10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (2023)

South Park follows the anticsA small town in Colorado and its heroes. It mainly focuses on four friends, Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny. While these four characters play important roles throughout the series, there's no denying that fans miss Cartman. This hilarious and hilarious fourth grader has been terrorizing the town and his friends since the popular sitcom aired in 1997.

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Cartman is known for his desire for power or "authority". Even the slightest authority can turn Cartman into a very rough person. Jokes about running fuel the hero's constant narcissism and privilege, fostered by his forgetful mother who always gives in to him. Although Cartman doesn't deserve it, he wields power throughout the series, even to the point of threatening others.

The following articles feature South Park's notoriously touchy language, themes, and other highly problematic issues. Please proceed with caution.

10 Cartman leading a group of red-haired kids (which he accidentally created)

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (1)

Cartman has always been an incredibly hated character, but in "The Ginger Kid" he takes it to a new level. After delivering the infamous "Rudy Has No Soul" speech, he split the school up. Shockingly, many of Cartman's classmates agree with him and reject the redheads.

To teach him a lesson, Kyle and Stan sneak into Cartman's room and dye his hair red in his sleep. As soon as the tables turn, Cartman joins the Ginger Kids, leading them into a violent cult. When he realized he wasn't really Kang, he was able to convince the red-haired separatist movement to stop their violence.

9 Cartman becomes an embarrassing TV commentator

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (2)

In the episode "Dancing with the Smurfs", Cartman is given the coveted power to make the morning announcement at school. Where he was only supposed to read the script, Cartman immediately starts complaining. When the school gets involved, Cartman appeals to the ACLU.

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With legal protection to keep his show going, Cartman only gets worse when he accuses Wendy Testaburger of murdering the Smurfs. Cartman justifies his accusation with "I was only asking questions", showing that no authority, no matter how small, can be trusted.

8 The city turns to Cartman to solve their hippie problem

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (3)

In the episode "Die Hippie"Cartman created a Ghostbusters-inspired character who walks around town and gets people out of hippies. When he finds out they're planning a music festival, he turns to the mayor for help. However, she refused, claiming the city could use the money.

Cartman is later locked up for continuing to terrorize hippies. However, when the townspeople get tired of the new guests, they turn to the boy for help. After granting his request, Cartman assembles the team to venture into the heart of the festival and shut it down.

7 Cartman leads a group of happy Somali pirates

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (4)

In the episode "Fat Beard", Cartman proves his foolishness by recruiting Ike, Butters and others to lead a life of pirates in Somalia. A misled group of would-be pirates bought their tickets and headed down the hill. The Somali pirates initially thought they were idiots and held them ransom.

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However, due to the language barrier, the children did not know anything. Instead, they seized the lifeguards boat and returned to the harbor where they recruited the natives to join their pirate gang. Regardless of the danger, Cartman leads his crew against passing ships, eventually receiving a response from the US Navy.

6 The Hall Monitor duty turns Cartman into a bounty hunter

In "Teacher and Student Love Boy",Cartman is unexpectedly appointed president of the school hall. No offense to Cartman, who does not perform his duties tactfully, but with all his might. He then dons the appearance of the infamous TV bounty hunter Dog from Dog & Beth: On the Hunt.

When Kyle's brother Ike has an affair with his teacher, Cartman goes after him. But he was such a threat to those around him that the police pursued him like a criminal teacher.

5 Cartman proves to be an unexpectedly effective and brutal Border Patrol agent

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (6)

In "The Last Mexican", Cartman and his friends play a Border Patrol game where some kids patrol the border while others have to go through their walls. As expected, Cartman is very enthusiastic even in the game and takes pride in his ability to defend the frontier.

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When Butters gets too involved in the game, he ends up calling the South Park Mexicans to return to their homeland. Cartman becomes a legitimate Border Patrol agent, and when Butters returns, he takes the opportunity to finally prove himself.

4 Cartman appointed police officer

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (7)

In the episode "Chicken Lover"Residents discovered that Officer Barbrady couldn't read. The mayor ordered the officer to attend school to learn to read. There, Barbrady entrusts Cartman with helping him with his police duties. It's as bad as anyone expected.

Armed with his trusty tricycle and baton, his first task is to stop Randy Marsh and beat him up for speeding. Cartman then found a role in "The Cops", where his deeds in the city were documented, including his brutal treatment of the McCormacks.

3 Cartman managed to infiltrate the NSA

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (8)

In "Let Go, Let Gov", Cartman annoys everyone by insisting on making phone calls as loud as possible. However, he insisted on privacy. He then devises a plan to infiltrate the NSA - and has a device to announce his ideas.

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When he joined the NSA, he became a full-fledged agent, exploiting the agency's access to people's private information. He worked with another agent on a number of cases, apprehending people who made harsh comments and threats online, and eventually found Santa Claus imprisoned in the NSA.

2 Cartman responsible for fish and wildlife

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (9)

Cartman encounters a Yakovasaurus - a mysterious creature - which attracts the attention of the Home Office. Government agents come to South Park to investigate the creatures, which proves quite irritating. However, Cartman likes them because they fit his personality.

After the agents left, they appointed Cartman as the head of the local Department of Fish and Wildlife, granting him a cherished power. When the decision was made to move the Jakovasaurs to their new home, he excitedly used his newfound powers to try to keep the Jakovasaurs in the city.

1 Cartman leads a team of superheroes and then befriends Cthulhu

10 times when Eric Cartman uses his powers in South Park (10)

In the infamous "Raccoon and Raccoon Trilogy", Cartman took on a raccoon-inspired vigilante character. He gathers several friends, each dressed as a unique hero, to form Raccoon and the League of Super-Heroes. However, he is nothing less than a threat.

After the group kicks him out, Cartman befriends Lovecraft's Cthulhu. Cartman's villainy is completed when he orders the Dark Lord to kill and exile anyone who hinders him. While it depends on Cthulhu, this is Cartman's strongest moment.

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