion]Let's watch the instant replay![repeat back]

show offerThree fifty-one! Three fifty-one! Rover, SIT DOWN! CABANA! CABANA![imitates a soccer ball and throws bombs at some bushes]

show offer [points ass at Emilio]Sorry! I would like toin thisyou some questions!

show offer Ace Ventura: HDS, sir! And how are you this afternoon - so well. i have a package for you
Mann: It looks broken.
Ace Ventura: Probably sir. But I bet it was something cool. Well, this is an insurance form; If you simply sign here, here, and here, and print your name here and initial here, we'll send you the rest of the forms as quickly as possible.

show offer [Watery steps on a cockroach.]
Aqueous: Murder, Ventura. How do you want to solve this now?
Ace Ventura: Good question, Aguado. First, I would establish a motive. In this case, the killer saw the size of the animal's PAU and was insanely jealous. Then I would lose 30 kilos... PIGS on your wife.

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show offer Sr. Schickadance:[talks behind Ace]Ventura!
Ace Ventura: Me, Satan?[turns to Mr. Shickadance]Oh, I'm sorry, sir! You looked like someone else.

show offer Louis Einhorn: Listen, zoo. Would you like it if I made your life hell?
Ace Ventura: Well, I'm not really ready for a relationship, Lois, but thanks for asking. Hey, maybe I'll call you. Is your number still 9-1-1? Eel-right then.

show offer Ace Ventura:[speaks through the ass]Assholimio ... Osodomie ...
[Unicorn approaches Emilio and Ace]
Ace Ventura: HOLY... Testicle Tuesday!
Louis Einhorn: What the hell is he doing here?
Ace Ventura: I came to confess. I was the second shooter on the grassy knoll.

show offer Ace Ventura:[speaks through the ass]Sorry! I would like toin thisyou some questions!
Emilio: This is not the time, Ace. If the unicorn comes down here and sees me talking to you or your ass, I'm history.

show offer Ronald Lager: Who is he, a friend?
Melissa Robinson: No, this is... this is my date. He's a lawyer.
Ronald Lager: Well, does he have a name or should I call him "attorney"?
Melissa Robinson: No, this is, Tom Ace.
Ace Ventura:Tom Ace. Nice to meet you, Mr. Camp, and congratulations on all your accomplishments. you smell great I was just telling Melissa that one of the first things we learned at Stanford Law was the modern proliferation of food poisoning lawsuits against wealthy private owners. In fact, if you wanted to, you could make a very profitable law firm with little else. How is everyone feeling tonight?
Ronald Lager:[nervous]Very good thanks.
Ace Ventura:[best Melissa]Oh! Look, darling, there are the Orderves.[looks suspiciously at camp]

show offer Ronald Lager: I'm sorry, Mr. Ace. I'll have the lines checked immediately.
Ace Ventura: Be sure to do it! If I had been drinking from the bathroom, I could have died!

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show offer Ace Ventura: It's good to see someone who doesn't give in to pressure.
[Lois points the gun at Ace.]
Louis Einhorn: And what do you know about pressure?
Ace Ventura: Well, I kissed... a man.

show offer Ace Ventura: Hi, I'm looking for Ray Finkle.
[Shotgun comes out of the door and points at Ace.]
Ace Ventura: ...and clean pants!
Herr Fink: What do you know about Ray Finkle?
[Ace takes a deep breath.]
Ace Ventura: Football style kicker, graduated from Collier High in June 1976, Stetson University honors graduating class of 1980, holds 2 NCAA Division One records, 1 most points in a season, 1 away, formerly nicknamed "The Mule", the first and only professional athlete to come out of Collier County, and one HELL of an American role model.[take a deep breath]
Herr Fink: You are also one of themPrinted copyPeople?
Ace Ventura: No sir, I'm just a huge Finkle fan. This is my Graceland, sir!

show offer And MarinaMission: Hey Ace, do you have any more of that gum?
Ace Ventura: None of your business and thanks for staying out of my personal business.
And Marina: You're a strange guy, Ace. Strange man.

show offer Louis Einhorn: Laces were in fashion! They were on!
[Lois then shoots one of the TVs.]

show offer Frau Fink: Dan Marino was to blame for everything, everyone knows that. If he had held the ball without laces like he was supposed to, Ray would never have missed that shot. Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea and burn in hell. Would you like a cookie child?
Ace Ventura: Hm, what do you know. These are small soccer balls.
Frau Fink: Shoelaces off!

show offer Roger Podactor: Who is he?
Melissa Robinson: Roger Podactor, meet Ace Ventura. He's our favorite detective.
[Roger shakes Ace's hand.]
Roger Podactor: Nice to meet you, you came highly recommended by Martha Mertz.
Ace Ventura: Martha Mertz? ...Oh yeah, the bitch.
Roger Podactor: Era?!
Ace Ventura: Pekingese, hyperactive, lost in the Highland Park area. She was half dead when I found her.[looks at the tank area]is this the tank? Sorry.[walks away, Melissa and Roger are incredulous]

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What is the famous line from Ace Ventura? ›

"Alrighty, then!" You know Jim Carrey's iconic catchphrase from the cult classic, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Well, that famous line turns 20 years old today.

Who said laces out? ›

All this talk of laces in or out led, inevitably, to a big day on the Internet for Jim Carrey. Or, more specifically, Carrey's 1994 film “Ace Ventura,” and a character from that movie named Ray Finkle.

How does Ace Ventura say delicious? ›

Ace Ventura: Mmm, this fruit paste is delicious, and the pottery is lovely. Ouda: It's made from guano. Fulton Greenwall: Bat droppings.

What is the meaning of Ace Ventura? ›

Ace Ventura is a title character created by screenwriter Jack Bernstein. Ace was performed by Jim Carrey in the films Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, released in 1994, and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, released in 1995, and was voiced by Michael Daingerfield in the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective television series.

What is the most famous line? ›

Famous Movie Quotes
  • “ May the Force be with you.” - Star Wars, 1977.
  • “ There's no place like home.” - The Wizard of Oz, 1939.
  • “ I'm the king of the world!” - ...
  • “ Carpe diem. ...
  • “ Elementary, my dear Watson.” - ...
  • “ It's alive! ...
  • “ My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. ...
  • “ I'll be back.” -
Sep 21, 2018

Why does Ace Ventura say Alrighty then? ›

One of the best-known lines from that movie is Ace's signature catchphrase: "Alrighty then!" He breaks it out fairly often and it's usually just a way for him to wrap up a conversation in the most annoying way possible. After all, Ace Ventura can't just say "okay" when he's done talking to you.

Was there a real Ray Finkle? ›

Ray Finkle is based off Scott Norwood, a Buffalo Bills kicker who infamously missed a last-second field goal on Super Bowl XXV (1991). The game footage of Ray Finkle used in the film is actually a 1984 clip of Dolphins kicker Uwe von Schamann.

What's the rhyme for tying laces? ›

Bunny ears, bunny ears, playing by a tree. Criss-crossed the tree, trying to catch me. Bunny ears, bunny ears, jumped into the hole, popped out the other side beautiful and bold.

What is the bunny saying for tying shoes? ›

Bunny Rabbit, pull and through. Or, make is really simple and say, Loop it, swoop it, pull! And be patient!

What does Ace Ventura call the bat? ›

Shikaka is the great white bat (Crepuscular chiroptera in scientific name), and is the prominent focal point of When Nature Calls. She is sacred to the Wachati and Wachutu tribes, but constantly disgusts Ace, who personally hates bats, due to a fear or creepy vibe of them.

What language is Equinsu Ocha? ›

Equinsu ocha | Spanish Translator. Roll the dice and learn a new word now!

Who said laces out in Ace Ventura? ›

Mrs. Finkle : It was all that Dan Marino's fault, everyone knows that. If he had held the ball, laces out, like he was supposed to, Ray would never have missed that kick.

How much did Jim Carrey get paid for Ace Ventura? ›

Comedic Roles

What is this? Carrey was reportedly paid $450,000 for the first Ace Ventura movie. And he would get quite the pay rase with the sequel, where he would earn $15 million to reprise the role.

Is a pet detective a real job? ›

Some, and it is increasing. There are 29 registered pet detectives or organizations offering pet finding services in the U.S. now.

What did the natives call Ace Ventura? ›

The Whachootoo tribe use the term "White Devil" for Ace Ventura.

What is the number 1 movie quotes of all time? ›

A jury consisting of 1,500 film artists, critics, and historians selected "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn", spoken by Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in the 1939 American Civil War epic Gone with the Wind, as the most memorable American movie quotation of all time.

What are some 3 word quotes? ›

110 Memorable Three-Word Quotes That Are Short And Sweet
  • “I'll be there.”
  • “I love you.”
  • “Maybe you're right.”
  • “I trust you.”
  • “Go for it.”
  • “Got your back.”
  • “How are you?”
  • “I want you.”
Mar 21, 2022

What's the most quoted movie of all time? ›

'The Big Lebowski' (1998)

With the infinite wisdom of The Dude (Jeff Bridges), The Coen Brothers' comedy-mystery masterpiece The Big Lebowski tops Letterboxd's list as the single most quotable film ever made.

What does 555 0123 mean? ›

Instead of having the usual 555 prefix used in movies and television, a phone number used by God (Morgan Freeman) was an actual phone number in many U.S. area codes, causing owners of that phone number to be bombarded with calls. For the video release, this number was changed to 555-0123.

What does well alrighty then mean? ›

usually used as an interjection. All righty now, let's get started! Well, alrighty then. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. often used in a joking or ironic way.

What movie did Rob Schneider say you can do it in? ›

Townie : You can do it... you can do it all night loong!

What does laces out dan mean? ›

game ball. When a holder sets the ball for a kicker, the rule of thumb is “laces out” — meaning the holder should rotate the ball to put the lace on the side facing the goal posts. Something about the way that white strip meets the kicker's foot can make the ball fly in unpredictable directions.

Are the Dolphins a real team? ›

The Miami Dolphins are a professional American football team based in the Miami metropolitan area. The Dolphins compete in the National Football League (NFL) as a member club of the league's American Football Conference (AFC) East division.

Who is the picture of Ray Finkle? ›

The picture of Ray Finkle before the sex change was really Sean Young with a wig and a fake mustache. However, they based Finkle's appearance on Uwe von Schamann, whom was supposed to play Finkle.

Who says alrighty? ›

"Alright, alright, alright" isn't new, though. McConaughey's been rocking that catchphrase since portraying the David Wooderson character in the coming of age film Dazed And Confused in 1993.

What animal does Ace save at the beginning of the movie Ace Ventura? ›

In pet detective we are first introduced to Ace Ventura who is a zany and weird pet detective who cares very much about animals. He displays this when he saves a dog from a man who took it from his girlfriend. He puts himself on the line for the dog.

How much did Jim Carrey get for Ace Ventura? ›

Salary Highlights

In 1994 Jim was paid $350,000 for the first Ace Ventura movie. After the movie earned $100 million off its $15 million budget, Jim was quickly paid $15 million to appear in the sequel, which was released in 1996. In 1994 Jim earned $540,000 to star in "The Mask," which went on to make $350 million.


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